Friday, July 13, 2012

Lost, Found and Please, Take Down

What Would a Woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck something?

Hudson, NY- For the third time in a week, American flags were ripped from their staffs at the Republic Civil War section of the Cedar Park Cemetery.  Now the police believe they have collared the perpetrators.

Last Saturday, after another 15 flags went missing bring the total to around 75, the Hudson police installed three surveillance cameras.

Caught in the act..woodchuck vandal

It turned out there is a gang of vandalizing woodchucks have been taking the flags down into their burrows. 

Is That Yard Art?

A Michigan woman said police showed up at her house after her stepfather carved a part of the male anatomy into a tree stump in her yard.

Mariah Cordes, who recently moved into a home on Clyde Park Avenue in Wyoming, Mich., said her stepfather carved the male organ into the stump as a prank and her neighbors were not entertained, WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, Mich., reported Thursday.

"Cops came a couple of times," Cordes said. "We decided to take it down."

Cordes said her stepfather removed the stump bearing the offending image. Police said they would have contacted the city attorney's office about possible disorderly conduct charges if the stump had not been removed.

While I can't imagine why a person would want to carve a tree into that particular shape, especially given the fact, they are the "new people"  in the neighborhood but I find it ironic that the TV station that came to do the story was WOOD TV. Is it possible to be the "bad neighbor" on day one?

Where the Chips Fall

Police followed a “trail of chips” to arrest a Pennsylvania man who allegedly broke into a Subway restaurant early yesterday and only made off with nine bags of the savory potato crisps.
Investigators charge that Benjamin Sickles, 21, broke out three glass windows at a Subway in Washington, a city 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. He then broke a glass door and entered the store around 2:23 AM.
Sickles approached the cash register, but apparently was unable to secure some loot. So he “threw cups at cash register, grabbed two hand full of chips (9 bags)” and exited the Subway with the stolen snacks.
When Washington City Police Department cops arrived, “a trail of chips lead to suspect who was on steps of Washington High School,” according to the complaint. The Subway eatery is only a couple of blocks away from the school, from which Sickles graduated in 2009.
Charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and criminal mischief, Sickles is in the Washington County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $30,000 bond.

That is a really bad day on the job when all you get are nine bags of potato chips. I would have gone for at least a couple of tasty subs before leaving. Who would of thought being a messy eater would land you in jail.

The Good News and The Bad News

The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that a southwestern Orgeon city's police department can collect a ONE MILLION DOLLAR  cash prize originally awarded to a woman who authorities say bought the winning lottery ticket in 2005 with a stolen credit card.

The Mail Tribune reported that 45 year old, Christina Goodenow argued that stripping her of the winnings was excessive punishment.

In 2005 Goodenow stole the identity of her boyfriend's dead mother and used the deceased woman's Visa  credit card to purchase $12,000.00 worth of goods which included the lottery ticket.
She pleaded no contest to the crimes and was sentenced to probation.

As part of her sentence, the lottery money was forfeited to the Medford Police Department. In Oregon, police departments can collect money that is seized through criminal activity. Goodenow, filed the appeal in 2007, as an attempt to retain the winning money.

Seems that Ms. Goodenow was bad and now she doesn't feel  good...Isn't there some old adage about " Losers Never Win and Winners Never Lose"     Seems that would be wrong on both counts.


Rita McGregor said...

I just love your posts!!! :):)

Chubby Chatterbox said...

Interesting story about the Medford police. I guess Ms. Goodenow wasn't very good.

Cheryl P. said...

Medford Police won the lottery by proxy. Bet Ms. Goodenow is going to be looking back on this for years to come with a lot of regret.

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you so much, Rita. That is so nice of you to say!!!

Nicky said...

I think I would have left the stump and had the stepfather removed.
Are we sure Sickles "graduated" from that school? For some reason, I have doubts...

R D said...

What a brilliant post. I thought of so many puns that my head exploded.

Cheryl P. said...

Too funny. I hadn't thought of either of those things but you are so right. You have to wonder what the hell is wrong with her stepfather that he needed to carve a big dildo in the yard.
As far as Sickle's school. I bet the school would rather that not be mentioned in public.

Cheryl P. said...

Why thank you, RD. I always think of additional things that strike me funny. The problem is that usually some of the things I think of are somewhat inappropriate...well that is if I want to be PG rated.
Hope your head didn't explode! I love that you left a comment and hope you come back.

mike said...

I did a post a long time ago on WWFC about cats (I know, I know) eating the tulips. Turned out, it was a squirrel. Typical behaviour from a rodent, I guess.

As for Chip guy, I'm with Nicky. Sounds like he may have majored in Getting the Munchies. With honors :)

Linda R. said...

Woodchucks as vandals - who would have thunk it? As for the chip guy, some folks never learn to clean up after themselves.

Cheryl P. said...

What?? They blamed the kitty??? I think we need to start a movement to put an end to cat discrimination. I will be thinking about a slogan. On the other hand I am all about discriminating against rodents. EWWWWW Yeah, I agree chip guy has more serious issues than being s messy eater.

Cheryl P. said...

Yeah, who would of thunk? I think the cops were surprised when they saw the surveillance tape. I guess in the future they need to dip the flags into an animal repellant.
Chip guy deserved to get caught for being such a slob....and stupid, theres that too.