Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Maybe I should beg for your forgiveness on the front side of this post.  You know how I usually avoid politics like the plague.... but who can resist what is becoming the longest running dirty joke in the history of politics.  Therefore, I am breaking my own rule and talking a bit about the bizarre news conference this week.  You now the one I mean.  The one where Anthony Weiner  AKA Carlos Danger,  tells the world he has done some bad things.
Ladies, on the chance you don't recognize him with his clothes on, let me introduce
you to Anthony Weiner.

It's Back!

Yes, Anthony is back in the news as he has been sending explicit texts of his privates to another woman for the last 6-9 months or so using the alias Carlos Danger.Since his resignation from Congress, he has continued "chatting" with women on the Internet.  He says at least three since his resignation.  In an effort to explain his recent actions, he and his wife Huma had a press conference on Tuesday.  

A.  He reminds us that he warned everyone that  more pictures would be surfacing.  (can't say he didn't give us a heads up)

B.  His  assures us that his wife is is supporting his mayoral run and will be sticking with him.  (Like glue I would guess.)  According to Anthony, Huma has forgiven him. 

The forgiveness is clearly  written all over her face. 

C.   He apologized to those that have received and are receiving texts from him.  (receiving??? Doesn't that imply there are still more of these to be discovered?)

 I realize that the video of the news conference is long so I will give you a couple of the highlights on the outside chance you don't want to sit through it.  But you might want to's worth a peek as you may never again see a finer example of  what a wife looks like that wants to take some man parts and slice and dice them into ttttiiiinnnyyy little pieces.

During his very insincere apology (at least it seemed insincere to me) there was Cubicle Guy peering over the wall.  At one point he waived.

Nothing creepy about this, huh??

OK, maybe Crabby Pants and Puppet Guy weren't there but whose going to notice
while Cubicle Guy is lurking.
 If it wasn't already so bizarre to have a serial sexter with the name  Weiner  but one who continues to give the writers over at SNL new material on a regular basis.

Speaking of no self-control...

Chris Sevier, a 36-year-old man from Tennessee, got so addicted to porn videos that his wife took his children and left him. Now he has sued Apple, saying the Cupertino, Calif.-based company failed to install any filter in its devices to prevent his affliction.
MacBook Pimp Pro Mugshot

In a 50-page complaint, Sevier calls Apple a “silent poisoner” responsible for the proliferation of “arousal addiction, sex trafficking, prostitution and countless numbers of destroyed lives.”

Sevier is seeking damages from Apple but said he will drop the lawsuit if Apple agrees to sell devices with a “safe mode.”

Sevier argued, adding that until he got the MacBook, he had never seen porn of any kind or been to a strip club or sex shop.

Is there a way to install a filter on Chris. The safe mode for this guy is the off button.

The Wizz Kid

Some residents of a Swedish town said they are not amused by a 26-foot-tall sculpture of a male figure urinating into a river.

The "Bad Bad Boy" sculpture, by Finnish artist Tommi Toija, was installed as part of the Orebro Open Art exhibition on the bank of the River Svartan, The reported Thursday.

A 34-year-old resident who gave her name as Anna said she "really hates" the sculpture and finds its nudity and urination "provocative." (I guess Swedes don't have the propensity to jump right to four letter words when describing things they hate.)

However, another resident, Ebba, 62, said she was slightly amused by the work. "I think it's interesting," she said. "But I am happy it is not here forever." 

Toijas said there is no correct way to interpret his sculpture.

"For me, it's just a guy peeing in the river, no more, no less. Some might see it as a funny thing, others might be provoked," he said.

When you gotta go, ya gotta go.


Rock Chef said...

Maybe iPhones need a filter that recognises what a photo is of before it lets you send it?

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Rock Chef....Maybe it already does and Apple is into that sort of thing. Siri might be a real tramp that has an ongoing relationship with Weiner....or Sevier or a gazillion other sexters.

Dexter Klemperer said...

I guess there's an argument in favor of a Windows PC versus Mac. Or not depending on your viewpoint. I know my laptop never forces me to watch porn.
The wiz kid is very disturbing. And for being 26 feet tall, I would expect a little more "length."

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The only thing stupider than Wiener sexting his wiener is calling himself "Carlos Danger" while doing so. Aichihuahua.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, Dexter you are really making me laugh today. So your laptop doesn't force you to watch porn...does that mean you willingly volunteer.

Maybe the wiz kid is pre-pubescent...he definitely looks childlike. Disturbing is a good word for the sculpture.

Cheryl P. said...

