Friday, June 21, 2013

You Are Such an Animal

While looking for our assorted "odd" news this week,  there seemed to be a number of reports concerning "animals".  For you animal lovers out there, you might want to hurry and get over to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and watch the Ugliest Dog Contest that starts today.

Who Invited You?

When Andrew and Karma Madgwick decided to have their wedding reception at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, UK, they probably didn't anticipate having their wedding crashed  by one of the local residents.  

Is this the buffet line?

 Photographer, Vicki Boulter was taking the wedding pictures of the bride and groom when a Sumatran Tiger wandered into the shot. 

Keep Your Paws to Yourself

If you were considering of making your fortune in gopher paws you might want to rethink it.  

A Minnesota mom and her 18 year old kid,  are in a legal jam as they are accused of stealing $5000.00 worth of frozen gopher paws and turning them in for a bounty.  

It turns out there is a reward for gopher paws in some Minnesota townships in an effort to reduce the gopher population. This  bounty on paws, allegedly inspired Tina Maire Garrison and Junior Lee Dillon, both of Preston to steal a stash of paws from a freezer.  (huh?  freezers full of frozen gopher paws??? I am sincerely confused.) 

The complaint says that a trapper reported to authorities that bags of his frozen gopher feet were missing and he discovered that Garrison and Dillon had turned in  $1014 worth of gopher paws in November and $3780 in feet in December. 

Exactly how many gophers are in Minnesota?  How many are without their paws? 

I Am Not a Cow..

I came across a couple of stories that lead me to think that anyone that is getting into the field of animal psychiatry ( if that isn't a current field, someone needs to get on it) can count on these as future clients.

Meet Texas Tornado...who BTW is a technically, he is a bull or a steer... and probably humiliated.  

Matt Lautner of Lautner Farms is trying to help promote "fluffy cows".  The practice of grooming cattle in a way that makes theme appear fluffy has been around for decades but is now gaining some attention through social media.

I Am Not a Cat

There might be a time that Lurleen regrets being a foster mother to a Pit Bull but for today she is being quite a sweet mommy to little Nolan. Lurleen was already nursing her four babies when Nolan arrived at the Cleveland animal shelter in  desperate need of nourishment.  Lurleen is up to the task at least for now. 

Pit Bull "with issues" in the making.
I don't often add You Tube clips as there are so many that are funny but this one just fits so well with today's theme...and it's pretty funny.

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