Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Brain Might Be Obese

Did anyone notice my absence last Tuesday?  Really?  No one????


It's not that I didn't have "two thoughts". More to the point is I was bombarded with a lot of thoughts.

Occasionally, narrowing down what I feel like talking about is more of a task than just having one singular thought. Then there is the added component, I have to wrangle myself to actually plant myself  in front of the computer and write...and think...and draw.

As for where I look to  find some inspiration for a topic....my regular readers might remember,  I read a lot...books,magazines, newspapers, ....yep, lots of reading. Oh and there is all the time I  waste  spend on the computer AND  then there are the  daily news programs on TV.  Upon occasion I glean a few topical nuggets from friends or I happen to see or hear things as I navigate around  the real world interacting with people. Lots of thinking, weighing, analyzing, and Googling.   Yes...sometimes my brain is a very busy place.

Yes, I wear this to help me think

So how is it that too many thoughts leads to not writing a post?

Thought Number One: Infobesity or Information Overload

 "Information overload" (also known as infobesity) is a term popularized by Alvin Toffler in his bestselling 1970 book Future Shock. It refers to the difficulty a person can have making decisions because of the presence of too much information .

It turns out that having too many choices can lead to inefficiency and lack of productivity. Alvin Toffler's use of the term infobesity wasn't the first instance that someone described how too much information could be a deterrent to productivity.  The condition of "information overload" was originally hypothesized by George Miller in his PHD Dissertation written in 1956. Clearly, George was ahead of his time because he wouldn't of been bombarded with the gazillion bytes of info available at his fingertips via the Internet.  I have my doubts how thorough his dissertation could have been on the subject of information overload when he didn't have the advantage of being interrupted routinely  by colleagues sending him emails and tweets with  details of all their important data....You know things like funny pictures of their cats and what they  LIKE.

I am not exactly clear where the source of  George's information overload was coming from. What was the cause of his  infobesity?  Who or what could he blame?  Couldn't of been  the Internet. Could he of been overloaded from the TV?  My best guess is NO with just 3 stations broadcasting on a  limited schedule. How about Facebook? Twitter? Smart Phone? That would be NO, NO and NO.

BUT while George might not have truly had the full scope of being overwhelmed with information, he clearly had a premonition as to what the future might look like. 

The onslaught of information is never ending today.  We are alerted  to every late-breaking, just-in, trending now,  if we have told you once we must repeat it 1000 times, bits of news and information.  

Thought Number Two:  Information versus Entertainment

SOOOOO...my thought here is that all day...everyday ....we are recipients of a steady stream of information. Are we benefiting from it?  Are we smarter and better informed?  OR are we being steadily fed tidbits to amuse and/or entertain us?
Under the guise of serious research any given week, I read about some statistic that was just released as a result of a STUDY or a POLL.  At first blush, these imply that these are important studies that give us some insight to our world. But how serious should we take some of this information?


Last week I was reading about  a Duke University study that states WOMEN WAKE UP GRUMPIER THAN MEN.
In case you weren't already aware of  who the grumpy one in your household is, there is a study that shows that  woman need more sleep, they have more sleep related health issues and they sleep less then men.  (Of course, we are grumpy...we are tired.)

In another study, Brigham Young University did a  research project  headed by Ross Flom, that tells us that babies as young as 5 months old can read the emotions of other babies.   This study was conducted with 40 babies.  Half of them were 3.5 months old and half were 5 months old.  Researchers put them in front of videos showing happy babies and crying babies.  The crux of it is that the babies didn't like looking at crying babies.  ( but then who does?)

Another study...conducted by CouponCodes4U polled more than 2100 men to find out what shoe is the ugliest shoe on women.  Turns out men are surprisingly opinionated about what shoes women wear.  In fact, 43 percent of the men said they want to have input as to which shoes their wives/girlfriends wear. (little note to those 43percent...you might want to check your lady's purse to see if some of your testosterone is in there.....for those of you that knew what kitten heels are, don't bother looking. Yours is gone forever. )

BUT because I am all about imparting valuable information here is the list of the ugliest shoes.

The wedge is the UGLIEST shoe

1. Wedge shoes - 71%
2. Uggs - 67%
3. Crocs - 63%
4. Platforms - 58%
5. Flip flops - 55%
6. Moccasins - 49%
7. Mary Janes - 42%
8. Ballet shoes - 37%
9. Kitten heels - 34%
10. Sneakers - 25%

Now that is some majorly important information!!!

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Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

And we wonder why our country is in staggering debt????? Because we spend money figuring out how a 5 month old relates to another baby and what type of shoe is the ugliest on women. SMH!!!!!

Cheryl P. said...