A agree, Debra!!! This man is so stupid on so many levels. This has to be the craziest politician that ever lived and that bar is set pretty low.

Robyn Engel said...

Oh, that weiner's standing in the polls is beginning flat-line. He was ahead, but can't keep it up. Time to pull out. The peeping cube guy is hilarious!

Happy Friday and weekend, Cheryl.

Cheryl P. said...

I was SHOCKED to hear he was leading in the polls last week. What does a guy have to do to lose respect of the voters in NY? Continually tweeting pictures of your private parts doesn't do it.

What is it about this story that turns me into a 12 year old boy? Time to pull out???? hahahahaha

I think the Cubicle guy is a riot!!!!

You, also have a great weekend, Robyn!!!

Chubby Chatterbox said...

The face on this sculpture reminds me of the face on Munch's famous painting The Scream. Now we know what that guy was screaming about; he reeeeelly had to go!

lisleman said...

Mr. Weiner is giving politicians a bad name. Oh wait, never mind, that career has been trashed for so long through history that his actions inspire others that the bottom has been reached.
I didn't watch the press conference but of course read and heard about it. The cubicle guy (note to self check for domain) is so weird. Ok maybe it's so weiner. What kind of planning went into the press conference? If I ever do one I would pick the entrance to a bar for the background or maybe a busy Walmart.
Apple lawsuit - yeah right - did he think of suing Google too because he may have used their search engine.
Oh I like the "whiz kid". I'm big fan of public art. Public pubic art (say that fast) is even more unique. It takes you back to the era before toilets.

Riot Kitty said...

You just gave me enough laughs for the whole weekend! I love cubicle guy and the muppet...Chris, seriously?! And "receiving" text implies now, does it now? This guy better have an unlimited data plan.

I can't believe the pissing statue. Honestly, I can't believe anyone got paid for this.

Cheryl P. said...

I see the resemblance. Maybe they are friends or family...that would explain the shock on Munch's screamer.

Cheryl P. said...

Yep, as a career, there have been a few missteps along the way. But Weiner is venturing into some new territory, I think. Maybe we should conduct a poll on what constitutes a really bad politician. Is sexting better or worse than taking a bribe for example.

I haven't checked today to see in the cubicle guy, Jeff McKinney is getting any slack over standing behind the camera looking goofy. You make a really good point. Why didn't the production team do something? Was there no planning to this thing?

No doubt Apple will have the lawsuit thrown out of court before this guy can say "Holy crap look at the size of her b... "

I am continually amazed at how some people make good money for such silly things. I imagine some real people would of peed in the river for a lot less than the cost of that statue.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi RK...I always love getting your comments. Nice to know someone is laughing out there.

Yes, Weiner has said before there are more pictures out there...heck, maybe he sent out some new ones today for all anyone knows. He seems to not be able to control his need for taking pics of his penis.

I am sure you are right about the unlimited data plans...both Weiner and Sevier would go broke with their "hobbies" if they were paying by GB used.

I thought the same thing about the statue. It astounds me when I see the amount of money that gets paid for stuff like this.

Cheryl P. said...

BTW, I can't say Public pubic art fast but maybe you could try...predilection for penis pics.

Jo-Anne said...

The actions of "Weiner " would be more shocking if he wasn't a politician because many of us expect such weird and disgusting behaviour from our let's move onto Cubicle Guy who wouldn't want to peek over the wall and wave..........I know I would.......and then there is the guy pissing in the river I would be offended if it was a real guy but the statue is just funny maybe I have a strange sense of humour. As for the idiot suing Apple talk about not taking responsibility for ones one stupid behaviour.

Wendy said...

Why did his wife agree to stand there by his side and even speak? Frankly, the cubicle guy is a tad insulting as are the media who could have quickly taken him out (couldn't they?) It seems to be mocking everything, but wait ,maybe that is the whole point. Weiner is an exhibitionist and yet, he seems to sincerely believe he can still run for mayor because he is being humble about his inappropriate activity? He says, I apologized, so let's move forward. My wife did. Unfortunately, he has precedents from the highest politicians of the country, who did engage in similar actions and said similar words, and seems to have been forgiven.
I couldn't concur with you more Cheryl, there is that off button on every computer, but apparently he is not the only one who does not know where to find it. Just part of the whole victimization-I -am- not -at -fault for my own behaviour mentality that continues to puzzle me. Well, I guess not really puzzle me, because hey, who wants to say- yep, its me, I got a problem. Just accept me the way I am. You need confirmation? Just look at story one!

AletaObrien said...

