Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Man That is Super

Little girls can be Super Heroes, too.
David Gonzales had no idea when he was tearing into the wall of a old house that he bought to remodel, that he would make the fortuitous find of a lifetime. Among the old newspapers that had been put into the old walls for insulation, there was an Action Comic. NOT just any old Action Comic but  Action Comic #1 dated June 1938.   On the cover of that particular comic there appears a picture of a new character in a flowing red cape.

Gonzales knew the book was worth something but he didn't know that it was worth far more than the $10,000.00 he paid for the house.  Had he had an inkling of the book's true value, he might of stopped his in-laws from grabbing it and tearing the back cover.  (Way-to-go, in-laws...that rip is estimated to have cost him $75,000.)

75 years nearly to the month
Even with the torn cover, the current bid for the comic on ComicConnect is at $141,000.  ( Never fear if you want to purchases it,  though...the auction doesn't end until June 11th.)  ComicConnect describes it as the most important comic book in the history of comic books.  and " the introduction of the archetype of all other heroes to come."

(ANOTHER NOTE: If you find a 75 year old comic in your wall, try not to tear it. Had this been in perfect shape sold for $2.26 MILLION)

Thought Number One:  Kal-El is having a 75th Birthday

Superman was a comic book character resulting from  a collaboration of a couple of high school kids in Cleveland in the 1930s.   Jerry Siegel  did the writing and Joe Schuster did the artwork. The first plot line for Superman stories was about a bullet-proof super hero that saved a shopkeeper.  There are theorists that believe this story was a result of the tragic death of Jerry's father during a robbery of the family haberdashery store.

 As for the character of Super Man ....I am sure that you all know the back story of the of Kal-El (Superman's name on Krypton), AKA Clark Kent  AKA Superman.....but just on the outside chance you were  deprived of sitting for hours, wasting away your youth and developing an extreme Vitamin D deficiency due to sunshine deprivation...allow me to catch you up.

The story is that of a baby being rocketed to Earth due to the impending destruction of his planet, Krypton. His parents put their baby boy into a rocket that landed on the farm in Smallville, Kansas so that he might be spared certain death.  He was taken in by Jonathan and Martha Kent who realized their adopted son had special abilities.  He grew up to have amazing powers and decided to use those powers for good.  He moved to Metropolis where he led a dual existence between being Clark Kent, a newspaper reporter, and Superman, a fighter for justice, all the while wearing a strange costume made out of the blanket he was sent to Earth in. 

 The introduction to the TV series pretty much summed it up.

 Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! ("Look! Up in the sky!" "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "It's Superman!")... Yes, it's Superman ... strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! Superman ... who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way! And now, another exciting episode, in The Adventures of Superman!
Yep, that is just was I said, isn't it?

Now that we have established how Superman came to be....I was one of the lucky kids that got to camp out in front of the original TV series with George Reeves as Superman.  By the time I was old enough to watch it around 1957 or 1958, it was being broadcast in color.  Not that, that would of mattered as my parents didn't own a  a color TV in the time frame of  Superman...thereby, I only saw it in black and white. By today's standards, the quality of the 1950's programs seems archaic but to a 5 or 6 year old in the 50's, it was thrilling. 

Thought Number Two:  This month on June 14th, the next generation of Superman movie. 

Timing is everything.....David Gonzales finds a first edition comic just weeks before the 75th anniversary of the first comic ever to show the character image of the Man of Steel....AND a new motion picture named coincidentally, Man of Steel,  is being released as well.  Henry Cavill is the new Superman.  Looks like  the "used to be a blanket but is now Super Hero  duds"  has taken on some changes. 

So we have another Superman to join in the "I am Superman

You might remember that we have our OWN Super Hero here at TAOBC.

And Camphor Girl (AKA Crabby Pants when not in her super gear) is on the job to check out if these Super Heroes are actually super.

Seems there are some imposters...but Crabby Pants is going to weed out the fakes.
Over the 75 years since two teenagers created a comic book character names Superman,  years there have been a number of movies.  What that number is, seems highly debated. There are so many movies that no two websites show the same number. If you want to try to figure it out you can click here to Superman's home page.

I have seen one Superman movie...yeh...ONE.  I saw the 1978 movie staring Christopher Reeve.   For me, I still tend to think of George Reeves as the iconic Superman but who is to say...Maybe Henry will persuade me to change my mind.

So maybe .......Thought Number Two Should of been

Technology has improved by (super) LEAPS and BOUNDS.

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Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

I know nuthin' about comic books or super heros, but I would know enough to use my super powers to send my freakin' in laws to another planet nevah to be heard from again if they ruined my lucky find.

