Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gypped out of My Irish Heritage

Have I ever mentioned that I am of Irish decent?..  Yeah.... that's what I thought.

Yes,  Begosh and Begorrah, (a phrase that a real Irishman would never use) my maiden name is one you would recognize as infinitely  IRISH.  As my blog is "somewhat" anonymous, I will just say that the name traces back to a royal Gaelic family that can be researched as far back as the 3rd century BC.  Another nugget of info associated with my name is  the fact the Gaelic translation is son  (I am assuming that you understand that the Mac, Mc or O in the front part of an Irish name means son or grandson) of "a unique choice".  So my name is a variation of  "son of an oddball". I can only assume that 2300  years ago give or take a century,  one of my ancient relatives said "Sweet Jaysis, laddie, the lass is a odd one she is."  (Be sure to read that with the best possible brogue you can muster.  You will know you have it right when no one on earth could possibly understand what you are saying.)

My best guess is that  there have been plenty of other odd choices within my ancestry  since the 3rd century BC. Actually, the word "plenty" might be an understatement.  How about the word "plethora"?

That might, also,  explain how my peeps managed to travel so far away from  being royal.  ( I am assuming that being a royal PITA doesn't count ?)

Thought Number One:  I Learned Something New About My Ancestry

Yesterday, I happened to be watching the movie,  A Thing Called Love.  The movie, itself, isn't anything to write home about but it was the last movie that River Phoenix made prior to his death. Oh and it has Sandra Bullock in it...which is usually a good thing. She couldn't save this particular movie.

There is a scene in that movie that River asks Samantha Mathis (who was his real life girlfriend) to marry him by telling her about an old Irish custom.   The custom was that one could marry for a year and a day and if things weren't working out they could come back to the place they got married and UNDO the marriage. Easy-Peasy..no questions asked...no papers to file. DONE!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Maybe I should beg for your forgiveness on the front side of this post.  You know how I usually avoid politics like the plague.... but who can resist what is becoming the longest running dirty joke in the history of politics.  Therefore, I am breaking my own rule and talking a bit about the bizarre news conference this week.  You now the one I mean.  The one where Anthony Weiner  AKA Carlos Danger,  tells the world he has done some bad things.
Ladies, on the chance you don't recognize him with his clothes on, let me introduce
you to Anthony Weiner.

It's Back!

Yes, Anthony is back in the news as he has been sending explicit texts of his privates to another woman for the last 6-9 months or so using the alias Carlos Danger.Since his resignation from Congress, he has continued "chatting" with women on the Internet.  He says at least three since his resignation.  In an effort to explain his recent actions, he and his wife Huma had a press conference on Tuesday.  

A.  He reminds us that he warned everyone that  more pictures would be surfacing.  (can't say he didn't give us a heads up)

B.  His  assures us that his wife is is supporting his mayoral run and will be sticking with him.  (Like glue I would guess.)  According to Anthony, Huma has forgiven him. 

The forgiveness is clearly  written all over her face. 

C.   He apologized to those that have received and are receiving texts from him.  (receiving??? Doesn't that imply there are still more of these to be discovered?)

 I realize that the video of the news conference is long so I will give you a couple of the highlights on the outside chance you don't want to sit through it.  But you might want to reconsider......it's worth a peek as you may never again see a finer example of  what a wife looks like that wants to take some man parts and slice and dice them into ttttiiiinnnyyy little pieces.

During his very insincere apology (at least it seemed insincere to me) there was Cubicle Guy peering over the wall.  At one point he waived.

Nothing creepy about this, huh??

OK, maybe Crabby Pants and Puppet Guy weren't there but whose going to notice
while Cubicle Guy is lurking.
 If it wasn't already so bizarre to have a serial sexter with the name  Weiner  but one who continues to give the writers over at SNL new material on a regular basis.

Speaking of no self-control...

