Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some days are better than others

Jan. 30th, 2011

Typically Sundays tend to be a "good" day for me.  It is one of 2 days that I can sleep past 5:20 AM.  That in itself gets the day off to a great start.  In theory, I should have a more difficult time figuring out what my "bad thing" for the day will be.
To keep on target with my finding a good, bad and freakin' weird thing to chronicle each day, I am sure my negative, cynical mind can come up with a few options.

The GOOD for today

Because Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week, there are a number of things I can jot down in the plus column of my life for today. Thankfully, because one of our grandsons spent the night with us, I didn't catch the morning news so nothing ruined my day right off the bat.

Really had a pleasant morning taking care of grandson and getting ready for church. Three year olds are just cute.

 Another reason Sunday tends to be more positive than negative is the act of going to church.  I am respectful of all religions, so I am not thinking it is my particular church that lends itself to a mood lifting experience.  Let's assume that if you are a person of faith (whatever that faith, religion, spiritual leaning etc.) that it gives your life some direction and peace.

The BAD for the day

As previously mentioned, I am a real estate agent by profession.  I use the term profession in the loosest connotation, however, as what I currently do with real estate pays nothing. Technically speaking, I suspect if I never get a pay check you really can't consider it a job. I took someone to look at two foreclosures  with the plan that he would like to find a real low priced fixer upper and flip it.  Flipping houses in today's market is an act reserved for the brave.  It can be done.  Money can be made but you have to be really wise and watch your money closely.  (both on the buy side and the sell side)

No matter how long I work in this industry, I am always surprised by people.  Today's little adventure took me to a house that had been foreclosed upon.  That is no surprise as so many homes are either in short sale or foreclosure.  I am constantly amazed at how these homes are left.  Today's little treasure had no flooring left except a very small amount of laminate in the kitchen.  The finished lower level was ripped out to the studs. The light fixtures had been pulled out of the ceiling and were hanging by wires.  Overall just a BIG OLE mess left behind for the brave person that wants to buy a project.

THE freakin' weird today

This might not be all that weird but I find it  strange.  As previously mentioned, I went to church.  It happens that our church is huge.  That is huge with a capital H.  A couple of weeks ago there were more than 27,000 that attended a particular service.  Stick with me here.  The size of the church isn't the weird part.

My husband and I were sitting in an upper balcony behind a guy that typed the entire duration of the service into his smart phone.  I kid you not.  He texted and emailed constantly for an hour and a half without a pause.  The women sitting next to me also worked on some emails but she stopped occasionally to sing or pray or whatever the appropriate participation called for. Perhaps it is the sheer size of the church that people feel that they are lost in the crowd. I am not sure.

 I would say as a culture we are going to hell in a handbasket (whatever that phrase even means) but these people were sitting in church.

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