Cheryl P. said...

The in-laws should worry about if David will dump their daughter over this. Actually, the fact that his book is valued at 110K and it's up to 141K with 7 days left on the auction, should ease his irritation a bit.

lisleman said...

Note that was not Metropolis IL. but they would like you to think so. I enjoy that old clip (youtube is a time traveling machine). Loved the exploding pop tart or whatever that was by the toaster.

I tried joining the "I am superman" club. My promo didn't so well.


Cheryl P. said...

I am sure the people of Metropolis, IL don't want you saying they aren't the REAL home of Superman. They are working hard to capitalize on the tourism.

Hahaha...so you are one of the Supermen, huh???? I should of included your face in the "Superman games" that Camphor Girl is doing in her effort to find the REAL Superman.

lisleman said...

Oh nice throw me under the train. Ha. You are very quick with the photo editing. The cape and the big 'S' shirt is ok but those tights and red shorts just would not go with my hmm, hair. Yeah, we need a gray haired superman.

Robyn Engel said...

I'm SO impressed with the last graphic here, and I'm wondering how you did that, Superwoman?! =) Great job.

I think I'll tear down my walls in search of old comic books. I have the advantage of having no parent-in-laws.


Cheryl P. said...

Not under the train, my friend. I am counting on you to stop that speeding locomotive. Isn't that what George Reeves did?
As for gray hair. If George were still alive he would turn 100 years old next year. He would be a gray haired Superman.

I noticed that the NEW Superman has a one piece outfit. No speedo looking shorts for him. I think his new Lycra outfit would be flattering on most people.

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you Robyn. As for the graphic...my cartoons are done in Gimp, then Photoshopped into photos. Most of the other layers are also cleaned up in either Photoshop or Gimp and added as a new layer. Surprisingly easy.

Oh..one more thing...if I want to add dialog, I insert my pictures into Publisher and add a dialog bubble.

I would take down my walls if I really thought there was a 150 thousand dollar book hidden but as my house was built in 1999, I doubt that any book in there is worth about $2.00....tops.

meleahrebeccah said...

"If you find a 75 year old comic in your wall, try not to tear it. Had this been in perfect shape sold for $2.26 MILLION"


PS: I have always loved ALL THINGS Superman and Crabby Pants!

babs (beetle) said...

The in-laws ripped it? I think I would be a tad annoyed at that. 141, 000 is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but still, they ripped it?

Cheryl P. said...

I am totally agreeing (of course) $2.26 MILLION... seriously...if I know for absolutely sure there was a comic worth that in the walls of my house the walls would be falling like those at Jericho.

You are a so nnniiiccceeee!

Cheryl P. said...

I am absolutely going to see this movie as well. The graphics look amazing.

That sounds so cute having Greg flying little Gregory around. Our kids always liked being held up in the air too.

Yes, the ripping of the book was a dumb move. They had to of realized a 75 year old book was valuable. Morons for sure.

meleahrebeccah said...


Wolfebrnz said...

Hi Cheryl,
The new Superman Movie looks great. The special effects nowadays are amazing.
I'm just wishing I had found something like that when I tore out a wall. I have found coins, photos, old newspapers, glass milk bottles, whiskey bottles, beer cans, etc... but never a comic worth so much money. Lucky man!

Trina said...

Wow, what a hottie! I like the new superman, although I think I really prefer the "Smallville" superman. And did you realize how many men played Superman?
Great thoughts!

Cheryl P. said...

If anyone deserves to find a valuable something in a wall, it's you and Trina. I am sure with your job you are tearing into a lot of of old walls.
But that guy was AMAZINGLY lucky. The odds of finding a 1938 #1...WOW!!

Jo-Anne said...

I have seen a few Superman movies and watched the first few seasons of Smallvile and also watched Lois & Clark but do not think I will bother with the latest Superman movie

Cheryl P. said...

I knew about 5 of them but there were a few I wasn't at all aware of. I agree that Henry Cavill looks pretty good as a Superman. Hope he can act.

Cheryl P. said...

I have seen most of the TV series such as Smallville and of course the original Superman series but not hardly any of the movies. I am planning on seeing this one because the special effects look so awesome. But, of course some movies have great special effects but still suck. Time will tell, I guess.

Riot Kitty said...

Now the REM song is in my head! I don't know what the guidelines are for movie relaunch for these, but it seems rather frequent...Still wondering exactly WHO it is that pays that kind of money for comics. I mean, I love superhero stuff, but if I had that kind of cash, it wouldn't be going there.

Cheryl P. said...