Chris Sevier, a 36-year-old man from Tennessee, got so addicted to porn videos that his wife took his children and left him. Now he has sued Apple, saying the Cupertino, Calif.-based company failed to install any filter in its devices to prevent his affliction.
MacBook Pimp Pro Mugshot

In a 50-page complaint, Sevier calls Apple a “silent poisoner” responsible for the proliferation of “arousal addiction, sex trafficking, prostitution and countless numbers of destroyed lives.”

Sevier is seeking damages from Apple but said he will drop the lawsuit if Apple agrees to sell devices with a “safe mode.”

Sevier argued, adding that until he got the MacBook, he had never seen porn of any kind or been to a strip club or sex shop.

Is there a way to install a filter on Chris. The safe mode for this guy is the off button.

The Wizz Kid

Some residents of a Swedish town said they are not amused by a 26-foot-tall sculpture of a male figure urinating into a river.

The "Bad Bad Boy" sculpture, by Finnish artist Tommi Toija, was installed as part of the Orebro Open Art exhibition on the bank of the River Svartan, The Local.se reported Thursday.

A 34-year-old resident who gave her name as Anna said she "really hates" the sculpture and finds its nudity and urination "provocative." (I guess Swedes don't have the propensity to jump right to four letter words when describing things they hate.)

However, another resident, Ebba, 62, said she was slightly amused by the work. "I think it's interesting," she said. "But I am happy it is not here forever." 

Toijas said there is no correct way to interpret his sculpture.

"For me, it's just a guy peeing in the river, no more, no less. Some might see it as a funny thing, others might be provoked," he said.

When you gotta go, ya gotta go.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is That Fair?

We're back!!!! From where you ask? Well... Every year we go back to my husband's family farm for a week. We always plan a trip back to our farm in the month of July, so we are there during the time of the Iroquois County Fair.  It gives us a chance to see a lot of people in one place. Plus our little grandsons get a chance to ride some rides and eat a lot of fair food AKA junk.  Little boys go for county fairs in a big way. 
Fair food covers the major food groups, fat, sugar, and salt.
From year to year there isn't much that changes as far as visiting our farm.

Corn still grows
Beans still grow

But this year we did have a few unexpected activities that brings me to quite a different subject than what I initially thought I would be writing about today.

Thought Number One:  Genetics:  Who To Blame for What

What does going to a fair in Illinois have to do with genetics, you ask?  I will get to that in a moment.

First let me introduce our daughter.......Meet Kiddo #1

My cartoon doesn't do her justice. Kiddo #1 is a beauty.

There is a family resemblance, don't you think?

Over the years my husband and I  have played a game called "They got that from your side of the family!" regarding both of our kids. Yes, we have dissected both the physical and the behavioral aspects of both Kiddo #1 and Kiddo # 2 to take credit for or blame the appropriate gene pool.

For example: Both kiddos got their daddy's height.  Both kiddos got my dark hair.  We both take credit for their sense of humors which we credit not to the fact either of us are particularly funny but more to the fact we have provided them with enough chaos and crazy they have had a steady stream of material to laugh at.

BUT WE ARE STUMPED about how Kiddo #1 is so calm when things go wrong.

Thought Number Two:  OOPS Something Went Wrong

As it tuned out...our normal routine of meeting up with relatives,  eating fair food, seeing demolition derbies, seeing lots of livestock...all the things that go with visiting farm country for a week...there was the added component of a call from the hotel desk to Kiddo #1 and her husband.

Desk:  What  kind of car do you drive?

Now you know that is never a good thing when the front desk calls your room and asks what are you driving......AND ...it wasn't in this case either.

AS it happens....a semi truck was parking his rig in the Hilton parking lot.  Parking wasn't the problem really.  It was the LEAVING that got him in trouble.
Coming out to the parking lot...SURPRISE!!!

Don't you think this would make someone irritable.  Not our daughter.  When hubby and I arrived amid the police taking the report and tracking down the truck driver that had decided to leave, she had made some necessary calls and tracked down a rental car so they could get on with their vacation. All of this was being done with a smile and calm demeanor. 

