Friday, May 3, 2013

Tattoos, Tickets, and Toilets...

We are back in front of our computer after a glorious week of traveling through the Ozarks. Last week, I hardly read a newspaper or watched the evening news.  Did anything monumental happen that I am unaware of???'s back to the grind so to speak.  Reporter Cheryl P. and  Crabby Pants picked through the stack of newspapers that had accumulated and found a few oddities to talk about. 

 NOTE: For you newcomers to TAOBC,   I pick articles not necessarily because they have any humor but because they contain something that tags them as being "unusual."   

Tattoos for the Team

Inking a deal with Rapid Realty has a more permanent feel now that the New York City-based brokerage is giving a 15 percent raise to its workers who get a tattoo of the company’s logo.

So far, 40 agents are inked and more are lining up, Anthony Lolli, the CEO of Rapid Realty told NBC News.

But at Rapid Realty, there are no regrets yet and all 40 inked employees are still with the company, Lolli said. Some early adopters are even making plans to touch up their colors. 
Pretty professional group of real estate agents, huh?

Since all of Rapid Realty’s 1,100 agents work on commission, the 15 percent boost kicks in each time they complete a deal. Most agents start at a 25 percent commission so a company tattoo will bump them to the 40 percent bracket. Some agents were already maxed out at the 40 percent rate, but still got tattoos even though there was no extra pay in the deal, Lolli said.

So far, Lolli himself isn’t inked, but is grateful for his agents’ devotion. “It’s very humbling. I have an attitude of gratitude,” he said. He also, said that he feels the agents that got the tattoos show more commitment to their job by having the company logo on their body. 

Only 40 employees out of 1100...hmmm doesn't seem like a lot of  committed employees.   It should be noted that the owner and brain-child of the "tattoo for extra pay"has not gotten a tattoo. He likes the  idea of turning his employees into walking advertisements but not himself.  Based on the fact that he pays his employees 25% and he keeps 75%, I assume he has $$$ tattooed on his body somewhere. 

Traffic Ticket
An armless man in Canada says he will do whatever it takes to fight a ticket he received for failing to wear a seatbelt. 

Steve Simonar, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan lost his arms in an electrical accident almost 30 years ago.  He drives a custom made truck that allows him to drive. He is, however, unable to buckle his seat belt which caused him to be ticketed. The fine
associated with the ticket is $175.

Simonar said he presented a note from his physician to the Saskatoon police but the officer that issued the ticket was not persuaded to remove the citation.  Simonar described the officer as arrogant.  The officer was unmoved by Simonar's plight and was quoted as saying " I treat everyone the same, and you people expect things different."

Alyson Edwards, a spokesman for the police said officers have the discretion to not issue tickets, but once they have done the matter is in the hand of the traffic court.  

I don't think it weighs in the officer's favor to say he treats everyone the same, if he treats everyone with a total lack of compassion.  Isn't he just pointing out the fact,  he is an equal opportunity jerk?  AND maybe...just maybe Alyson shouldn't  use the phrase "in the hands of the court"...seems rather insensitive.  

Remember to Flush the Toilet

A California businessman is suing Virgin America airlines, claiming that he was improperly detained by police after flight attendants reported that he did not flush an
airplane toilet and quarreled with them over the purchase of a soft drink.

In a U.S. District Court complaint, Salvatore Bevivino alleged that he was “taken into custody against his will” last April as he sought to disembark from a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco. Bevivino said he was detained by six “uniformed officers” and taken to a room where he was questioned.

Bevivino was detained after a Virgin America captain told investigators that the passenger “was using profanities and not listening to instructions from the flight,” according to a San Francisco Police Department report. However, the captain added, “at no time did he or his flight crew feel threatened regarding this passenger.”

A flight attendant told cops that Bevivino argued with her over the ordering of a soda via a computer touchscreen. “My time is precious, you are here to serve me,” Bevivno said, according to the flight attendant.

Following the soda confrontation, the flight attendant told police, Bevivino “went to the restroom, came back out with a smile on his face and began using profanities.” When the flight attendant passed by the lavatory, she “saw that Bevivino left the door open and did not flush the toilet.”

Bevivino, a Genentech executive, denied cursing “during his brief 2 minute exchange with the crew regarding the soft drink order,” adding that he was released from custody after an officer concluded that “the matter seemed to be a customer service issue.”

Bevivino’s lawsuit seeks a minimum of $500,000 in damages for causing him, among other things, “apprehension, embarrassment, humiliation, mortification, fright, shock, mental anguish and emotional distress.”

Six uniformed officers to detain a notorious non-flusher seems a bit extreme but then he also is accused of not following directions as well. Serious charges for sure. Still, $500,000 is a lot for being humiliated, embarrassed and mortified.  I can only assume that is based on the number of words he could find that seem rather redundant and all equate to him being thoroughly ticked off at the flight attendant.

