Friday, November 23, 2012

A Bit Off

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Is anyone out there???? With it being Black Friday, perhaps you are all shopping for "once in a lifetime" bargains..... Me? .... I am not setting one pinkie out of the house until I am sure the crowds have subsided.
My husband teasingly said early this morning that perhaps the shelves will be bare before I get started on my shopping.  Call me a risk-taker.

While the hoards are all shopping, I will bring you up to speed on a few of the stories that are a bit "off".

Dental Hijinks

A Florida man is accused of performing illegal dental work was arrested after police said that after administering a shot for a woman's toothache he kissed her buttocks.  (Huh?  her butt???)

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John Collazos of Hollywood, FL, was arrested Monday for one count of practicing dentistry without an active license.

A woman reported after the "dentist" put a paste in her mouth to alleviate her pain associated with a toothache, she still was experiencing pain.  He told her to lower her pants so he could give her an injection. After she did he began fondling her and kissing her buttocks.  She said, she asked him why he was doing that???

Collazos was previously arrested last September for practicing dentistry without an active license.

There is just so much wrong with this story.  Seriously, she took down her pants for a dentist and ASKED him what he was doing?  AND the charge is "practicing dentistry without a license".  Surely there is a charge more appropriate for this?

Let's Blame the Chiefs

I am not a big fan of professional football. (Did I hear an audible "gasp"?) but even I know that the Kansas City Chiefs are having a HORRIBLE season.  Sadly,  the most loyal  die-hard (oops...that might not be the best choice of words) fan, here in KC,  is hanging their head in shame. Now the team's  "awfulness" has actually killed someone. 

Here is an obituary that appeared in last Sunday's Kansas City Star (November 18th edition).

Hopefully, a cure will be found for bad football teams.

Upcoming Nuptials

A Tennessee woman will by marrying a cardboard cutout of the Twilight character, Edward Cullen. (obviously she is on team Edward).

On January 26th, Lauren Adkins, a graduate student of Memphis College of Art is planning the wedding as part of her master's thesis.  While she is pleased with a lot of the media attention that she has received,
she is upset with the British tabloids that have referred to her as a "nutter".  She claims the British papers are rewriting the story and making her out to be a "crazy female fanatic".

I can't imagine how the British papers could think this chick is a nutter?  A wedding for a human to a cardboard cutout?  In Vegas?  Does the cardboard cutout of Bella Swan show up and say "Stop the wedding, he's already married?"

 What is Art?

Geoffrey McGann was arrested last week at the Oakland airport after putting his watch through the security scanners.  His homemade watch was mistaken for a bomb by the Transportation Security Administration.

California prosecutors have decided to not pursue charges.  As for Geoffrey, he said, the TSA should of realized it was art.

 I guess the TSA employees aren't art connoisseurs.

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