Daughter tells us that all will all be taken care of.  She has the truck driver's  insurance information and everything is under control.  She is being all rational and level-headed.  There is just no accounting whose gene pool this is from.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Edition of.... What Were You Thinking?

Yes, my bloggee friends...another week of head-shaking, eye-rolling, and OMG-ing over some of the various headlines in this week's new reports.  We have been here before, haven't we?  Wondering what makes some people "tick" is a never ending endeavor.

Let's start with...

Hey, Buddy, That Was a Rhetorical Question!

A couple who this week celebrated their wedding by having sex in public view at a Nebraska park will be spending their honeymoon in separate jail cells after they pleaded guilty yesterday to indecent exposure.

Police arrested Saint Ramirez and his bride Miaya after being summoned to the Oregon Trail Park by a trio of teenagers who reported spotting the duo having sex near “a big pine tree” around 8 PM.

When a Gering Police Department officer drove his cruiser up to the tree, he saw the lusty couple leaning against a tree with their pants down engaging in sex, according to  Officer Michael Modec.

When the officer approached he asked them "what they were doing and  loudly advised them to stop" but  Saint stated that they were having sex and that they were newlyweds.  The pair eventually finished, and  put their pants back on.

According to the report there were a number of people, including children in the vicinity.

After pleading guilty yesterday to public indecency, a misdemeanor, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez were each sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Is it just me but if I was having sex against a tree in a park and a cop walks up and says, "What do you think you are doing?"  Would you or would you not, assume that is a rhetorical question?  Or if you were the kind of couple that would be having sex in a park, would you or would you not know what the word rhetorical means?

Would You Like Fries With That?

On July 11th, Jason McKusick called in a pizza order to have it delivered. There was to be a side of fries included with the pizza.  However, much to Jason's irritation, when the order arrived, the fries were MIA.  Adding to his frustration, he didn't notice the missing fries until after the delivery guy had left.

So, Jason called Des Pizza & More (the more must mean french fries, huh?) and demanded that someone had better come back with his fries and he wanted them at no charge. While there is some confusion depending who you talk to...the restaurant says they told him there would be a $3.00 charge.

Despite, the fact Jason had no intention of paying, a delivery person did go back to Jason's with an order of fries. 

The poor delivery guy must of brought up the topic of the three bucks because, Jason pulled a knife on him. Cops were called. There is some confusion as to who called the cops but according to the article, Jason's mom and dad were at home. 

Anyway....As the police arrived they found Jason holding a crossbow in one hand and a large tomahawk in the other...Oh, yeah, he was also, screaming "you are going to have to shoot me." (Those aren't words that are wise to throw around. Massachusetts police must be the calm sort as I am pretty sure, there are police departments that would of been happy to oblige him.)

The police feared that none of this was going to end well, so they sent for the Massachusetts State Police and a SWAT team. (Are you still with me?..this is over an order of fries!!!)


So...the swat team surrounds the perimeter of the apartment complex, and after some negotiations, one officer Tazers Jason. The Tazer had no effect except to make Jason more angry. A second attempt to subdue him with a method known as a "dry stun" which consists of the use of a stun gun resulted in Jason pushing an officer causing him to fall. He was eventually taken down by a contingent of officers. (Yes, contigent is the word the article used)

Jason was arrested and charged with  kidnapping, six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, seven counts of assault and battery on an officer, one count of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and attempting to commit a crime. He is being held without bail. 

Either those are really good fries and he was REALLY needing some or this guy is a tad over-reactionary.

How Artistic!!!

Every once in awhile, here at TAOBC we talk about "what constitutes art?"  Seems that the people of Lewisville, Texas are also debating is "body art" art?

The city has been forced to change its nudity laws after topless waitresses wearing just bikini bottoms  and body paint served customers. (and there were pasties under the paint as well)

This is art!

