Friday, October 18, 2013

Looking For Happiness

You have to wonder...well, technically you don't HAVE to, but for the sake of today's post, let's say you do wonder why people do the things they do.  It's always interesting to look at what the impetus was to make people act on an idea.  (Should I point out that not ALL ideas are good ideas?)

The first story today caught my attention because a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was telling me about an estate sale she attended.  She said there was a really pretty vase (pronounced voz for the  elitists out there)  that she had her eye on.  It wasn't very expensive so she thought she would buy it.  She happened to notice that it had a lid which is odd for a vase so she asked the estate coordinator about it. It was actually an urn with the remains of the owner's mother.  The coordinator said they had discussed it with the family and it was for sale.  My friend put it back on the shelf.

Which leads me to the first story...

Ash and Dash

A man caused a lockdown at a Florida mall earlier this week when he spread his fiancee’s ashes in a Sarasota LensCrafters.

According to police, the man entered the LensCrafters store located in the Westfield Southgate mall and spread the ashes before immediately leaving on Tuesday night. Since clerks did not know what the substance was, the police and the fire department were initially called and the mall was temporarily shut down.

However, fire department officials quickly determined the substance was not harmful.

“There are protocols that law enforcement must follow for Homeland Security and it was the response by law enforcement and emergency personnel to show that the matter was not dangerous,” said Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino. “We are relieved in this case that the substance was not harmful.  Hindsight is always 20/20 but in these types of situations our response was necessary and appropriate.”

The man’s fiancee had died a few months earlier and had a connection to the LensCrafters, according to the police. The man was not charged and was offered grief counseling services. (Well..wasn't that nice of them to offer?)

 The article did mention that the local laws dictate  that spreading ashes on a private property  ”could be construed as establishing a cemetery.”  Well, Lenscrafters might want to make sure they don't need to change their sign.  

Note to family members:  I know we have already had the discussion that my ashes should not be sold at a garage sale or an estate sale...or any other kind of sale. Do we need to discuss that just because I spend money at Target and Walmart doesn't mean I have a connection to those or any other stores??

Do You Need a Hug?

Have you heard about a new trend making the rounds called "cuddle parties"?  It about people getting together in a non-sexual way to just cuddle.  Yeh, hugging and snuggling with no second act.

Now this idea has gone into business mode. There are a number of  designated cuddle establishments, staffed with professional snugglers popping up all over the country.

One such place of  "hugs for sale" is getting ready to open in Wisconsin and there seems to be some suspicious minds that believe it is a front for more nefarious exploits rather than mere cuddling.

According to WMTV:  The Snuggle House is in the final stages of inspections before opening but already with nearly 100 appointments made.

The city of Madison is concerned the business has the potential of prostitution, but The Snuggle House promoters assure the naysayers that  their services are strictly non-sexual.

Staff says their clients and employees go through background checks, and there will be video surveillance in each room.

But a city of Madison attorney says their lack of training or a business plan raises a red flag. (I suppose it would be trashy to infer that might not be the only thing this type of business might be raising)

The Snuggle House plans to officially open by next week.

Sounds like some of the more dirty minded Madisonians might need a hug. 

The Sub Will  Be Needing a Sub

KDKA-TV  reports that Bellevue Police Sgt. Mike Hudson says 26-year-old Christopher Chiappetta, of Pittsburgh, was arrested Wednesday after he passed out in front of a classroom of  students. Chiappetta was working in the capacity of being a substitute teacher at the Pittsburgh area high school for the day. He made the mistake of  using heroine right before work.

Authorities say they found four baggies of heroin in Chiappetta's pocket and marijuana in his car, and that he confessed to using heroin around 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Chiappetta faces drug charges as well as an endangering children count.

He's being held at the Allegheny County jail, unable to post $10,000 bond. No attorney is listed on court papers.

There are certainly some lessons to be learned might be about how to hire substitute teachers. 


Cheryl P. said...

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about my friend, Christi dying and she was very specific what she wanted done with her ashes. She loved a specific area in the Flint Hills where she wanted her ashes scattered.(there is a story that goes with it)...the reason I even bring that up is because you would think there has to be a personal spot that is linked to everyone. Not the Lenscrafter store mind you but somewhere, where a person could scatter ashes that has a personal connection. I know this can be difficult because of various laws.BUT if no place is available, then plan B would be getting them interred at a cemetery. I can't believe having them in a closet or shoved somewhere in the house is a good plan. Wouldn't people take a dim view if we parked a casket in the pantry or basement because we didn't know where to go with it?

I agree that the snuggle house is sad. Do you suppose there really is a market for this? Oh yeah, knowing the stories behind the first 100 that have already booked their appointment would be interesting. Unfortunately it would probably be very depressing as well. Surely, the people paying for cuddling are very much in need of some human contact.

I am sure since the beginning of time people questioned why the other guy/girl did something the way the did it. I guess the world would be far less interesting if everyone thought and acted exactly alike.

Jo-Anne said...

What can I say some people really are strange who would want to sell their dead relatives ashes but more to the point who would want to buy someones ashes.

