Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympics for Under-Achievers

Speaking of "under-achievers".... You may have noticed the lack of a post this week.  I am actually working on it but (excuses, excuses) due to lack of time, lagging enthusiasm and absence of inspiration, I have not managed to finish it yet.  Sooooo...with that being honor of the Rio Olympics I am imagining what sporting events  Crabby Pants would want to compete in.  Let's imagine how our "less than fit" non-team player,  would fare in non-traditional games.  We are, of course, assuming that they aren't giving out medals for cynicism, skepticism or sarcasm. She would surely take the gold in those categories.

Crabby is dressed for the Carnivale

Not as easy as it looks but she hopes to take the gold.

And Last but not least...

I will be posting a "real" post in a few days...

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