Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Lives by the Numbers

Thought I would jot down a quick post so you all know I am still among the living.  The dearth of my posts most likely will continue into the middle of next week. 

In the last week or so,  I was traveling for 4 days, being down with a nasty cold 4 days and generally being aggravated about some things which I will be bitching about in a post next week.

This week our grown son is visiting and I don't want to be sitting for extended periods of time in front of the computer.  It's not that I don't love you all, blogees but I rarely get to see my youngest and want to devote my time to him.  

Which brings me to today's post.  This is going to be an example of plagiarism at its finest.  I happened upon a website that has a lot of interesting graphs.  As you might remember in some of my past posts, my own graphs that I created to quantify the important **cough cough** aspects of our lives have appeared from time to time.  I am a very visual person and love to see the black and white of all things.  Of course, this makes no sense as I am known to disagree, analyze, dispute, ridicule and overall, find fault with every poll, survey and opinion that was ever put forth.  Still, there is nothing better than a colorful graph to try to entice me to think a certain way.

So thanks to a friend that recognizes my adoration for "life by the numbers" and   GraphJam for making those numbers so creatively visual,  here are a few "expert"  generate graphs of life as we know it.

 friends, until I get back on schedule have a great day!!!


JamesLittlejohn said...

i love these. "Lyrics of YMCA people know" haha

Cheryl P. said...

Hi JamesLittlejohn, I laughed at that one too. I didn't know there were other words in that song besides YMCA.

Kimberly Wyatt said...

Thanks for those! They made me giggle. Hope you're feeling better and enjoying visiting with your baby.

As far as the YMCA song goes, I attended a YMCA sleep-away camp for at least one week every summer from the ages of five to 14. Then I worked there from 15-17. I am proud of the fact that I can sing every single word of that song, and I also have several Village People costumes from when we would dress up for the campers to perform it. Hehe.

Nicky said...

Those are too funny, but I gotta say, I really love how the one about the fingers in traffic actually LOOKS like a hand flippin' someone off!

Cheryl P. said...

Funny! so there are other words to the song, huh? I guess I need to go to You Tube and listen. I used to go to Girl Scout camp with my daughter and there would be the occassional skit with the song. Fun!.

Cheryl P. said...

AHHHH...I hadn't noticed that. How observant of you!!! That makes it way funnier.

oldereyes said...

Hi, Cheryl. I've missed you on Top Sites Tuesday so I thought I'd stop by. Really enjoyed this post.

A few comments: (1) percent of people on Facebook who notice anything I post = 1; (2) fingers useful in traffic appears to exclude nosepickers, who according to my observations constitute 25% of the population; (3) "Young man, there's no need to feel down. I said young man, pick yourself off the ground. I said young man, 'cause your in a new town. There's no need to be unhappy"

Cheryl P. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bud. I have been swamped lately and have been MIA from writing much. I try to read as many as I can though.

I am exactly where you are on Facebook. Once in a very great while I manage to put an update that probably prompts people to try to remember who I am and what I am doing on their facebook page.

The nosepickers are, indeed, in such great numbers that it would have screwed up the proportions of the graph where it no longer looked like a hand giving someone the finger.

So there are other words....Funny really...young man there's no need to feel down...something tells me with enough imagination there are some double entendres at work in there somewhere.