Now to substitute teachers who take drugs, well they shouldn't be taking their drugs to school, that is such a big no no.............

Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

I was going to spread my Dad's ashes at his local Elk's club because he went there almost every day. He would have liked being able to play the punch board for eternity. Now I can see a middle school substitute having to use drugs to get through the day 'cause you couldn't pay me enough to teach that age group. However, by high school kids have mellowed out a bit.

Riot Kitty said... All of these. House of Snuggles or whatever sounds CREEPY. But the first one literally made my jaw drop, and that takes a lot!

Cheryl P. said...

The real problem with the selling the ashes is that the "loved ones" were so uncaring they figured the vase was worth something. If someone just wanted the urn for $25.00 they would just dump the ashes into the trash. Not the ideal burial for someones relative.

Cheryl P. said...

Probably the local Elks club would of been flattered to find a permanent home for a loyal Elks brother. It occurred to me after reading a few of the other comments that maybe people need to keep their loved ones ashes wherever they (the living, surviving family members) feel most comfortable with. Hopefully that isn't at the estate sale.

HMMMM...after seeing some kids...even those at the preschool that my grandson goes to...I totally understand the need for drugs but clearly the drug user needs to NOT be the teacher.

Cheryl P. said...

Yeah, RK, I am with you on that. I hope I never need cuddling so badly that I pay for it with a stranger. That does sound creepy.

As for the scattering the ashes at the mall...I can see why the store panicked in this day of anthrax and ricin scares. The poor guy is really needing some help. It sounds like maybe this unfortunate act on his part is getting him some counseling. Yay!

Although, with my sick sense of humor...I was looking at it from the dead girlfriend's point of view. She's looking down at him at the mall saying, "REALLY?? Dude.? ..this is the best you can do for me? Lenscrafters???"

ChickenConsigliere said...

Wow, I have to search the internet more. It's a fascinating world out there. On a personal note, I can't think of anything more horrifying than getting together with people I don't know well, or, come to think of it, even people I do know well, for a cuddle session. I'm a big believer in personal space. Did anyone ever see that Seinfeld episode where Jerry complains about having to hug or kiss acquaintances you run into on the street? I'm with Jerry on that one. Let's just use our words.

Cheryl P. said...

Hah...Chicken, you and I would SO be friends in real life. I am with you on everything you said. Yes, I remember that episode and while it was super funny, I related to it . That awkard kiss thing makes me crazy. There was another episode about "close talker" that also had me pegged. I, too, need people to respect my personal space. If I can see the size of pores on your face, you are too damn close.
Yes, it is a sure bet that no matter how much I need a hug, I will not be looking up "Snuggle House" in the white pages.

L.C. Griffith said...

Cheryl, I can't imagine selling mama at a yard sale. How disrespectful and sad. Enough said.

Okay, the story that has my interest piqued is the one about these cuddle parties. I looked them up and sure enough, they are very popular. I can't imagine wanting to go to a cuddle party, all that breath and sweat, not to mention body odor. I sleep in a King sized bed with my husband of 35yrs, and if his arm or leg finds its way to my side of the bed I give it a light kick or a gentle toss back to its own side. I am not a spooner, and hugs lasting longer than 15 seconds turn awkward for me...I wind up doing the "burp the baby" pat to the other person in hopes of ending the intimacy. Am I cold? No...I love love. I'm just not big into touch. LOL! So there will be no cuddle parties at my house. EVER!
Thanks for the giggle...hey, you suppose we could start a trend of giggle parties? No? Okay...never mind.

Cheryl P. said...

After I heard about the estate sale urn, I heard about another case here in Kansas City where a woman had a bad wreck and the urn with her dads remains were in the trunk. She said that she wanted to keep them close but in the event of the wreck the ashes/urn were lost. She was very distressed. That part I understand. What I don't understand is why she thought that was a fitting resting place for her father.

I, too looked up cuddle parties and it's a real thing. Again, we agree. No way does that sound appealing. and I are a lot alike. I am not big on a lot of feely, touchy especially with the hugging of casual friends. Close friends...somewhat. I totally get the "border war" in bed. Clearly there should be equal territory allowed for all parties.

I think the idea of giggle parties sound fun. The trick would be to find funny things that the whole group finds funny. We know how different everyone's sense of humor is.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, yeah...that would be me too. I love baby hugs. My 2 grandkids are still little (not babies anymore at 3 and 6) so I like little grandkid hugs too. It will be a sad day if they get too old for grandma hugs.

lisleman said...

I have had fun attempting to tie your multiple stories together but these today vary too much. I think a big lake or the ocean would be a good to pour my ashes. The urn thing does present problems for the future. Dust and glasses certainly don't work well together.
Hugging - professional snugglers - that's too strange - I was trying to picture this and maybe if the pros wore snuggies it would ok
Better control on substitute teachers - badly needed in that district.

babs (beetle) said...

Just when I think I've read your most ridiculous stories, you come up with more!

Scattering ashes in a shop? Would his girlfriend really have wanted that? Putting an urn up for sale? With your mother in it? This world is full of weird people.

Cheryl P. said...