I think the sculpture is weird looking. There's humor in the pee'ing, but that might be because I have a boy now and when he shoots, I duck! But anyway, that sculpture looks ... like he's having a hard time peeing?

Gah on the politics. Disgusting. Caught and caught again and she's still with him? I don't know who I have less respect for.. him or her?

Cheryl P. said...

Do you have politicians in Australia that behave like this? I would think we would want moral and ethical people in positions of power but that seems to be less and less apparent.

I am sure Cubicle Guy was curious but I am rather surprised that he was on camera. I would think the camera people would of shooed him out of range.

I think the statue is pretty funny as well. It just surprises me that these types of statues are usually paid large amounts of money and yet it appears that a 10 year old could of created it.

The guy suing Apple is an idiot...the only person responsible for his love of porn is him. He can't win this one. (in my opinion at least)

Cheryl P. said...

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy....I am so with you on your thoughts about this. Why did she stand up there and even comment about the state of her marriage and her husband perversions? She seemed terribly uncomfortable and her body language says she is angry,

Yes, there have been others in public office with similar predilections for sex outside their marriage vows....although, most made some type of effort to be discreet. (most not all) AND as far as I can remember weren't all of the others already elected? This guy is under the microscope, so to speak, because he is in a mayoral race for the largest city in the US. and what does he do???? Take pictures of his business, calls himself Carlos Danger and gets on the Internet with at least 3 women since he lost his last job. Surely the people of NY should figure the guy isn't up to making rational decisions.

As for the Apple-suer are so right...he clearly can't take responsibility or his own actions.

I am shaking my head, Wendy at how people think...or not.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree that the sculpture is odd looking. It looks like a 10 year old drew a picture and a grown-up welded a mock-up. I wouldn't have a problem with it as some seem to be having but I also, don't think it is great art. Whatever it cost was probably too much.

Gah, on politics...ditto. I would think this last go round would be the final straw for her. The last one might of been a deal breaker for me. I couldn't respect a man like that.

ravenjanedoh said...

Much like the pissing guy, I'm happy Weiner isn't going to be here forever either... am I the only one who gets a laugh out of the fact the guy is so aptly named? "Weiner". I'm guessing the Swiss have a great sense of humor, and they've put the pissing guy on the river to mock the 800 pound elephant on our political stage that just keeps pissing upstream. ( not to compare A.W. to an elephant, or anything... as Dexter noted, there is a "lack of length".... hopefully thats representing the overall time A.W. has on any political stage.)

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, it's definitely the name that makes Weiner more of a joke than his proclivity to take crotch shots, send them to girls that turn around and claim they have been victimized. A person would think after the last go-round of sexting, he would of been knocked out of the political eye but nnooooo ......we are a forgiving bunch it would seem. Surely, this will result in his not being the next mayor but who knows? There have been plenty of instances of men getting elected to office while under indictment for actual crimes instead of, as in Weiner's case, the crime of being an idiot.

Rusty said...

Weiner is a total creep- honestly should he even be allowed to run? The only running that should be done is his wife running away from him. Gag!

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Rusty, Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. I totally agree with you. I couldn't believe the balls on this guy (sorry couldn't help myself) when he put his hat into the ring for the mayor's race. After he resigned in the disgraceful manner he did, wouldn't a logical person think to keep a low profile. THEN.... knowing he is still sexting.... he STILL puts himself in the political arena. CRAZY!
Judging from the look on his wife's face during the press conference, I can't help but think there is something going on there that has yet to be discussed. She did not look at all happy.

abeerfortheshower said...

His wife is not a bad looking lady. She could do so much better than a guy who is a figurative and literal weiner.

At least she never took his last name. I think that would be the stinging blow, at the heart of all of this, having to be "Mrs. Weiner."

Cheryl P. said...

You are right..Huma is quite pretty. You make a very good point. No one would want to be stuck with the name Huma Weiner. Unfortunately, their poor children with be stuck with the last name and the legacy of a dad who has a thing for taking pictures of his private parts.

meleahrebeccah said...

Cubicle Guy = totally hilarious. And I hope Anthony gets what he deserves.

Ugh - I love how people blame products or the internet for their own bad behavior. What happened to accountability?

The statue peeing in the river is also funny. At least I think so!

Cheryl P. said...

I agree that Cubicle Guy was the best part of that press conference with maybe the "eye rolling, glaring" coming from Huma...which was also pretty fun to watch.

Yes, the gall of a guy to blame an Ipad for his problems with porn. He is sick in more ways than one.

I think the statue is pretty funny as well. Has a certain Dr. Seuss quality about it.

meleahrebeccah said...

I love how we are ALWAYS on the same page!!