Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Days Gone Bye-Bye

Now that January is all but over, I realize that I missed a number of important dates.  I try to be on top of my calendar but starting a new year is sometimes problematic.  If I don't take the time to input all the assorted important "days to remember" into my Smart Phone they slip by unnoticed.  You would think that looking at a real (paper) calendar would prevent this but really who does that any more?  Anyway...back to the point of today's post...by the time I imported all the days to remember into my phone I had inadvertently missed a few important dates.

Thought Number One:  I Should of Worked on My January Calendar in December

While I should get extra points for remembering New Years Day, Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Day, it seems that I dropped the ball on a number of others.  If you need to check the history of any of these feel free to click on  Holiday Insights.

As far as my procrastination in January, I missed out on the opportunity to celebrate some awesome holidays.. Frankly, the fact that I missed Festival of Sleep Day,  Humiliation Day, and the holy grail of holidays....International Skeptics Day is quite disappointing.

3 Festival of Sleep Day
3 Fruitcake Toss Day
3 Humiliation Day
6 Cuddle Up Day
7 Old Rock Day
8 Bubble Bath Day
8 Male Watcher's Day
9 Play God Day
10 Houseplant Appreciation Day
10 Peculiar People Day
11 Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend's Day
12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
13 International Skeptics Day
13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
14 Dress Up Your Pet Day
16 National Nothing Day
17 Ditch New Years Resolutions Day
18 Thesaurus Day
18 Winnie the Pooh Day 
20 Penguin Awareness Day
21 National Hugging Day
21 Squirrel Appreciation Day
21 Blue Monday 
23 Measure Your Feet Day
24 Beer Can Appreciation Day
27 Punch the Clock Day
28 Fun at Work Day
28 National Kazoo Day
29 National Puzzle Day
29 National Corn Chip Day
30 National Inane Answering Message Day
31 Backward Day
31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

I am sure you share my anguish over missing any of these auspicious days.  OR...did you remember them and had celebrations without me?  If not....perhaps we can salvage the month by participating in the few remaining celebratory events left in January.   I will find my kazoo the very minute I get done with this post.

Thought Number Two:  Blue Monday...the most depressing day of the year and I missed itEven worse, I wasn't depressed.

 How could I have forgotten the ONE and ONLY date that has a mathematical formula attached to it.

Cliff Arnall, a tutor at the Centre for Lifelong Learning  came up with his theory to figure out what the most depressing day of the year is by calculating a number of factors and created a holiday formula.  Impressive, huh?  Don't let the fact that there are naysayers that are dissing his math. (Note: The Centre for Learning is affiliated with Cardiff University.  Cardiff University came out with a statement saying that Arnall only worked part-time and was no longer associated with their university.  They don't endorse his theory....way to keep your distance Cardiff)

Arnell's formula takes into account the  weather=W, debt=d, time since Christmas=T, time since failing our new year’s resolutions=Q, low motivational levels=M and the feeling of a need to take action=Na. 'D' is not defined in the release, nor are units.

The basic problem with Ardell's Blue Monday theory  is that  every other academic thinks the whole idea is nonsense. 

How depressing for Arnall.

Cheer up, Crabby Pants!!! Today is National Kazoo Day...you wouldn't want to miss that.

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Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

Dang, there's only one official play God day? I guess my husband's pompous business partner missed the memo on that one.

Jamie Scully said...

you forgot about Fake Holiday Day

Cheryl P. said...

Now that you mention it I know a couple of people that are confused about that one, as well. Perhaps, there is a Punch a Pompous A-hole in the Mouth Day coming up. I need to get busy on inputting future holidays.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, I seemed to have overlooked that one. I will be sure to put it on my calendar though. If I can't locate the exact date of it...I will just make one up.

Bodaciousboomer said...

I celebrate backwards day every day...

Liggybee said...

That is sooooo funny! Is there really a list like that? At least I know now I can be ready for tomorrow's Inane Answering Message Day...LOL!

Have a great day, Cheryl! I didn't participate in TST this week but I'll try to join next week...click!!!

Cheryl P. said...

Turns out I celebrate a lot of those days and it's only January. I celebrate Peculiar People Day nearly anytime I go to Walmart, I celebrate International Skeptics Day, and Male Watching on most days...I would love to embrace Festival of Sleep Day buy typically every day around here looks more like National Nothing Day.

lisleman said...