I agree...I don't quite get the reason that we feel the need for silly statistical information. So many of these studies come out of universities. No wonder tuition costs are what they are.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

I don't even know what "kitten heels" look like.

Jayne said...

Your drawings are soooo delightful, Cheryl. And I remember reading Future Shock! And it's all come true! As for infobesity, that's exactly how I feel when I go to a restaurant that has too many choices. You'll never catch me at a Denney's.

Cheryl P. said...

Good for you. I found it horribly troubling that guys would know what a kitten heel is. Your manliness is intact. Just for those that might be reading this though...a kitten heel is a short little curved heel on a woman's pump.

Wendy said...

My dear Cheryl, I totally missed reading your post last Tuesday, and even checked that it really was Wed and no post from you to brighten my day. So, yep you were missed! Love that overload visual. I totally relate to overload after 'having a thought', only I tend to write them all down.Papers papers everywhere! Going to add 'infobesity' to my lexicon. Your brain is a very busy place to entertain us all like this, but tell me, do you wear your colourful 'thoughts' hat everywhere or only at home?

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you, Jayne. Isn't that interesting that so much of Future Shock has come to be fact. There is a lot of time, I feel overwhelmed by TMI.

As for Denny's...you are so much better off avoiding them.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, my friend...you are the kind of friend that keeps me blogging. I hate missing my Tuesday posting day but only from the vantage point of talking to my commenters.

I need to start writing down my thoughts in the moment I have them.... because when it comes time to do a post, I have all kinds of fragmented thoughts that I haven't formed into a workable or readable post.

The hat is confined to just in front of the computer. I already have a reputation for being a bit "odd". The hat doesn't help counter that perception.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I listened to a radio documentary recently about how limiting mundane choices in our personal world improves our decision-making abilities for the Big Decisions. That's why, for example, presidents have all their daily mundane tasks done for them or made extremely simple so their brains can be fresh and decisive, rather than stale and dithering, when deciding whether to push the button.

TravelBug-Susan said...

So here's another question for you: Are university students studying all this weird crap because all the good philosophical thoughts have already been thought? Now they have to make stuff up to "study?" How are these polls and studies advancing humanity?

We need more students figuring out how to make cars, airplanes, and trucks run without gas and oil. Garbage is a good option which was theorized in "Back to the Future" with the use of a flux capacitor. Or what about waste products from manufacturing. Is there any good use for that other than polluting waterways? So many questions.

Okay, college students, let's see what you've got!

Robyn Engel said...

Another reason to not buy Uggs. I never understood that frenzy. They're so expensive too.

Be well, Cheryl.

Kathe W. said...

Oh hahahah do these thoughts make me look fat? Have a great day!

Cheryl P. said...

Well, I say keep those minds sharp and their fingers otherwise occupied if they have access to the button. Here I always thought they got waited on hand and foot because they could.

Cheryl P. said...

You realize of course all that logical thinking is an exercise in futility. Why would we want to think deep philosophical thoughts when it is far more fun to wonder if Wedges are really uglier than Crocs? But don't dispair...there is probably a class at some university studying the Back to The Future movies to see if they really support scientific research.

All kidding aside, let's hope that universities are coming up with some answers to real world problems. We can dream, huh?

Cheryl P. said...

There are a lot of fashion crazes that are lost on me. Uggs just being one of them...unless you live in Antarctica...then I get it.

Still...didn't you think Crabby Pants rocked her Uggs? They go so well with her sundress.

Cheryl P. said...

I am sure your brain is looking quite fit. You have a great day as well, Kathe.

AletaObrien said...

Info Overload - it's real! I see it in the baby. He gets info overload and goes into mega cranky mode! Yet, he wants to be entertained, just not TOO much. Whereas for me... when the baby sleeps, I have about 30 minutes to figure out what to do with my time, that's about how long the baby naps for.. and my mind races.. what can I do in those thirty minutes of freedom?!! And I find I do absolutely nothing. Lol.

Ohhhh, that's so true about women and men and sleep. My household is the perfect example. My husband wakes up whistling (drives me nuts at 5am)... the baby wakes up smiling (thank God, because if it wasn't for the smiles, I'd be a bear). Me, I'm NOT a morning person..... at all....

Luvbeingagrampa said...

I think I GET it?????
There not boots.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPMWWdfIHt0

Cheryl P. said...

Now there are some boots that I find cute. They might not go with all outfits though.

Cheryl P. said...

I do believe that anytime there are too many choices it is counter productive. When Gregory gets older you will see when he has to many toy choices, he will claim he has nothing to play with. It's hard to pick if there are tons to choose from.

Yes..I totally agree. I am not a good sleeper and I was shocked as a newlywed when I discovered that my husband wakes up happy. I wake up tired and it takes me a bit to become alert, let alone cheerful.

Jo-Anne said...

