Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Days You Just Need to Stay in Bed

As I am a glutton for punishment, I start my day each day at around 5:15 getting ready to walk with my Texas pal via our cell phones and Bluetooths.  I pull on my walking clothes and switch on the news to find out what temperatures await me.   In theory, this gives me time to add multiple layers as needed.  Today we have a balmy 27 degrees so just a coat, gloves, and ski band were in order. 

Some days the news gives me "talk" fodder for Texas pal.  Kansas City just seems to have interesting news for some reason.   I won't  go so far as to say we have more "less than brilliant" people that reside here or maybe we have the most unlucky lot of folks on the planet or perhaps a combination of the two....not sure but today among the BREAKING NEWS, we have on tap today, are two stories related to vehicles.  (By the way...a lot of our BREAKING NEWS can be such topics as "cold front moving in"....we set our bar really low as to what news is breaking.)

First Breaking News Item for the Day

Yesterday, there was a car jacking in Olathe, KS.  That in itself might be rare but never say never.  The thing about this carjacking was that it started in Olathe, went north through a lot of other municipalities that took up the police chase.  That is big news here!  So these carjackers (there were 3 of them in the vehicle) went on a police chase having first Olathe police on their tail, then Lenexa police, then Shawnee, then (according to the news) Fairway and Mission, KS police followed.  Now here is where it gets interesting.   When our brainiac carjackers get into Kansas City, Missouri the KC police decide NOT to continue the pursuit.  The news didn't say why.  Perhaps they were otherwise engaged.  Not sure.  Never the less the police chase ended and the carjackers were free to go about their business of thievery, I guess.


They are driving around and crash into a KC Water company truck.  No one is chasing them...they are just crappy drivers it seems.  One guy died and another is report on the third guy. 

this is quite a long distance as police chases go...on a normal morning in traffic this
would take 45 minutes.

Story No. 2

Yesterday, the Kansas City Fire Department was called out to a BP gas station as someone who was putting gas in their pick up truck said when he pulled out the nozzle his truck blew up.  YIKES...That really is not a good way to start your day. 

Now there is some breaking news.


tearinguphouses said...

holy moly. that's insane.

i love the idea of walking "with" your friend in texas. my best friend lives half a country away... we should do this.

Cheryl P. said...

Love your name, tearinguphouses. You should get your friend to walk with you. It is a great way to stay connected and it makes you adhere to a reg. exercise routine. We walk an hour each day with few exceptions. On bad weather days, I have to resort to keeping her company on my treadmill. She has an exercycle on the rare days she can't go outdoors. We have done this now for 13 years.