Yeah, some weeks it's hard to tie things together. I went with the idea that all these people are doing what makes them happy or maybe in the first story what the man thought would make his deceased fiancee happy.

As for urns, maybe would should make an option where they bio-degrade. The downside to that is if it was sitting on a mantel, there would be dust on the floor at some point.

I can't imagine that snuggies would help. Then you just have snugglers that look like a person that watches infomercials.

However runs the HR office for that district needs to rethink the criteria they use to hire subs. Maybe check for track marks.

abeerfortheshower said...

If my wife died, I don't think she'd want me to honor her by scattering her ashes in Payless just because she buys shoes there sometimes. Yikes.

Also, if I'm ever at a point in my life where not a single person I know can offer me a hug (and I have to pay for it), I think I need to reevaluate my life choices.

Dexter Klemperer said...

I just can't help but wonder, how much were they asking for the vase/urn? And could she have gotten a discount if they unloaded the ashes? And I'm not sure who is weirder, the people paying for hugs or the people working there and providing them.

meleahrebeccah said...

“We are relieved in this case that the substance was not harmful. Hindsight is always 20/20 but in these types of situations our response was necessary and appropriate.”

I am dying laughing that he used the term hindsight is 20/20 - IN A STORE FOR GLASSES!

Um, hugs for sale? Cuddle parties?

"He made the mistake of using heroine right before work."

Um, okay. That's one hell of a 'mistake' lolz

AletaObrien said...

Ashes in a lens store??? I mean, WHATTTT kind of relationship can a person have there??!! My uncle's ashes are in a container and it's been considered spreading them out... he played jazz in the French Quarter and my cousin was going to spread his father's ashes there... and then thought, "Ehhh, the French Quarter gets really disgusting with litter and drinks and God knows what else, maybe not." My parents offered to spread the ashes at their home in the garden, as my uncle lived with them towards the end of his life... I'm glad they couldn't go through it. I still miss my uncle. I know he isn't the ashes... He passed away on Christmas Day last year :(

I told my husband if he cremates me... spread the ashes in water. Hawaii preferably... at least get a good vacation out of it! Lol.

Cuddle parties? OMG.. seriously?! Like a highschool fair's kissing booth? Lol. I understand "cyber hugs" but paying for real hugs? Cripes, that's weird!

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, I can't think that anyone would want there ashes sprinkled around a retail store. Whatever the connection to the store would be, the commercial vacuum cleaner used at night would be your loved ones next stopping point right before the trash compactor.

Isn't that the truth about needing to reevaulate if you can't think of anyone willing to give you a hug for free. I don't see this as a viable business and I totally don't get the concept of cuddle parties. All of it is too weird for me.

Cheryl P. said...

She said the urn was priced as $25.00, I think. My friend was creeped out so she didn't ask the cost minus the ashes. Really, if it was negotiable what would the estate sale people do, dump the ashes in a nearby crock pot or an old teapot.

Both sides of the snuggle house idea is bizarre. But if you read the articles that talk about these, it appears that the people that work there feel they are being altruistic. So that makes them weird and a tad delusional.

Cheryl P. said...

Aren't you the sweet one. You are one of the very few that takes into account he is grieving. You are probably right that he isn't thinking clearly but sadly that is so far off base, it's probably more than just grief.

The sub needs to go to rehab so he can detox is brain that is currently taking a bath in heroine. I am sure things are more than a bit foggy as far as his thinking goes.

Cheryl P. said...

That's hilarious, Meleah, I didn't catch those references "hindsight" and "20/20" ...that makes it even more funny.

As cute as you are.... you could charge people to hug you. Still, I am sure that you will never be resorting to needing the hugs of total strangers.

Big ole mistake for sure. Never a good idea to have a morning routine of brush your teeth, comb your hair, shoot up your heroine and off you go to teach a bunch of high schoolers.

Cheryl P. said...

I think it does get tricky about what to do with ashes if there is a wish to spread them somewhere. Now there are so many laws dealing with that. Even if a person has spreads them in a place of meaning for the family, who is to say that it won't have a Walmart sitting on it 5 years from now. We decided to have our ashes interred in a cemetery . If any one needs to talk to us, they know where to find us.

A good friend of mine wants her ashes spread in Hawaii as that is her favorite place on earth. I think I would rather visit Hawaii when I can enjoy the nice weather which requires me to still be alive.

Yeah, I found the Snuggle House idea a bit creepy. It's more like spooning with a person as opposed to just a hug. Ick...

Robyn Engel said...

Humans need warmth and affection to thrive, this is true. But a Snuggle House for platonic, celibate snuggles? Hmm, call me cynical, but I'm a nay-sayer too. What's their address? =)


Katherine Murray said...

Your lenscrafters cemetery picture is the BOMB!!! HA HA HA!!!

meleahrebeccah said...

"I didn't catch those references "hindsight" and "20/20" ...that makes it even more funny."
I was DYING when I read it.

"As cute as you are.... you could charge people to hug you"
All I can think is GERMS!! OMG!! THE GERMS!!!

"Never a good idea to have a morning routine of brush your teeth, comb your hair, shoot up your heroine"