I think crocs are bloody ugly and uggs well they make my feet sweat and that makes my feet stink so no thank you..........now for info overload that I reckon many people suffer from and you know how you can tell if a person is suffering from info overload they have that glaze look in their eyes and when asked a question they just mumble..............oh maybe that is what happens when they are drunk.............either way not a good look on a person worse if they are wearing wedge crocs.................lol

Cheryl P. said...

I agree that both crocs and Uggs are ugly. I know what you mean about you can tell when someone is overwhelmed or drunk. Maybe the drunk is more prone to slur his/her words.

Funny....looks worse if they are wearing crocs.

Trina said...

There's no way a wedge is uglier than a Croc. Those things are terrible to look at, how in the world did they become so popular? Sorry if you like the Croc or even wear the Croc, but they just look like clown shoes and jellies had a kid - and neither of those shoes are comfortable either.
I agree, we are information overloaded. I suppose that's what made it nice to get rid of the TV and the cable - less to hear and worry about. At least with the internet I get to choose what I want to know about.

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Cheryl,
I think we are overloaded with information. I was just talking about how I remember the day of checking your messages when you got home and returning missed calls the following morning. We weren't bugged all day with text messages and phone calls. We used to complain about the smokers on the job taking smoke breaks, now it's all the time everyone spends on their cell phones.
Not commenting on the shoe thing... I know I agree with Trina that the Croc things are terrible to look at.
Happy Tuesday!

Katherine Murray said...

Ha ha I have ugg boots! Never wore them out... I use them as slippers during the winter. Ever since I had babies I can't go barefoot for long!

And speaking of babies... that baby study is crazy cool!

Cheryl P. said...

I agree with you 100 percent. There is no way wedges are uglier than Crocs. NOTHING is uglier than Crocs. No...I don't wear them. I bought a pair thinking they would be good for gardening. Not only were they uncomfortable but when dirt and water got on them, I could hardly walk.

I can see where getting rid of TV in this day and age makes sense. We haven't yet...but I would never say never.

Cheryl P. said...

Isn't that the truth. There was a time that people would call the house phone and either leave a message or try back. Now we get called 24/7, texted and email all through the day. Both a blessing and a curse depending if the messages are important.

I was talking to a good friend that works as an operating nurse with her husband a surgeon and she was saying it is a real problem keeping medical staff off their smartphones. I hope I don't land in an ICU someday with someone playing Words With Friends.

Cheryl P. said...

Now that is the perfect use of Uggs. I don't care much for the looks of them unless snow is on the ground but who cares what they look like.... for slippers. It's all about keeping cold feet warm that counts.

I read the study about how the babies responded to video and audios of happy and sad babies. They determined that babies can perceive how other babies feel. Pretty interesting when you consider how obtuse adults can be at sizing up the feelings of other adults.

Riot Kitty said...

I haven't heard of infobesity before...is there infobesteality? OK, I just had to go there!

Cheryl P. said...

If you went there you can bet that there are others before you. You just have to know that there is a website using that term...or if there wasn't some already someone is working on it now and they are thinking how appreciative they are to you, Riot Kitty for giving them the idea.

I would Google it but I would hate for bestiality ads to start showing up on my Facebook page.

oldereyes said...

How interesting that we're both talking about wasting time, albeit in different ways. I had so many thoughts reading your posts, I may write another post right here. In my field (statistical communications), "information" has a mathematical meaning, a measure of how much new content is actually carried by the message. The problem with much of what we're bombarded with these days is it has low information content, although it looks interesting (and I'm not even bringing up misinformation). I think part of the problem is that we are bombarded with lots of stuff (a scientific term) posing as information but we still have to hunt down the real thing.

That said, I'm a sucker for the kind of polls you cite. This morning I would be willing to challenge any woman to be grumpier than I am. I have an ache in my shoulder that wakes me every time I roll over and I am a grouch. I'm continually astonished at the things our universities study. I think both of us could have predicted babies wouldn't like looking a crying babies. As far as shoes go (and I haven't a clue what kitten heels are ... yes, I'll Google it), I think Crocs are without a doubt the ugliest footwear ever invented. My problem with Uggs isn't so much the look as what people wear them with. Uggs with shorts. Uggs with dresses. Uggs with flannel pajama bottoms worn to the store (which another whole story). Anyway, loved your post, even if I'm a day late getting here.

Cheryl P. said...

So often we have posts on similar topics. Even when we don't write about the same things, you often discuss topics that I have on my mind.

I am actually very interested in statistics, too. In the housing market, I love figuring out the market curve, the comparables and such to guesstimate what the market will bare. But as you point out so much of the statistical info we are bombarded with (I love how you put that!!) doesn't serve any real purpose other that to entertain. You, also make another valuable point. Some of it is just WRONG.

