Monday, September 5, 2011

A Day at The Zoo

  I don't think the zoo that Dr. Suess was talking about in his book "If I Ran the Zoo" was the Kansas City Zoo but who am I to say....maybe it was.

It's a pretty good Zoo,
Said young Gerald McGrew,
And the Fellow that runs it,
Seems proud of it too.

by Dr. Seuss

As well, he should be!!!

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer or so the Kansas City news stations keep reminding us.  It doesn't feel like summer is winding down as it is 102 degrees today but none the less we are off to see the zoo before the colder (ahhh that sounds good) sets in. 

Last Thursday, husband and I decided to take our two grandsons out of school (these used to be called daycares until the powers-that-be decided parents were more willing to be charged more for "education")
for the day and go on an outing to the zoo.

First stop is the Aquatic animals...hello Mr. Polar Bear.

He is heading our way to say hi.

He is coming right over to the glass to get a good look at us.

Mr. Turtle is talking to Grandboy #1.  At one point Mr.Turtle
stuck his tongue out at us. How very rude.

Grandpa and Grandson #1 get on the African Sky Safari

Going up and away to look down on the rest of us lowly
zoo goers.
After coming back down to earth we needed to ride on the back
of the giraffe.
Grandson #2 had a plan of his own.

Lunch Time and cooling off in a air conditioned
restaurant.  Aaaaahhhhh so nice.

My bottle is yummy.  See what a big boy I am
getting to be.

After lunch we are off toward the jungle.

Over the lake....

Now,  we are off to the Kid's Zone

Entering the kid's area, it is a treat for kids because of the slides and
a treat for Grandma and Grandpa because of the
air conditioner.

Can't show you the top because it is upstairs.

Coming out of one of the slides.

There is a big slide outside as well.
Inside there is a huge ant....eeeekkkkk

Grandboy #1 didn't mind the spider at all. 
The Meerkat is focused on us.  He thinks we look odd.
We are heading toward the front gate. It is nearly nap time.
(for Grandpa)

Let's act like the animals.....
nap time for the little bobcat
Nap time for the lion
Nap time for Grandboy #1
Nap time for Grandboy #2

The Good for the Day...Kansas City has a great zoo and it is a fun place to spend time with family.

That Bad for the Day....Still over a hundred degrees.

Are you looking at me?????

 The Weird for the day....


Bob S said...

What a special way to spend your Labor Day holiday. It really looks like everyone had a great time. Your grand-kids are very cute and I would imagine that all time spent with them is a real treat. (I know all the time we spend with our year old granddaughter is really something to behold.) Glad you enjoyed the day.

I also think if you take another look at the picture of the "thing" on the wall you will see that it is a giant ant. It sort of looks like the whole slide area is made to look like one giant ant hill. The zoos and parks do so much to decorate these things nowadays it is sometimes difficult to see what they are trying to make.

Your posts are always fun to read. Thanks for sharing your day.

Cheryl P. said...

You are so right! That is an ant. I can't believe that I didn't notice the difference. The slide is supposed to be down the trunk of an old hollowed out tree. The sign over the bottom of the chute talks a bit about tree preservation.

It was fun spending the day with G-boys. In fact they might be showing up in the next couple of posts as we spend the last several days with them.

Are one year olds the best? The little guy in the stoller just had his 1st birthday. According to the charts he is a little small. (what do they know??)

Thanks for reading Bob. I always appreciate your comments.

Elliot said...

That turtle has dreadful manners.

Cheryl P. said...

It did appear that way unless he was trying to lick Grandson #1 because he is so very sweet. Perhaps that is what was happening.

meleahrebeccah said...

Oh!! What a lovely day. I haven't been to the zoo in decades!

Kimberly Wyatt said...

Your grandkids are absolutely precious! Seriously, how cute are they? Can I hook Trinity up with one of your grandsons when they get older? ;)

This looks like such a fun time! As far as the tortoise with the terrible manners, I can't say for certain from this picture, but it looks like a Sulcata. If so, we have a 75-lb. version of him running around in our backyard. They're very rude animals.

We went to the zoo yesterday, too! Except we were the mean parents who decided to skip the merry-go-round. Guess that's what makes grandparents so awesome. Glad you had fun.

Cheryl P. said...

We only manage to get there once a season. A shame really as it is such a nice outing and so close by. There are som many fun places around KC to go and yet we never seem to make it to them. Not enough hours in the day.

Thursday was a fun day though. Is the weather getting better where you are?

Cheryl P. said...

I totally agree about Trinity and our Grandson #1. They are such cute children, I can only assume they will be beautiful when they are older. Trinity has the most precious smile and the face of an angel. Aren't we lucky to have 4 cute little ones in our lives.

A turtle in your back yard is fun. Wasn't he on one of your posts? (my memory sucks but I vaguely recall you mentioning him)

It is much easier being a grandparent than a parent. You get to set limits and we get to stretch boundries. HHHHAAAAHAAA