Putting things on your calendar? World Sauntering Day is June 19.
I often saunter but still forget the day.

This reminds me that many days are "forgot what day it is day".

Cheryl P. said...

I went over to your site earlier just to see if you had any new posts since my last visit. I am several days behind in reading all the blogs I like to keep current on.

Glad you found humor. Yes, there are several calendar sites that list all these crazy dates. Most of them, of course, were created to market something. Still its fun to see what "day it is" if for no other reason, it makes for small talk.

Have a great week and I will catch up with you soon.

Cheryl P. said...

lisleman, you are a riot. "Forgot what day it is" should be celebrated by many of us.
I used to print out the odd holiday calendar each month just for the sake of making comments on blogs and such. I hadn't for awhile and clearly I have missed some really nice holidays.

Sauntering got a "WORLD" designation, huh? So globally there must be a lot of saunterers.

Susan Alton said...

LOL, LOL. Definitely a need.

Susan Alton said...

A need for for the Pompous Punch A-hole in the Mouth Day, I mean.

lisleman said...

thanks - The odd thing (maybe greatest thing since sliced bread) about blogland and social media is anyone can create their own special day.
Lisleman appreciation day needs to be scheduled but I'm not what the best timing would be.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

I had no idea January was so filled with important holidays---that I missed. Now I'm depressed.

Wendy said...

I Truly can not believe that you did not give the links to these so-mentioned calendar sites so I will never miss another 'auspicious' day, or a way to have a topic of conversation for the day. Gosh, now I have to wait a whole year to make my dream (which one?) come true. At least you gave a head start for backward day. Does this mean everything must be drawkcab. Muh...neve stnemmoc ereh no taht yad? Oops...sorry...just trying to ge a head start here...Gosh,I really need to know all the rules wrt to these 'celebrations'. Hey, a fun idea- look up one's birth date to see the celebration for that day....here's hoping yours is a good one!

winopants said...

That's funny about "blue monday." I'm always happier in January. December is a big mess at my work, so I spend January being thankful the holidays are over

Cheryl P. said...

HMMMM we should be giving some thought to when Lisleman appreciation day should be. What is interesting about some of these dates are they have been around for a long time. That Appreciate Beer Can Day was started in 1935 when beer cans came into use. Seemingly it hasn't caught on as a holiday but their product has caught on as a part of most holidays.

Cheryl P. said...

Right you are...we probably should be thinking of a date for it. I guess the day after we need to have a "get out of jail free" day.

Cheryl P. said...

Never fear my friend, if any spectacular holidays come up in February, I will be sure to get a message to you.

Cheryl P. said...

If you click on the Holiday Insights link in my post, it will take you to the page for the entire year of holidays. Then on each holiday if you click on it...it will tell you how it came to be. Some of them have rather interesting beginnings. If the link doesn't work for you just type bizarre holidays into Google. There are several sites that give all the obscure days to celebrate.

I find a lot of fun in may holidays and days of celebration but the fun of having birthdays seems to diminish a bit. Not that I want to quit having them mind you.
But I did check to see what holidays fall on my birthdate....Violin Day and Ice Cream Day. Odd really...my birthday is right before Christmas. Shouldn't Ice Cream Day be in the summer?

Cheryl P. said...

I found that one kind of comical. The research was sponsored by Sky Travel. I suspect they were trying to promote travel to sunny places but what if you live in Hawaii. I am with you though....I don't tend to be depressed in January. Christmas is over, things are calming down a bit... I don't mind a little cabin fever as it gives me an excuse to read and take life a little slower.

Trina said...

I can't believe I missed Kazoo Day! OMG! That's it.. wait, I missed Blue Monday Too! Hmmm... I'm off to look a February calendars so I don't miss anything really important next month!
Great post, and thanks for the head up on Backwards day!

Jo-Anne said...

I thought blue Monday was the day you wore blue clothes and carried a blue bag around silly me................so here is a question if tomorrow is backwards day does that me we have to walk around backwards and drive with the car in reverse wouldn't that be dangerous....................or maybe it is a day to do.........................ok I have nothing else that must be what it is about what else could it be................do you know when Red day..................just asking because I am sure that is the day serial killers go around spraying red blood I mean paint everywhere............lol

Cheryl P. said...

