Friday, November 2, 2012

Odd Twists

This week as I looked around my usual places to see what odd or unusual happenings have transpired in the last 7 days, I noticed a lot of "same old" crazy.  However, there are always a few little quirky details that set some stories apart.  So today I am offering up "Crazy with a twist."

Surprise, Surprise!

Jay Conolly, a 29 year old that was serving a jail sentence in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Jail, was taken pity on by a 69 year old female (her name is being withheld).  The woman had been doing volunteer work in the facility where Jay was incarcerated.

Surprise! A crook that's not honest???
The woman paid the bail for Connelly and agreed to let him stay at her home in a gated community in Surprise, AZ.  According to a report at Fox news, the woman said she thought the two would get married.

On Thursday, however, Connolly and a lady friend, Candy Dean, overpowered the woman, bound her, stole her cell phone, gun, purse and car.  Connolly and Dean were apprehended the next morning and charged with kidnapping, aggravated robbery, theft, and theft of means of transportation. 

It could be said that I am a cynic....and often is.  When I read the part about  a 69 year old bailing out a 29 year old and taking him home, I had my doubts.  I wasn't at all surprised that things didn't turn out quite like she expected.  What did surprise me, that it happened in Surprise, AZ. 

Speaking of Jails

After 10 AM and  Kierran is still snoozing.
A man from the UK, Kierran Batchelor, was caught burglarizing homes last February. After being tried, he was sentenced to a suspended sentence and probation.  On his release from jail in April he posted to Facebook "IV JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL, IM F**KIN BUZZIN!!!"   Evidently his buzz didn't last very long as he didn't bother to check in with his probation officer.

According to Batchehlor, the 10 AM meetings weren't agreeing with his sleep patterns.  When he was brought back into court he asked the judge to put him in he could sleep in.

Batchelor was sentenced to 40 weeks in jail.  He thanked the judge on the way out.

Either Keirran has a Vitamin B shortage or he is very confused about the purpose of jails.

Would Your Life Make a Great Movie?

On "My Life Is a Lifetime Movie" viewers met Barbara Reifel.  Her husband is serving time for stealing body parts.  Yeh,....body parts.

I considered Lop N many choices for a "parts" store.

After becoming addicted to pain killers, Michael Mastromarino,  started his entrepreneurial venture to sell body parts, bones  and tissue.  Not only did Micheal choose  rather unconventional products but some of his merchandise was diseased with Hepatitis, HIV and cancer.  Still he managed to make over  4 million dollars in 4 years. He was eventually  caught and sentenced to 58 years in prison.

According to one of the investigators in the case,  it was stated that he stole parts from more than 1000  bodies and neglected to get permission from any of them.  (I am serious...that is what the investigator was quoted as saying)

I don't know if I am more shocked at the fact that the 1000 or so bodies failed to give their permission or if a person can peddle 4 million dollars worth of body parts for 4 years and no one noticed something was amiss. I might be wrong, but I think  if Lifetime Movies reaches out to you, you might have a problem.

What a Clown

Ronald McDonald has admitted to following his ex- wife into a McDonalds.  A 50 year old man from Britain, that has the same name as the fast food icon,  had been served with a retraining order last September after assaulting his wife and another woman.

However, Ronald wasn't to be deterred by some restraint and decided to  follow her around. On one of his little stalk-abouts,  he followed her into the Westwood Cross McDonalds. He, also sent her a text. Both actions violated the restraining order.

Ronald received an 86 day sentence for failing to adhere to the order and is forbidden from contacting his wife for the next three years. (this, of course, remains to be seen as he seems to follow orders so well.)

Poor Ronald McDonald, now has the reputation for being a wife beater and probably isn't welcome at the local McDonalds.


Bodaciousboomer said...

Just how did this guy have access to all those bodies? That's what creeps me out. When I go, Doug is just gonna put me in a big Tucker tote and put me in the backyard. At least there I'll be safe assuming Lazer doesn't dig me up.

Liandra Sy said...

Oh god, for the first story, I laughed SOOOO hard when I read she took him home to "Surprise, AZ." It seems the Fates destined her to this rather cruel irony and incidental pun. I feel bad that a kind, lonely old woman was taken advantage of, but sometimes you just... ahhhh SURPRISE bahahaha

The Ronald McDonald one killed me too. I just wonder if sometimes people do this deliberately, like a grand attempt of delivering a rather cheesy punch line - that is not so cheesy when you realize it isn't a joke!

