Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day For Remembering

If I could...I would reach out to hold a  hand and grieve with those that lost a loved one ...I would.

If I could.....I would tell those that were hurt how sorry I am for the suffering they have endured because of hatred that had no business invading their life or the lives of the people that they cared about...I would.

If I could...I would tell those that suffered the fear and pain of that day, how relieved I am that they got out alive...I would.

If I could...I would thank the people that were there to help and tell them how brave and selfless I think they are...I would.

If I could...I would stand at the Ground Zero Memorial  and pay my respects for all the people that did nothing to deserve the evil that came their way eleven years ago...I would.

What I can do is..... stand united with others to take a stand against hatred and  violence.

What I can do is..... live my life in a positive, loving way and hope to set an example for others to do the same.

What I can do is..... today, remember those that were affected by the senseless attacks on 2001 and pray for them and their families.

What I will do today...is reach out and take a stand....