I think maybe its harder to be depressed while sailing in beautiful water in the sun and warm. So much for Arnell's stupid theory about bad weather.
I haven't looked at the Feb. calendar, perhaps I better get on it so I don't wait till the 28th day of the month.

Cheryl P. said...

I had to check the website to find out what that was about. Supposedly you are supposed to use your imagination and do whatever you think of backwards. Sounds really stupid to me. You are right...somethings need NOT to be done backwards.

Some of these days are just so far fetched, it's no wonder they never caught to become popular.

Riot Kitty said...

That kitty looks just like our Earl Grey!

I totally would have celebrated Winnie the Pooh Day. Maybe at the same time as Squirrel Appreciation Day, just to mix things up.

oldereyes said...

Muri and I had all the neighborhood squirrels over for Squirrel Appreciation Day, measured our feet on Measure Your Feet Day (same size as last year), and went through a can of bean dip on National Corn Chip Day. But we hadn't anidea of what to do on the Feast of the Fabulous Wild Men. Not sure we want to know, either.

Fun post!

Clicks, Bud

Cheryl P. said...

Me too...I would have certainly celebrated Winnie the Pooh Day. Really, who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, a tubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff, willy, really silly, old bear. (are ya singing with me, RK???)

Yes, at some point we noticed the similarity on a previous post. That is Carmen. She is a super sweet little lady. Normally, I like to put hats on Carmen in my cartoons but didn't have the time yesterday.

Cheryl P. said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the "lesser recognized" holidays.

I think we need Muri to come over here to the comment section and verify if she does or doesn't want to celebrate the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. OHHHHH and I am pretty sure she does know what to do with them.

L.C. Griffith said...

I love all those holidays! And to think, I've missed 29 of them. Maybe you should post the monthly holidays at the beginning of the month so that will give us a chance to prepare and celebrate. The fact that I missed, Measure Your Feet Day, really pisses me off. They say your feet continue to grow throughout your entire lifetime. Oh well, maybe next year I'll catch it. LOL!

Cheryl P. said...

I often thought I should do a calendar but seemingly I always have a different thought by the time I do my bi-weekly post.

I hope to heck that feet do not grow as we age. In fact there are very few body parts that I would want bigger. (can really only think of two)

I think I might still check into what "inspire your heart with art day" is about.
Never a bad idea to be inspired, I guess.

abeerfortheshower said...

Question: what's Old Rock Day? Is that a day to appreciate elderly rocks, or a day to appreciate classic rock music? Because I don't want to look like a jackass next year.

Cheryl P. said...

It would make WAAAYYYY more sense to have a holiday to celebrate classic rock music...there being people out there that would actually want to celebrate that BUT NO... Old Rock Day is to celebrate fossils. Personally, I am uncomfortable with a day where people are throwing around the word "fossil". Paranoia is an ugly thing.

L.C. Griffith said...

Are you going to post February's holidays tomorrow? Hehe;)

Cheryl P. said...

Not tomorrow as it is Friday odd news roundup but surely I need to look to make sure we aren't missing anything important.

meleahrebeccah said...

Personally, January was a really rough month for me. I am happy it's over and hoping February will be much better.

Also, I cannot keep track of important dates to save my life. I have everything in my iCal, and on my iPhone AND on an actual wall calendar in my bedroom. Otherwise, I would never even know what day it is.

From that list these are the ones I want to celebrate the most:

Festival of Sleep Day
Peculiar People Day
National Nothing Day


"The basic problem with Ardell's Blue Monday theory is that every other academic thinks the whole idea is nonsense. How depressing for Arnall."


Cheryl P. said...

I am hopeful that February is much better month for you. January certainly wasn't being friendly.
I know what you mean about needing to cross reference dates. If I miss it on my Iphone hopefully I will pick it up on my wall calendar. I don't have all that much going on but I am absent minded as of late.
Take care of yourself!!!

meleahrebeccah said...


Punky Coletta said...

I would love to get all up in that sleep day!

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Punky Coletta, It's so fun to see a new name here!! Welcome!

Yes, I could also really enjoy having a day where sleep is the order of the day. No excuses needed. Now that is a holiday.