Even knowing the inaccuracies and the fact that the polls are pure fluff, I am often fascinated by the findings.

The shoe study amused me. What kind of guy gives a sh** which style of shoe his wife or girlfriend wears. I am suspicious of the guys that say they want to have input on which shoes their women put on. What is wrong with those guys??

Agree.....Crocs are the ugliest shoe ever invented.

Good point on the Uggs... They might not look so bad with a parka but lose something paired with PJ bottoms. (pajamas as leisure wear is a whole other post with me)

lisleman said...

Your brain does NOT look fat in that hat.

I wake-up in the best mood when the smell of breakfast cooking wakes me up. Oh wait I'm I confusing on the sources of grumpiness?

Cheryl P. said...

Why thank you. I would hate to be a fat-head.

I would wake up happy if I smelled breakfast cooking but then if hubby was still laying next to me, I would quickly wonder why a burglar was cooking our food.

lisleman said...

If that breakfast story did happen, blogger would be posting about how you attract the most thoughtful burglars.

Nicky said...

Wedges are ugly?! What???? This coming from a segment of the population that wear things called "wife-beaters". I refuse to give it credibility.

Cheryl P. said...

Kansas does have some friendly people, maybe that includes the burglars here. Perhaps Kansas could advertise that in their tourism brochures.

Cheryl P. said...

I find that whole survey shocking, Nicky. Over a third of 2100 guys liked ballet slippers and kitten heels over flip flops and wedges. AND they said 43 percent want to have input into what shoes their women wear. WHO ARE THESE GUYS???? Did any of them actually have wives or girlfriends?? I am betting they have sock puppets and hand lotion. But then I am known for being a skeptic. Still....I am highly suspicious of who took that survey.

Dexter Klemperer said...

I wonder if the shoe survey was multiple choice or if the respondents had to name shoe types. If I had to name women's shoe types from the top of my head, I probably would have said: heels, flip-flops, sneakers and that's about it. I'm proud to say I'm in the 57%; I don't even know if my wife wears shoes.

Cheryl P. said...

That occurred to me as well...that it was a multiple choice poll. Let's hope so as I would hate to think that many men are so familiar with women's shoe styles. The fact they did say that they want "input" is disturbing though. Congrats on not being one of the 43 percent. St. Pauli Girl should be thankful that you are not "into" her footwear.

abeerfortheshower said...

I don't know if I believe that women wake up grumpier than men. My wife and I wake up every morning at 5 AM (kill me), and she is as chipper as ever and just wants to talk talk talk about everything (kill me). Meanwhile, I just want to drink my coffee in angry silence and temporarily hate life.

I try my best to not be snappy, but sometimes as she's talking my brain is screaming "WHY ARE YOU TALKING? MY BRAIN ISN'T EVEN AWAKE YET, WOMAN."

Cheryl P. said...

I am with you on not being convinced in the accuracy of this. We take turns on who is the more cheerful but typically I am a bad sleeper and am tired in the morning. I get up first at 5:15 and take a walk so I am more cheerful when I return. That gives him an hour of solitude and time to brace himself for any chit chat that might arise.

I do think it is cute that you wife is so happy in the morning and wants to talk to you. It's the "not talking" that could be worrisome.

Anon A Mus said...

No one is really worry about being obese until they can pinch an inch ... on their forehead.

Anon A Mus said...

Remember - the film was called "Grumpy Old Men". The "Grumpy Old Women" movie - starring Bee Arthur and Rosanne Barr - never saw the light of day. Neither did the film crew after the first day of shooting....

Cheryl P. said...

Whew!!! I must not be obese as my forehead is pretty fit. Thank God you didn't say to pinch an inch at the waist.

Cheryl P. said...

I think that the Grumpy Old Woman might of been a documentary more than a comedy esp. with the two stars you mentioned. There have been a number of movies that did have grumpy women in major roles. In fact, don't most movies have have at least one major bitch in them?

meleahrebeccah said...

"So how is it that too many thoughts leads to not writing a post?"

For me - when I have too much to say - I can't say anything at all!

"The onslaught of information is never ending today. We are alerted to every late-breaking, just-in, trending now, if we have told you once we must repeat it 1000 times, bits of news and information. " --- It's exhausting.

Um…. Ut-oh. I actually LOVE wedges & mary janes & flip flops & platforms & sneakers!

Cheryl P. said...

Agree- trying to pare a subject down to a workable topic that people would enjoy is hard work.


Me too! The red wedges that I put on Cheryl P.s cartoon.....I love those. I don't really hate most shoes...well except maybe Crocs. Even Uggs would be fine in the winter just not with shorts and a halter top.

meleahrebeccah said...

Yeah, I am NOT a fan of Crocs either!