The Most Appropriate T Shirt

Don Castner was one of dozens of Florida residents arrested today on welfare fraud charges.  Castner was among a group that  were swept up in “Operation Meal Ticket,” an undercover probe run by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Don might of been the only one dressed with the appropriate specialty T-shirt  that fit the occasion.

Castner, who is locked up in lieu of $5000 bond, was charged with felony welfare fraud for allegedly selling Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to undercover agents. Some suspects used the proceeds of the illegal EBT card sales to purchase drugs and alcohol, according to investigators.

What can one say?  The man has a knack for picking out T-shirts.


Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

Welcome back!!! First, Mr. Lolli gives a whole new meaning to "show me the money" hey? Second, any police officer who uses the term "you people" to describe a handicapped person should be clubbed in the balls with his own night stick. And third, if Bevivino didn't flush his poop you know he didn't wash his hands either.

Cheryl P. said... I am a Realtor, I took an immediate dislike to Mr. Lolli. As he doesn't actually pay them a dime but just takes part of whatever business they do...why should they have a huge commitment to him. Especially to the extent of permenantly marking their bodies.
I thought the same thing...any person that throws in the phrase "you people" needs a slap. I suspect that would of been problematic to do without arms.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Our Canadian media reported the story a bit more fully. In Saskatchewan, you need a Medical Exemption Certificate from the government to exempt you from the seatbelt law. A simple physician's note is not enough. Anyone can produce some piece of paper allegedly from a doctor. The armless driver needs to give the physician's note to the government and obtain the proper certified documentation, just like everyone else. Hey, the law's the law.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

Aren't there cars that have automatic seat belts; I know I've seen them. Just because he doesn't have arms doesn't mean he doesn't need a seat belt but this cop could have used some compassion.

Cat Lacemaker said...

With my luck, if I did get that tattoo, I'd be laid off the next week...
"You people?" Someone needs a bit of remedial training. Sheesh.


babs (beetle) said...

I think (in this country) if a driver has no arms, the seat belt has to be automatic. As you sit in the seat, the belt wraps around you. It would be part of the adaptation. At least I think that's the case. But "You people"?!!!

Cheryl P. said...

I agree, if there are rules to allow him to not buckle up, then he should of been following them. I wonder if the story would of gone so global had the cop used a little more finesse, though. Seems like there would be a better way of handling it. The phrase "you people" seems out of line. (of course, that is if that is even factual)

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, there are models of cars that automatically strap you in so perhaps that was an option for his custom vehicle. I think the reason the story is gaining so much attention is the cops actions. It does portray an arrogance and lack of compassion on the officers part. Of course, who is to say the media is reporting it accurately.

Cheryl P. said...

I am a real estate agent and over the 30 some years, I have worked for a number of brokers. I guess, I would have 5 or 6 tattoos with lines through them.

That is the part of the reports that got my attention on the not-seatbelted story. It just seems that in the case of dealing with a sensitive situation, there would be some sensitivity shown.

I agree with you completely, Cat!

Cheryl P. said...

That would make sense to have an automatic seatbelt. Chubby Chatterbox mentioned that as well. I actually hadn't thought about that as an option.

As for the way it was handled...seems very insensitive. I would say some training is in order.

Robyn Engel said...

None of this seems kosher to me: management giving a huge bonus for getting a tattoo; $500K for smiling after leaving the door open and failing to flush...etc. I agree with you, it was outrageous of that officer to say "You people expect" special treatment. What a first-class jerk!

lisleman said...

Do you think the judge would let Mr. Castner off a little easier if he had that phrase tattooed on his chest. Better than a T-shirt?
I'm glad you posted the dumb company idea about tattoos. I didn't mind wearing company shirts/hats if they were free. But a tattoo is permanent and the job is not. I had seen just a quick one sentence on this story but forgot to check in to it. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

It's strange how people react to situations. As the real estate agents go..15 percent per transactions would add up if they sold many houses but what is the point? Who even notices a small tat on someone's ankle? I wouldn't want to work for a company like that. The commission needs to be higher without any jumping through hoops.

On the plane deal...I read the police report and the guy didn't do anything other than be rude about the drink order prior to the bathroom incident. If people start getting detained for not flushing the cops are going to be very busy.

Ditto: Jerk

Cheryl P. said...

The tattoo story was more interesting to me, I guess, because I am a Realtor. Although, I think these people are real estate agents, not Realtors, they are still working on 100 percent commission. A really low commission at that. I have never heard of a Realtor working for less than 50 percent and most would be getting 70 percent or more.

