Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Recently, Hubby and I took a computer "test" to find out how long we will live. Yes, we now resort to the computer to fulfill our medical needs. I am seriously considering putting WebMD as my primary care physician on any form that requires me to list my doctor.

While I am sure my personal physician, WebMD has me covered, we occasionally attend a free health assessment or  "health fair".  It's a fair so therefore should be fun, right?.   Hubby recently took an overall assessment that was being offered at a Big Box store.  According to their superior assessment, his  health age is 8 years younger than his real age.  (So I guess I am married to a younger man now)  I think he was feeling pretty self-assured until the printed assessment sheet said he needed to drink less.  Considering he rarely...and I do mean rarely, ever drinks, it would appear 2 beers a month (tops) is a health hazard. Just throwing that out there for you readers that are endangering your health.

As a measure to double down on  my preventative health care, I continue to occasionally visit a real doctor.  My annual checkup is coming up in three weeks and I am questioning the need to pay for that now that I know how healthy I am via the computer and specialists at Sam's Club and Costco.  I will be sure to tell my doc that I need a discounted price as my computer did a pre-exam.

As far as the longevity tests we took.... turns out that Hubby is going to live until he's 93 and I will live until I am 95.  Frankly I was counting on a little better test results considering some of our family members have historically beat those numbers. Perhaps, we should of been a little more creative with some of our answers. (yeah...cheat).   I, also take issue with the fact that we aren't going simultaneously. 
I might be prepared to become more political

While I shy away from getting political on my blog, I will say I am not as conflicted about the state of current healthcare in our country as I am on other subjects.

I am confident that we have access to great healthcare. I am equally confident dealing with an insurance company to pay for that wonderful care is likely to cause you some major pain that even the most excessively over priced pharmaceutical can't touch. 

I know this from experience.

Early in the year, my left eyelid decided it no longer wanted to stay in it's awake position.  It seemed to prefer it's night time position.   This was causing a few problems for me.  Strangers seemed to think I was winking at them. Usually this didn't work in my favor.

It, also, occurred to me,  that if I didn't correct the odd hanging eye lid, that I would have to permanently change my cartoons to represent my new but not improved face. Even in cartoon form, the eye is a bit off putting.  So after checking with Dr. WebMD, I went to a human doctor to ask what the heck was going on.  WELL as it turned out....the eye situation could be corrected with not one, but TWO surgeries. Both my left eye and right eye had varying degrees of ptosis.

So back to the point of the "win" part of this.     For the 45 years Hubby and I have had to pay for our family's medical insurance, I have never used it enough to meet the deductible.  This translates to the fact, every year I not only was responsible to pay for the premiums but, also, had to pay for whatever medical services I needed. Totally not a good use of funds.

It doesn't escape my notice,  that if I bought a new car and never drove it, it would seem wasteful.  If I buy a closet full of clothes that I never wear, it's wasteful.  If I buy really pricey insurance and never use it, it means I am conforming to the law and being responsible but still it feels SUPER wasteful.  This year, I was a WINNER.  My insurance company was on the hook to pay some of my bills.

YEP...everything has an upside.  

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