Friday, May 24, 2013

In The Pink

Today is the start of pool season here in Kansas City.  Yes...all the pools and waterparks open this weekend. It's sort of the unofficial start of the summer season.  On last night's local news a reporter was interviewing a family swimming at one of the local lakes.  Did I mention that the temperature this morning is 48 degrees Fahrenheit? Three weeks ago we had snow on the ground and now the pools are open. Open for the brave souls that like really, really cold water, I suppose.

The normal rosy hue that Crabby Pants would usually have, has turned to a rather disturbing shade of blue. 

Speaking of Rosy Hues

A newlywed couple returned from a romantic honeymoon to find their home painted bright pink with white spots.
Steve and Hayley O’Rourke discovered the prank after spending two weeks on the Greek island of Rhodes.
The groom’s brother Russell planned the Mr Blobby-style paint job in revenge for a similar joke six years ago.
Steve built a 4ft-high brick wall across Russell’s driveway while he was honeymooning in Barbados.
Russell, who spent two days transforming the house, said: “What you reap is what you sow.
“The neighbors were coming out asking what I was doing painting their house.
“I reckon there were hundreds of people stopping and taking pictures. Even the police were slowing down to take a look.”
The terraced property in Southend, Essex, is now bright pink with white polka dots.
Locals have nicknamed it “the Mr Blobby house” after the 90s television character.
Luckily dad-of-two Steve has seen the funny side of the joke and has no plans to repaint his home.

Hayley added: “It’s making a lot of people smile, but it’s also causing a few near pile-ups on the road, with people stopping and staring.
“It’s very extreme - you forget about it when you’re in the house but then when you step outside you realize how bright pink it is.”
They are now planning an even bigger prank for their older brother David - who is due to get married next year.

If I were David, I would call off the wedding or hire security guards depending on which seems more warranted.

Tough Love

A North Carolina mother had her son arrested this week for taking her Pop-Tarts without permission, police report.

The child was busted on a larceny charge, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, whose officers were summoned Monday night to a Charlotte home by Latasha Renee Love, the accused juvenile’s 37-year-old mother.

A police report notes that “the known suspect stole Pop-tarts belonging to his mother at their home at 530 Goldstaff Ln. The suspect was juvenile arrested at the time of the offense.”

Cops described the stolen goods as “Foodstuffs” valued at $5.
Love, who reportedly has had discipline issues with her child, apparently decided to have him arrested as some kind of a lesson. The misdemeanor case against the boy will be handled in juvenile court. 

Now that is one strict parent or someone that has a serious Pop Tart addiction.

 Still Talking About Pink

Pink as in Potted Pigs...Not an alliteration that you hear everyday, I am guessing.

With Washington state about to embark on a first-of-its-kind legal market for recreational marijuana, the budding ranks of new cannabis growers face a quandary over what to do with the excess stems, roots and leaves from their plants.
Susannah Gross, who owns a five-acre farm north of Seattle, is part of a group experimenting with a solution that seems to make the most of marijuana's appetite-enhancing properties - turning weed waste into pig food.
Four pigs whose feed was supplemented with potent plant leavings during the last four months of their lives ended up 20 to 30 pounds heavier than the half-dozen other pigs from the same litter when they were all sent to slaughter in March.
"They were eating more, as you can imagine," Gross said.
Giving farm animals the munchies is the latest outcome of a ballot measure passed by Washington voters in November making their state one of the first to legalize the recreational use of pot. 
"We can have pot chickens, pot pigs, grass-fed beef," he said.
Gross' pigs were butchered by William von Schneidau, who has a shop at the famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. In March, von Schneidau held a "Pot Pig Gig" at the market, serving up the marijuana-fed pork as part of a five-course meal.
He quickly sold out the remaining weed-fed meat at his shop but plans another pot-pig feast later this summer, he said.
"Some say the meat seems to taste more savory," he said.

Turns out the pot is the anti-diet drug.  You really would think that would be a negative for some users.  But it doesn't seem to bother pigs.  (hope I am not offending any pot users)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That U.K. house looks like it has a nasty case of the pox.

Cheryl P. said...

Good thing everyone is finding it funny. I wouldn't love my neighbors to have a pink polka dot house....I must just be a fussy neighbor.

Nicky said...

I think if I were brother David, I would elope and only tell people when I came back. Or not tell them at all. Ever. :-)

Ok, the story about the pop-tarts is bizarre. It seems to me that if your kid is really problematic, you shouldn't have to resort to grand theft pop-tart to teach your kid a lesson.

lisleman said...

Pink house - funny prank but that's only because it's in the UK and don't live there.
Your last story has me wondering how to tie this into a bacon addiction. I don't imagine they would waste the smoke on smoking the bacon/ham.

Riot Kitty said...

