Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Have Lost My Mind and Can't Find It Anywhere!!!!


Did you all notice that for the first time since this blog started there wasn't a Two Thoughts for Tuesday??   I hope you noticed and didn't miss me too badly.

**crickets**....OK then let's move this along.

I made a HUGE mistake on my computer that wiped out most of the pictures from 164 of my posts.   It was an error on my part that should have been correctable but it wasn't as it turns out. Damn....double damn!!!

For you bloggers out there be forwarned. If you are a Blogger user and  if you accidently delete a file/album from your Picassa web folder, it will remove those pictures from EVERYWHERE in your computer. AND you can go into the deleted file and do a restore but only about a tenth of it will RESTORE.  The Geeks I have been talking to over the last two days are arguing the point of if that should of happened or not...

But, HEY it did!!!   As a result I have 164 posts that have this (see example below) in the place of every flippin picture.

And here lies the problem.....

When I go back to a post I wrote eight months ago an it says:

How funny is this picture?  and all that I see is a black box....this is how I am feeling

So for most of yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow, I will be trying to edit older posts, putting new pictures in place of black boxes. 

I hope to be up and running by Friday.  For you regular readers that receive TAOBC via email, I  am sincerely hoping you aren't being bombarded with emails.  If you are, I am so sorry and hopefully,  it should all end by tomorrow.

In the mean time, I will be sending some suggestions to Google about putting a

I am getting back to work now.  Just pretend you don't see any of those black boxes.


Madge said...

Oh, well then that explains why your avitar is a black triangle with an exclamation point in it.
I am so fed up with technology. Thankful, but fed up.

Nicky said...

Oh, poor you! I feel so bad for you (although I admit, I'm still laughing at that last picture of the stick figure banging its head on the desk!!). I hope you're able to fix the problem quickly!!

Cheryl P. said...

I have an ongoing hate/love thing going with technology but the last couple of days it is definitely the HATE part. If I get past all of this I still want to work on a new banner with you. I am still trying to decide what I want for a background.

Cheryl P. said...

Nicky, you are the best. Knowing that you got a laugh at my pictures helped my foul ass mood. I am just about to get pictures back on most of the posts. This too shall pass.

Jayne G said...

Oh Cheryl, that is just awful. I had no idea that's how our photos worked. I've so much to learn... I keep copies of all my post photos in a separate folder on my desktop, but if I had to match them all to each post it would still be a daunting task!
So sorry to hear about this. Hope you're able to fix it all up good real soon! And thanks for mentioning this little, er, rather large, glitch here at Blogger. ;)

Bodaciousboomer said...

You mean for once WP is actually better? I am amazed. Sorry you had the problems. Tech problems on a blog suck the big wahoo for sure.

Cheryl P. said...

I think I have reinstated the bulk of it. A lot of pictures, I just had to find similar pics or change the post a bit. Some of the pictures were no longer available.

One of my biggest fears was by changing the posts that all the people that receive my blog by email that each edit would trigger an email. I hope people didn't get 164 emails because of my edits.

I deleted the file of some of the older stuff because I didn't realize every picture you post on a Blogger blog is stored in Picasa web visible on your Google acct. I was running out of space. They only give you so many gigs. Rather than buying more space I thought I could delete old content.

Turns out you cant without losing those pictures on the posts. I ended up buying more space.

Cheryl P. said...

I think most people prefer WP but it would be a royal PIMA to switch. I would need help from someone that knows how to do it. I read the articles about how to convert but it sounds like it isn't always a smooth transistion.

When I put Disqus on I had to get Anne Dickens to help me. That should of been easy but a couple of the settings wouldn't work or I didn't have them set or something was wrong....I was going ape shit over it.

I need an on-site computer tech.

Bob S said...

Please tell me that you didn't lose any of those precious pictures of your grandkids. That would be beyond bad. I think I will not learn how to use Picassa. What a bunch of crap.

I noticed the missing pictures the other day, but had no idea of the magnitude of the problem.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

OMG - that is a terrible thing to happen to your blog. I can't believe all the trouble you are having with recovering them. I have just been to my Picasa Web Albums file to see if there is any way of backing up the pictures and there doesn't seem to be. EEK!

Cheryl P. said...

Thankfully, I had all my photographs in a seperate file. I thought I was just getting rid of a bunch of old clipart that had been used on various posts. I didn't realize that Picasa web is different than the Picasa 3 program I use on my desktop. Blogger loads pictures that I use onto Picasa web and it has a limited amount of space.

I so appreciate that you like my kiddos pictures. I would have been sick if those had gone away. If you happen to notice more of the black boxes that I might of missed repairing, feel free to let me know. I worked the better part of two days to get new pictures on in place of the lost ones but who knows if I got them all.

Cheryl P. said...

What a flippin nightmare. Without the pictures, most of my posts don't make sense. There were black boxes with phrases saying things like. How funny is this? Obviously not funny...just a black box.

I am going to try to organize Picasa web when I have the time. I don't understand why the pictures I use over and over again like my "Two Thoughts for Tues." logo have to be on their each time I post. I have dozens of those but if I remove one it leaves the black box.

I am confused.

Mike said...

Crap, that's a frustrating turn of events. I don't like the idea of giving too much control over to software, so have a local backup somewhere.

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at your comment below describing : "How funny is this?" captioning a blank square. ;)

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, I think if I ever have this blog experience a massive FAIL like that I will just shit-can the whole thing. I have a Western Digital Mybook exterior hard drive that wouldn't let me access the pictures. I got to different techs on the phone and the first one said because it contantly updates the back ups that the pictures were lost off of the drive. I personally don't believe that is right. It should act just like a huge flash drive and let me retrieve them even though they are stored on web pages. The other tech said, I could compartmentalize the drive and find them but I kept getting error messages from Vista (yes, I have that piece of crap on this particular computer) that wouldn't let me do it.

SOOOOO after the fact...I took all my clip art and photos relating to all my blogs and loaded them on a flash drive. Of course that was after the 3 days it took me to find new pictures to sub into where the old pics were. The only ones that were easy to replace were my personal photos as I had them saved in my camera's software.