Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

After my extended absence, I am back with a thought or two on Tuesday. 

Prior to my 2 month break from blogging, I had mentioned that I needed to replace my old 3G Iphone with a newer model.  The fact was that it was sooooooooooooo slooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww  was making me nuts.  (for those of you that rolled their eyes while reading the word "making", I am chossing to ignore you) I know there are a number of phones that are available and I didn't have to have the brand Apple IPhone but as I am used to that particular phone and it works so well with my IPad, I went to talk to the Apple Geniuses to find out the pros and cons of upgrading to the 4S.  The minute the genius told me that it was fast, fast, fast....I said sold, sold, sold.

Just to be clear, I have NOTHING against the other phones.  I am not a hater of your Droids, Evos, Galaxys or any other phone.  SOOO for you that last time referred to me as a I-hole.  Save your breath. (I am still preferring to think that you meant that in the nicest possible way).  I will have my phone and you can have yours.  

The real genius of Apples marketing plan is they released a lot of new features on the new model and made the older 3G phones incapable of downloading future  updates.  So if we wanted the 200+ new features, a much faster running phone and a personal virtual assistant I was inspired  to run out and get the new phone. Of course, I also realize that in about a minute from now they will release the IPhone 5 and all of the 4S buyers are going to be kicking themselves. 

Thought #1

The new IPhone has a feature that includes a voice activated  virtual "assistant" called Siri.  Siri lets you talk to her and she will schedule appointments, make calls, tell you where your are and how to get to where you want to be,  and any number of "must know now" inquiries.   Well that is what she is supposed to do.  This of course leads to everyone asking all manner of questions to see what she might say.  Leave it to the masses to find another way to fritter away time.  Here is an example of some question asking.  Keep in mind that the girl asking the questions has such an annoying giggle, you will want to punch her but the video shows some of the questions being asked of Siri. I am sure you will all be in favor of Siri telling this chick to shut up. Siri must have a certain amount of self restraint. (yes, I understand that at least on some level these answers are "Easter eggs in the software...so don't email me)  Still some of these are pretty funny.

Thought #2

Never let anything go without some controversy. (I mean other than the usual...my phone is better than your phone type of stuff.)

Charlie Le Quesne, a 12 year old boy that was looking at phones on display at a store,  asked an Iphone 4S "How many people are there in the world was shocked to hear the reply "Shut the F*** Up You Ugly T***.  The boys mother was quoted as saying perhaps Siri was tired of stupid questions.  The store manager, however surmised that someone tricked the phone into thinking that the owners name was "Shut the F*** Up... and Siri often answers questions incorporating the owners name.( You can read more about that story in a Huffington Post Tech  article.)

  For the most part Siri keeps things pretty clean.  When asked to talk dirty, she responded with the answer "Humus,Compost. Pumice. Silt. Gravel".  See she does have a sense of humor.

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Liggybee said...

Good to see you post for Top Sites Tuesday this week, Cheryl. I always find your posts very thought-provoking and interesting.

My sister has a new iPhone, too. I do like the features it has...I just don't have one because my hubby is in charge of our phone plan and he doesn't like Apple products period. Oh well! We do all right with what we have anyway. They do what we need them to do at the speed we need and all that. So no complaints!

Anyway, have a great week ahead!

oldereyes said...

I, on the other had, am an ABA (Anything but Apple) guy ... but I'll be (relatively) good. Apple's marketing genius is that they play the upgrade game, sole source their software, and charge a big premium for their devices relative to, say, android phones ... yet still get people to line up to buy their stuff. I find it most interesting ... and puzzling. Have you seen Samsung's commercials where they zing the Apple buyers the way Apple used to skewer the PC? Now, that's funny :)

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Cheryl,

It just amazes me how far they've come with cell phone technology. How cool!

Nice to see you blogging again,

Trina said...

What an amazing feature, I could really look insane arguing with the phone of thinking of new questions LOL

It is too much phone for me though, I'd just never do anything but play on the phone!


Jodi said...

These are really funny! Glad I found you from Meleah's blog. Love the photos of Siri's responses! www.healnowandforever.net (disqus doesn't let me use my url.)

Cheryl P. said...

Thanks, Liggy
I agree with your comment "do what we need them to do". I am not particulary brand loyal to Apple but that is where we landed and they work for us. If someone gave me a Droid and said they would pay my monthly bill, I would jump quicker than that captain that jumped off his sinking ship.

Cheryl P. said...

I had to google the commercial as I tend to never watch commercials. The war between Apple and everyone else continues. I used to have an Apple computer years ago but switched to a PC as most of the business world doesn't operate on Mac. Too confusing.

Actually, I am not staunchly brand loyal to Apple, that is where I landed when AT&T discontinued the Palm phones. Now that I have had a few, I like them. I like them a lot actually. I do enjoy my Ipad and it makes it easy as they sync via the Icloud. (why I stay with AT&T is a long and complicated story)

My family is very diverse as phones go. My son has a Droid, my daughter has a Blackberry, SIL has an Evo. They all have some cool features and I don't see too much disparity in the cost of any of them. The Droid was the most expensive without a contract incentive. Basically, the cell providers won't be happy until they bleed us dry.

While I like my Apple products, if someone wants to give me free use of a Droid, Galaxy or any other smart phone, I would be glad to oblige them.

Cheryl P. said...

Thanks Wolf,
Technology is moving WAAAAYYYY to fast. Who would of thought we would all be walking around with computers in our hands.

Cheryl P. said...

That seems to be the major problem with smart phones. They make people crazy. Such addictive behaviors are closely linked to these little buggers. I would love to see you get into it with Siri. The very thought of it makes me laugh.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Jodi, so nice of you to come over. Isn't Meleah the best?? So fun. What's up with Disqus? It had you parked in the pending folder. I had to go retrieve you.

You are amazing. I read your "about you" page...you would be fascinating to talk to. Uber smart and a great smile...impressive.

Kimberly Wyatt said...

Giggles. My friend Chris (age 27) told his 4S "I'm drunk." Siri replied, "There are six cabs close by. Would you like me to call one for you?" My little sister (age 17) then said the same thing to her phone. Siri replied, "Don't expect me to be your designated driver." We got a kick out of the fact that the responses varied, and (probably coincidentally) were age-appropriate.

Nicky said...

I wonder what Siri's response would be if we asked it how crazy Jessica's inane questions and annoying laugh makes it. I kind of think it might provide that list of places to hide the body again...

I remember a post where you wrote about how you were always questioning things... I think Siri was made for you! :-)

Cheryl P. said...

You would think that Siri and I would be BFFs for sure. There are probably a lot of questions I could be asking her but we don't talk very much. She seems a little dry in personality. She would have to go a long way to have your sense of humor.

Jayne said...

I'm sure soon they will come out with a male voice and then we will all just start dating our phones.

meleahrebeccah said...

I love my iPhone 4GS and I seriously *heart* Siri. 

Cheryl P. said...

Funny you should say that. After I wrote this post, The Big Bang Theory had an episode where Sheldon had a romance going with Siri. I guess it is easy enough to break up if it isn't working out. Just drop the phone on a hard surface.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree. Cool phone. Are you using Siri much? I haven't used her much as I am so used to doing things the old way.

meleahrebeccah said...

I use Siri at least 10 times a day!