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Who is Cheryl P. at The Art of Being Conflicted??

Up until a couple of years ago, I was living a busy life as a "working" real estate agent...then came the bust.  I am sure you all have heard about that.  So, I had time on my hand and thoughts in my brain which led me to the premise, I should start a blog.  Logical segway, don't you think?

So, a little about me.  I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas.  Yes, there is one Kansas City but it covers two different states. I live in Kansas.

 As for Kansas, it isn't as boring as you might think it is.  If you have heard that Kansas "blows", they are probably talking about the actual wind, not the quality of the state.  I have lived in far worse places in my life.

  Also, you might be surprised to know that it doesn't look like this:

Oh, the tornado might be accurate upon occassion but we aren't
limited to black and white...we have other colors as well.

While I  currently live in Kansas, I have lived in 39 other places prior to arriving here. Eighteen of those were prior to my one and only marriage but the last  twenty-one of those moves were corporate moves due to my husband's job.  With a strong work ethic and unbounded energy, he climbed the corporate ladder.  He pulled me up behind him, along with our 2 children (now grown) over the 41 years that we have been married.  Yes, I married my high school sweetheart, and despite all the naysayers that said teenage marriages never work....ours has.
I call my blog "The Art of Being Conflicted" as I am an "over-thinker".  I have a tendency to  look at all angles of all topics.  There is very little black and white in my world and a whole lot of gray. 
I love to hear other peoples opinions, and rarely get upset at someone else's point of view.  I find humor in most things and have an active, creative imagination.  If you are looking for a fight with someone you won't find it here.  It has been pointed out that I could get along with the devil but unfortunately for him, I choose for us not to be friends.
If you don't look for and appreciate finding humor and poking fun at things you probably won't enjoy my posts.  BUT, I hope you do.  I would love to get to know you through your comments.
Keep in mind a lot of what I write is satirical and "supposed" to be funny.  Dont' take me too seriously most of the time.  I think (I hope) you will be able to tell when I am being serious. 
I keep my blog semi-anonymous as it allows me a little privacy.  Most of my family and friends know who I am so I choose to not be to overtly, "in-your-face" about politics or religion.  I occasionally write about them but I will respect your point of view and hope you can do the same.
I hope you occasionally find a post to laugh over, think about or choose to comment on.  I would love to hear from you.
My direct email is artofconflicted@aol.com
Thanks, for stopping by...hope you come back again.

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