THEN to have a broker come up with this stupid idea to tie commissions to something like a tattoo. I would want the extra commission money but I wouldn't put a permanent tattoo on myself. If I did it and that is a big wouldn't be in a place that was readily seen.

Cheryl P. said...

No, not one ghost!!!! Damn, that would of been interesting if a ghost showed up. I did pick up a book of all the documented historic hotels that are supposedly haunted so maybe I will try again.

I thought it was a shame that the driver didn't have fingers available. Most likely the guy needed to be following some seatbelt laws but that cop did sound like a A-hole.

Doesn't the T-shirt guy look totally clueless?? The article says he spends a lot of time in jail on a number of various charges. If crooks are so dumb they keep getting caught, they really need to find a different line of work.

L.C. Griffith said...

Nice litter of stories this morning Cheryl. I'm so glad that I can count on you to help me feel smarter, not to mention nicer, than many;) LOL!! I'm constantly amazed by the stunts people pull.

Cheryl P. said...

We both know you ARE smarter and nicer than most people. I continually marvel at how people think...or don't, I suppose. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

Have a great weekend, Leah!!!!

Nicky said...

Man, it's a good think Don was wearing that Jail Sucks t-shirt because I wouldn't have been able to tell by the look on his face!

Cheryl P. said...

hahahahaha....good one, Nicky!!! You are so right, the poor slob looks like a deer in headlights.

Wendy said...

Did the owner personally and intimately check all of them, could any of them be the not real type? As in, I 'd put it on every morning to go to work, sorta like make up? wash it off after work? How would he know, especially on an ankle?
Or how about if I got the tattoo placed in a less visible spot, like only a spot my husband would likely see...would I still get the 15%?

Cheryl P. said...

I had these same kinds of questions, Wendy. What if one put them in a "private" place, how is he supposed to verity that? And temporary they still get the 15 percent until it wears off. All and all, I think Lolli expects too much from his employees. Perhaps the whole thing is a hoax for the media attention.

abeerfortheshower said...

Wow, Salvatore sounds like a real winner, huh?

"My time is precious, you are here to serve me!" Gee, every time I tell that to a waitress she spits in my food. Why can't people in the service industry just treat me like the king that I am?

Cheryl P. said...

Yeh, he's a winner for sure. I wonder if he used all that "charm" on the 6 officers there at the airport to detain him.

Gosh, I would certainly, love to meet up with you if I am ever in your area. I have never gone out for a meal with a king before...come to think of it, though, some of my women acquaintances act like princesses around wait staff. Not a good look on anyone. did you know they spit in your food? Or do I not want to know???

momto8blog said...

welcome back! I am ALWAYS shocked at your stories.

Cheryl P. said...

I think the reason you and I might find these stories shocking, is that we live fairly normal lives and play by the rules. There are just so many people that are caught up in odd situations with many of this resulting from making really bad or stupid decisions.

While some of them are sad, some are just bizarre. I am always interested at how people think and what the consequences are for their behavior.

AletaObrien said...

I can't imagine if I got a tattoo with the logo of the last place I worked and was laid off from. yeah, talk about a tattoo gone wrong! It's like the law of - never put a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse's name on one's body, because it means you'll break up with them. Lol. (Children's names are ok though!)

Man oh man, shame on that police officer! What a prick!

Uhhh, the non-toilet flusher - hate those people. Can we get 6 officers to escort non-flushers every time? Teach 'em a lesson. Hehe

Cheryl P. said...

I think that would be a good law. Things change and (in theory) tattoos are forever.

I think the officer really needs to work on his communication skills. Anytime someone uses the phrase "you people" you know that isn't a good thing.

Just think, Aleta, the jails would be full of non-flushers that probably wouldn't flush the toilets in their cells in a form of protest. Terrible thought really.

AletaObrien said...

"the jails would be full of non-flushers that probably wouldn't flush the toilets in their cells in a form of protest." Remind me not to read your posts and replies while drinking.. I need a new keyboard! Lol

meleahrebeccah said...

"It should be noted that the owner and brain-child of the "tattoo for extra pay"has not gotten a tattoo."

What a dick!


Apparently that cop who gave the man the seatbelt ticket is an asshole to everyone, yes?


I have a feeling that jerk on the airplane deserved to be detained.


And I am dying laughing at the man arrested in a Jail Sucks tshirt!

Cheryl P. said...

And apparently he has no intention of getting one but says it shows commitment by his employees. Dick for sure!!!

That's how I took it as well. Just saying you treat everyone the same doesn't mean you treat people nicely. Another dick.

Yes, again a person that would say "you're here to serve me." Yep...another dick.

The report said that guy with the T-shirt had been in and out of jail his whole adult life...he may or may not be a dick but he is definitely a moron.

meleahrebeccah said...

Oh yes. Dicks & Morons!