Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reasons Not to Become a Cat Lady

I know there is always going to be a debate over which is the better pet...cats or dogs.  What you say??? No debate!   I think I hear that coming from the dog-lovers out there.  Still, I have had both dogs and cats and I consider it a close race. 

My experience has been that cats are a much hairier  and surly (aka snotty) version of a lap dog. Also, they have a more narcissistic way of looking at things.  The upside to a cat is they don't expect you to be their BFF,  they don't feel the need to be constantly adoring you, or sniffing you in private areas that just don't need sniffed, and they never our haul your tired butt outdoors in all manner of weather for a walk. So until the time Rover falls in love with the idea of a litter box, I am prepared to call this a tie.

The only time, I really see a substantial PLUS in the dog's favor is on the day it is time for the annual vet visit.  Cats turn into monsters.   Not just figuratively speaking.  I am talking MONSTERS.

Yesterday was the day, to haul out the little pet carriers to transport my two adorable little friends in to see their doctor. 

Thought Number One---prior to the cat crates coming out my girls are sweet as can be...that is as sweet as cats can be.

See how sweet they are prior to seeing their carrier.

Chantel isn't smiling for the pic, but only because she
is camera shy.
Carmen is our sweet girl, even the true "haters-of-all-cats" tend to
be taken in by Carmen's charms. 
Perhaps, you don't remember Carmen without her tiara on?

So back to the story....I had hubby help track down the girls, who always feel the need to hide when they see the totes come out. 

Thought Number Two-- After the crates come out, it all goes down hill.

Don't they look happy?? 

At this point Chantel is thinking on how to get even with
me when she gets loose. These are the same thoughts
I imagine most serial killers must have prior to their capture.

Carmen, is under the misguided notion that
by burying herself under the little cage's mat
that we won't be able to  find her.

After the short ride over the the Vet's office which my two little cats have growled, mmmeeeoooowwwwed and spit to let it be known that are indeed...less than pleased to be going on an outing.

For those of you that know the "real me"  I am sure you notice the accurate portrayal of Cheryl P.
I did leave out the under-eye circles, as I found them distracting and my art work is bad
enough without adding more negatives.

Not that they aren't already showing their best behavior...  or NOT.. when the doc walks into the room, they go cat-shit crazy.

So, while vets in general,  try to put on a game face as far as misbehaving cats go....

Here is the thing:

I know that they know that I know they would rather be treating dogs....



more than they would want to be treating my two hissing cats.

All creatures great and small survived the day!!!!! The vet even managed
to remain unscathed.

 Here we are back at home letting the effects of "whatever is in those shots" wear off. 

It's been awhile since, I have added one of the Simon the Cat videos so in honor of my Two Thoughts for Tuesday here is a video called Double Trouble

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meleahrebeccah said...

First of all, I LOVE the new blog layout. Awesome.

Second, I am neither a cat or a dog person. My OCD cleaning insanity wont allow for pets. As they are too messy. I know, I suck.

Third, I *heart* Simon the Cat videos!!

Cheryl P. said...

I am having a 3rd party company do some work on my site so it will be changing a few times over the next week or sol PITA but disqus is doing crazy things on my blog today. I just now could see your comment.

I, totally agree about the cleaness factor. I thought I would never want pets and after these, there aren't going to be others. (or at least that is my plan) I got these two from two very different sources and just couldn't say no and now we are attached. Still the clean up makes me nuts.

meleahrebeccah said...

Yeah, the clean up is too much for me.
But, sometimes I really DO miss having a pet.

And Disqus has been weird on my blog too. I think THEY are having issues.

AngelBaby said...

I am a cat lover more than dogs. I think when I lived on the ranch and we had so many dogs that I just got burned out on dogs. I love the video, it is so true of the little darlings, Thanks for sharing it.

Here's your click ..........

Love and Blessings,

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I love the artwork! Especially the one with the frazzled cats, I needed a good laugh this evening. Although I am a dog person, I do like a cat as long as they are an outside cat and not a litterbox necessary cat.

Goodluck with the new blog look, can't wait to see the final changes!


Grandpa said...

I think I remember some cats "just like them".....and the video is fantastic.....

Life, Laughter and Paris said...

Great post! Love both cats and dogs (but don't tell our cat, Buster)!

Cheryl P. said...

Those Simon videos are pretty cute. You can tell they are written by a person that is very familiar with cat behavior.

I think I have aged out of wanting to spend time taking care of a dog. They just require a lot more attention. Cats are easy peasy. I love dogs but I love them being owned by other people.

Cheryl P. said...

Thanks, Wolf, I am trying to draw more of my own art as I am tired of searching for things and not finding what I want without having to pay for it. The real problem as I see it, is I have next to no talent...I am striving for being mediocre. How's that for setting the bar high????

oldereyes said...

Well, as you can tell from my Gravatar, I vote CATS, CATS, CATS. I actually don't mind dogs, I just like my friends to be a little less obsequious. Cute video. Reminds me a little of our two.


Dan_gist said...

We picked up a stray cat at the pound. First six months we had to keep her separate from the other animals. Now It is the neediest animal we have. She follows us every where. If locked out of the bathroom while we are in there, she crawls through the towel closet. Meow, meow, meow. Drives me nuts. Sleeps on top of people. Yells in their ear when they are sleeping. Starts Knocking things off shelves, if we don't get up on time, or drags thing across the floor just to make noise. But... she is great at the vets. We had one cat that needed a fencing mask, gloves and a towel. One of my dogs is just a big baby at the vets.
The dogs just sleep and look at you like "That's amazing, why didn't I think of that?" when you talk to them.
It hasn't always been the case but I have to go with dogs now.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, Grandpa, I am sure you do. They send their regards.....Chatel is hissing a message your way and Carment is wondering who might have a warm lap for her.

Cheryl P. said...

What a cute name...Buster. Does he have a real "cat attitude?" Or maybe we could call that a cattitude. Glad you like the post.

Cheryl P. said...

I have always found your Gravatar very cute. I, like you, prefer cats. That wasn't always the case...like during the years I had a dog, but I currently enjoy the "less is more" social interaction between man and beasts around here...actually that would be "woman" and "my 2 sweet little beasts".

Cheryl P. said...

From the sound of your cat, I can see why you are favoring dogs, heh heh. Thank, goodness she is sweet at the vets. Really, laying on you and talking in your ear while you are trying to sleep. You might be surprised to know that I am a real cranky bitch when I am tired. What, you aren't surprised????

I like the idea you have about the fencing mask and gloves. I will take it under advisement for next year's visit to the vet's office.

My Chantel is sending her regards...

Grandpa said...

Found this for you post.....too funny

Cheryl P. said...

funny....I see the goodbye Kitty around here pretty regularly.

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