Up until recently the ordinance laws didn't prohibit body paint in lieu of clothing, so the risque attire was legal. (That will teach them not to be more specific in how they write ordinances.) A complaint was filed by Catherine Holliday. Catherine and some friends had stopped to take pictures of the restaurant and noticed that the outfits on the waitresses were actually just painted on. 

The city debated the issue last Monday night.  A professional body painter, Kristal White was present as well, She said it was an art form...a very beautiful art form.

Lewisville town chiefs decided body paint, dyes and tattoos cannot be considered decent covering for restaurant servers and voted to change their ordinance.

Bet Catherin Holliday has lost some popularity with some Redneck Heaven patrons.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jaws Gone Wrong

What were you doing last Thursday evening?  Please tell me you weren't watching Sharknado? OK...if you were one of the million plus viewers,  let's assume you were just curious how Ian Ziering and Tara Reid could sink so low (and that's already accounting for the extremely low spot they were tenuously grasping to) that they would participate in what had to be part of a drunken bet between the writers over at Syfy. What bet?, I hear you say.  That would be a bet on who could make the worst  movie  "evah"..... OR maybe the bet was, how to make another shark movie with a mashup kind of name. They seem to have a propensity for  mashup shark movies over at Syfy.

I bet you are feeling really bad you missed these.
If you didn't miss these, I have loss further respect for you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Minding Their Business

This week, while looking around for what weird or unusual things that  are happening in the news, I came across a few stories in the business pages.  

Cafe Going to the Cats

Who knew?  Not me!  As I was looking around to see what odd things were happening out in the world this week, I noticed that a new cat cafe was being planned for Paris.  Huh? A cat cafe?  I hadn't heard of that but it turns out that there are a number of cafes around the world that have a staff of cats...(I know a group of cats is a clowder but I am talking about a clowder of cats that are working for the cafe)  to provide companionship for the cafe's patrons. In Japan alone there are 79 of the "neko cafes" as they are called there. There are also, cat cafes in London, Vienna, Taiwan, and Korea. 

As for the Paris cafe, a young cat loving French woman, Margaux Gandelon is creating a cafe for the stressed out urbanites which will be named  Le Cafe des Chats.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Brain Might Be Obese

Did anyone notice my absence last Tuesday?  Really?  No one????


It's not that I didn't have "two thoughts". More to the point is I was bombarded with a lot of thoughts.

Occasionally, narrowing down what I feel like talking about is more of a task than just having one singular thought. Then there is the added component, I have to wrangle myself to actually plant myself  in front of the computer and write...and think...and draw.

As for where I look to  find some inspiration for a topic....my regular readers might remember,  I read a lot...books,magazines, newspapers, ....yep, lots of reading. Oh and there is all the time I  waste  spend on the computer AND  then there are the  daily news programs on TV.  Upon occasion I glean a few topical nuggets from friends or I happen to see or hear things as I navigate around  the real world interacting with people. Lots of thinking, weighing, analyzing, and Googling.   Yes...sometimes my brain is a very busy place.

Yes, I wear this to help me think

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Week of Winners

No Butts About It

When Madelyn Sheaffer went to the Adventure Oasis Water Park in Independence, Missouri on Tuesday, the last thing she expected was that her bathing suit would cause a disturbance. 

Sheaffer, 43, said after she got into the pool with her niece and nephew, two teenage employees approached her and told her to put on shorts because her bottoms were too small. 

A supervisor backed up their decree by saying she needed to cover up or leave the park. “I just felt like I was singled out,” Sheaffer told KSHB-TV. “I felt like it was both age and body discrimination and I felt like I could look around me and I could see a handful of other girls half my age, wearing the same size swimming suit and not being singled out and told to put on clothes or leave.”

Sheaffer then asked that the water park officials call the police to have her removed so that she could file a complaint against the park. On her Facebook page, she wrote that the officers who showed up sympathized with her plight: "We can't actually say anything," they said as we walked outside, (as it is a city owned park), ..but I hope from the expressions on our face you can tell how we feel," They were compassionate. They too, thought it was ridiculous.