For the second story, I can actually see how he was able to "fail to get permission" for the body parts. Human trafficking actually provides a huge market for these stolen body parts - parts of an already stolen body. I'm surprised though that the IRS didn't catch on to the millions of dollars made from an ambiguous source.

Cheryl P. said...

I think you have the right idea. Have Doug use one of the off-brand plastic containers with the little locks on the side so even if Lazer digs you up, he won't get you open...well unless he grows opposable thumbs. (I guess Doug could buy some for him if he knows the right people.)

Have a great weekend, Michele!

meleahrebeccah said...

Um… Anyone who willingly takes a convicted criminal like that into their home, kinda gets what they deserve. Sorry.

"Take me back go jail so I can sleep in?" WTF? OMG! *dead*

And that Lifetime Movie body-part-stealing pill-popping millionaire story is CRAZY.

Cheryl P. said...

Liandra, thank you so much for stopping by!!! I love you comments!! I am a real sucker for bahahaha's.

You know it never occurred to me about the IRS. I was thinking more along the lines of family members figuring out that their loved ones bodies were MIA. This is just one of the many reasons, I would make a horrible crook. I have no imagination for being stealthy or strategic. blog is so cute.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, that was just destined to turn out badly. I think the ole girl must of thought the prison system worked like The Humane Society...just pick out one of the strays and take them home. Ya of the things that made me sorta giggle (you know how demented I am) that he quickly illicited a side kick named "Candy". Doesn't that sound like a stripper name.
Just for kick (and again I admit to the fact I am demented) I went to Kierrans FB page and what a Dumbsh**. He says he is in love with his bed but his alarm clock is trying to keep his bed and him apart.
I have come to the conclusion that the people that get movies made about their life on the Lifetime channel live FFFAAAARRRRR more complex lives than mine.

meleahrebeccah said...


And I love you sick sense of humor. Because it's just like mine!

lisleman said...

Ronald blew it. He just needed to buy her happy meals. I agree with you about the 69 yr. old. I always think someone that old know better. So what do you think I could get for my toe nail clippings?

Cheryl P. said...

Buying her "happy" meals might of helped his cause but probably beating her and her friend up, shot his chances of a "happy" home all to hell.
Yes, the 69 year old should of known better. Bet that is the last time she takes someone home from the jail.
Haha...toenails for sale. If you find a buyer be sure to let me know. I would throw in the clippings off my next haircut as a bonus if there is money to be had.

Jo-Anne said...

Sometimes it amazes me how many idiots are in the world but only
What is it with some old people not just women but men as well thinking someone 30 or 40 yrs thier junior would be intersted in them.............get a realiative check..........

Cheryl P. said...

In the case of someone in jail that needs bail money, you just had to know that he wasn't sincere. How naive can a woman be??? At least the guy got caught and thrown back in jail.

Katherine Murray said...

These are absolutely HYSTERICAL! The surprise... the body parts. Where did he GET the body parts!!!!! EWWWWW and body parts with diseases!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I loved your picture for that one especially... "We don't charge an arm and a leg for an arm and a leg." BRILLIANT!

Cheryl P. said...

Katherine, you are so verrrryyyy nice. I am so glad you found humor in some of this. When I was putting together the picture for the store, I changed it several times as it started looking a lot like a Toys R Us and I got worried about infringing on a copyright.

I totally agree about the ick factor on the body parts. Every time I hear about a new "My Life is a Lifetime Movie" being released I thank my lucky stars that my life is at least dull enough not to qualify for that.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Without consent from the bodies. I love that. Like, they're digging through years of this happening, and then they find one body with a note stapled to it and the investigator says, "Oh, wait, this one wrote a note and said 'it's cool if you take my parts.' So don't press charges on that one, okay?"

Cheryl P. said...

You are genius. I hadn't thought about attaching notes to my body in the event of my unplanned demise. Now instead of sewing my name into my clothing, I will attached a note that says "keep your paws off my parts."

Luvbeingagrampa said...

so I need to say it...40 weeks for 40 winks.....ooiiieeeeee