I am still picking up my jaw after the Pop Tarts story. Really? There are cops who go along with this? Are they all eating the marijuana-laced pork or something?

Wendy said...

Maybe somehow by opening the pools, despite the weather, the 'weather gods' will say...oh,my oh my is it that time already and finally send you some heat?Couldn't hurt to give it a try, right? Although, I hate to read a month from now about you sweltering and melting in a heat wave, hum...
The caption to pop tarts story gives me pause. Seriously, whole wheat pop tarts? Is there any point of them being made with whole wheat? Throw them out and not only would there would be no 'naughty ' young lad but a healthier one.

Cheryl said...

If I weren't already married, I'd hook up with David. That sounds like one funny family.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree!!! OR I would move to another country with my new bride. There's nice homes in Canada, I am sure.

This family must just be a mess or the cops wouldn't of bothered, I would think. Crazy story though..the actual arrest warrant is posted on The Smoking Gun web site.

It would take way more than pop tarts for me to get my kid arrested..more like a 24 pack of Diet Coke.

Cheryl P. said...

Yeh, it is pretty funny. as you say. when it's not in our neighborhoods. Sounds like his neighbors are laughing though.

Yes, that might explain why so many people LOVE bacon.

You bring up a great point!!! What happened when a pot soaked ham gets smoked (as in smoked in a cooker) ????

Cheryl P. said...

hahaha...perhaps you are onto something. The cop's thinking was hazy, crazy, at the time. Either that or that mother was one scary bitch and when she said "arrest my kid" they weren't going to argue with her.

Cheryl P. said...

I hope you are right and the weather gods are paying attention. You are ABSOLUTELY right about the impending heat that is going to be coming to Kansas. We freeze in the winter here and swelter in the summer. Such is Kansas weather.

OMG...Wendy...I am always amazed that you and I converge on the same point of so many posts. I was tempted to airbrush that "whole wheat" out because it was bugging me. I can't believe an company has the gall to make a statement implying that there is ANYTHING healthy about a pop tart.

You just have to know the mom that was that cray-cray over her pop tarts was washing it down with a healthy beverage that is also made of grains. (barley and hops). ...Does Budweiser make a beverage that is geared strictly for breakfast???

Cheryl P. said...

That's a riot, Cheryl! Yes, they do sound fun and seemingly get along but you might be forced into living in a house that has been altered in some way due to a prank. It might be nerve wracking wondering what is coming next.

babs (beetle) said...

I don't think I'd take too kindly to coming home and finding my house painted pink with polka dots. The problem with these pranks is that they eventually get out of hand and no longer funny. The old saying "It'll end in tears" comes to mind.

Cheryl said...

Since I don't much like our house and I'm stuck living here for a while, I'd love a surprise do-over, even if it's pink polka dots.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, one day it's funny and then someone crosses a line...and it's not funny any more. I wouldn't take it too kindly either, coming home and finding my house painted pink with polka dots.

Robyn Engel said...

You always manage to find the most outrageous stories for us, Cheryl.

Regarding the poptart incident, those police officers and mother should be thrown in jail and fed nothing but whole wheat poptart bottoms - no filling, no frosting. Seriously, though, it's one thing to respond to the mom's call but another to actually arrest the kid. These things make me angry. Then I read about pigs on pot and I feel better.

Be well.

Cheryl P. said...

I, totally agree with you on the stupidity of, not only the mother, but the police response. What a waste of resources. I find it frustrating that those stories make the headlines but usually we never hear the outcome. Surely, there is someone with more common sense that took care of straightening out the mess. I still have to think that the mother was drunk or something.

abeerfortheshower said...

Whew, good thing my taxpayer dollars are going toward the arresting of a child who stole a poptart! Otherwise, it might have to go toward actual crimes. What a relief.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, we certainly don't want to have Pop tart bandits on the loose. There is such a shortage of junk food available as it is. I would think the Hamburglar would be advised to stay the hell out of North Carolina.

meleahrebeccah said...

* You couldn't pay me to go swimming in 48 degree weather. It's been UNUSUALLY hot over here - we've had teems over 90+ degrees. It's been unbearable. I haven't left the house for days!

* The painted house practical joke is friggen awesome! I love it! Love it! Love it!

* Um… WTF? Who has their child arrested for eating Pop-Tarts? That's CRAZINESS!

* Pigs with the munchies = hysterical!

Cheryl P. said...

Between the rain and the cold, we haven't had hardly any decent swimming weather here but being too hot doesn't sound inviting either.

I love that the brothers all had a good laugh and even the neighbors didn't have a problem. Sounds like everyone gets along. Good for them.

Pop Tarts story...WTF indeed.

Yeh, Instead of smoked bacon...this is bacon least bacon on the hoof.