The Superman song that sticks in my head is the Five for Fighting song...Superman (It's Not Easy)

I'm more than a bird:I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It's not easy to be me

Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see

Did I officially get that one going around in your brain now.

As far as the relaunch of these iconic characters, there isn't a limit as long as someone can make money. No doubt Iron Man, Batman, and the Avengers will out last me by decades.

I agree with you...I would love to find a valuable book but I am not paying for it. If I had my hands on one it will go to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

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Katherine Murray said...

Ahhhh superman. Mine was Christopher R. I remember DREAMING of him after.... he was so handsome... so strong. Little did I know that as an adult I would hear him speak live from a wheelchair at a motivational conference with Zig Ziglar. It chokes me up actually.... today, he is STILL my superman!

oldereyes said...

It will be hard to top Christopher Reeves as Superman and Marlon Brando as his Dad. On the other hand, the modern update worked really well for Batman ... Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies. The update I'm not sure I'm going to like is The Lone Ranger, with Johnny Depp as Tonto. But I usually see them all in spite of getting tired of overblown special effects. I love it, by the way ... "the most important comic book in the history of comic books." How important is that in the scheme of things, anyway?

Sorry to be a day late, by the way. Working too much, you know.


Cheryl P. said...

I agree with you...Christopher Reeve was the ultimate Superman. I remember when he was doing the Zig Ziglar tour. I didn't get a chance to go that session. I bet that was inspiring. Christopher R.'s story was so tragic.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, it would/will be hard to top Christopher Reeve as Superman. But I am hopeful this will be a decent movie. I find the Super Hero genre kind of interesting. The historical information how the super heroes characters came to be is even fascinating. So many of them were written by Jewish men at the beginning of WWII and had overtones of religious ideals in the first stories. Stan Lee (Lieber) actually had The Thing pray with a Torah visible over a fallen comrade to bring him back to life. (although I don't remember who he was praying over.)

I have seen trailers of the Lone Ranger movie and it nearly looks like a spoof. It's going to be hard to take it seriously as a modern version with Depp wearing a crow on his head.

You're right, of course, all of this is pretty trivial in the big scheme of things. The value of that book means nothing in a real historical context....well unless I find one...then it will be super (no pun intended) important.

Hope your work levels off some.

abeerfortheshower said...

Some people say, "I wish I could accidentally find a 2.2 million dollar comic." But I say, I'd like to have so much money that I could actually drop 2.2 million dollars on a comic without thinking twice.

Cheryl P. said...

That is wise.... very very wise. I would think that would be a wholllooootttaa dough if you can buy 2.2 Million dollar comics.

Linda R. said...

What an amazing find. I wish I had a few of those to sell. About the movies, it will be hard to beat Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, that would be fun to find several valuable old comics....I never tend to find things of value though, so I am not holding my breath. I think most people consider Christopher Reeve as the ultimate Superman.

Nicky said...

Yeah, I think the in-laws are probably not very welcome these days! To be honest, I was never a big fan of any of the Superman movies or t.v. shows. As a kid, I was always frustrated by how stupid the people of Metropolis were not to recognize that Clark was Superman just because of his stupid glasses. I thought it was ridiculous... he didn't change his hair or add a fake mustache and beard. Just the glasses. And NOBODY noticed! Bah!!

Yes, obviously, I never outgrew it. :-)

Cheryl P. said...

Won't Thanksgiving be fun at their house this year. Nothing like sitting around a table with someone that cost you $75K.

You must of been a bright little girl. The rest of us just believed it all...the flying part, the bullet proof part and the Clark isn't Superman part. Yep, come to think of it, I was an idiot as a child. I may or may not of outgrown it.

Dexter Klemperer said...

Good heavens! That new promo picture looks like a promo for a porno movie! Yes, special effects have certainly improved, but personally I hate so much cgi effects in movies these days. To me they're no more real than the special effects in "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

Jayne said...

What an amazing post, Cheryl. I, too, remember George Reeves and never missed an episode. And I loved the Christopher Reeves' Superman movies, too. They had such heart and humor. I have no interest in seeing these latest special effects driven abominations. And where is his red underwear?!!!

Cheryl P. said...

Isn't that the way with all these new movies? They sexualize the trailers to the limit and it seems to work as far as bringing people in. I agree that when we were watching the original Superman TV we thought his flying scenes were awesome...then they movie makers kept raising the bar on special effects. Valid point...Now it's all special effects and no real engaging story line.

Cheryl P. said...

That's where I am Jayne. I quit going to the SM movies after Christopher Reeve. I might go see this one out of curiosity but I am not waiting with baited breath or anything. I find it interesting that the classic SM costume went away.