Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Happenings in Kansas City

The problem with vacations seems to be the coming home to the "stuff" that has piled up during the week or so that you have been gone.  We have been trying to get caught up this week. So today's post isn't particularly entertaining.  It's more of what has taken up my week.  Call it a whiny-whiny synopsis of Cheryl's week.

It didn't help our cause that last Monday was the day from hell for travelers.  Not just hubby and I but the whole flippin' country was having airport issues. 

Our flight out of Baltimore was supposed to be a 9:10 flight to Midway in Chicago.  After two weather related delays it looked like we were going to take off at 11ish.  Yahoo...well maybe not.  We did take off but 45 minutes into the flight, the pilot announced that that Midway had closed due to a fire in a control tower and that we were being diverted to Indianapolis. 

After landing in Indy we sat on the tarmac for not quite and hour and we were back on our way to Chicago. Around 2ish we are at Midway but we had long missed our connecting flight to Kansas City.  In all fairness it seems that a few thousand other folks had missed their flights also, so it isn't like we were alone in our misery.  

When we finally made our way to the Southwest desk to try to get on another flight, the clerk insisted that all people that had missed their earlier flights (like we did that on purpose!!) had to be put on stand by for the next flight to their destination.  In our case there was a flight going to KC at 3:55. 

The good news is that we did get to board the plane...but the bad news is that our luggage did not.

Finally after getting to KC, we filed our bags as missing and made our way home.

The rest of the week took an ugly turn with another development.

Our 10 month old grandson has the worst case of chickenpox in the history of chickenpox. 

Just imagine a few hundred watery blisters across our little G-Boy.

What makes me crazy about this is there is a vaccine to prevent chickenpox but children don't get the vaccine until they are between one and three.  According to medical professionals, children under one don't ever get chickenpox.  I am here to tell you those medical professionals don't know what the hell they are talking about.  This child has pox in his mouth, his ears, on his eyelids....every square inch of him is covered.

The big thing happening in Kansas City this weekend though is more serious than lost luggage and G-Boy #2 with chickenpox. This weekend there are numerous memorial events to honor the 114 people that lost their lives and over 200 injured on July 17th 1981 when the walkway at the Hyatt Regency collapsed onto the people attending a party in the lobby.

The Good for the Day....There is a little excitement here too.  A lot of people (not me as I am not a shopper) are quite excited because tomorrow two Trader Joe's are opening in Kansas City.  I don't understand why people are so happy about these stores but yet they are. 

The Bad for the Day....Grandson is so unhappy.

The Weird for the day....The cause of the Hyatt Regency collapse was an engineering error that could have been corrected by a simple fix that would have cost about $25.00 according to the engineers that investigated the accident. 

The Whiny Whiny Dance


Bob S said...

What a week! You bring up some memories of "flights best forgotten". It is always so different reading about these "pleasures" of air travel versus having to suffer them. You seem to have bounced back quicker than I would. I just hope your luggage finally catches up to you. Don't you just love the attitude of the terminal personnel when you are the victim of their mistakes? Fooey. Thank goodness I have the time to enjoy land travel now.

Being a grandparent of a one-year old, I can only imagine how horrible it is to see your grandson suffer. It just makes the agony worse when you can't explain anything to them and they just have to suffer through it all. You just have to pray that it passes quickly.

As for Trader Joe's, it is an experience. It is interesting to see that this west coast phenomenon is now in your area. Just following your posts, I would imagine that you will be addicted in about a year.

Cheryl P. said...

You are so right about there being some flights that are just best forgotten. I have had a couple that would rival this past one. The one that ended going down in an emergency landing would top this one by far.

That is the hard part with a 10 month old. They can't communicate and it just translates into them crying. I hate that nothing is comforting him. It will pass but what a miserable disease.

I am waiting until some of the fury dies down to go visit Trader Joes but everyone tells me that I will love it. As I have no idea of what they are like it will be a learning experience. You must be familiar with Trader Joes, huh?

Cheryl P. said...

I just happened to notice that I replied to you as a general comment not as a direct reply. Sorry. Hope you saw it all the same.

kgwaite said...

Hang in there and my best for your grandson.

Bob S said...

Wow! My flights "best forgotten" were a lot smoother than yours. I am very glad I have never had the emergency landing experience.

And with chickenpox they want to scratch and you can't let them do that. (Their fingernails are like razor blades.) I can imagine that there are a lot of tears on both sides. This will be a long two-weeks for all.

I marvel that I like Trader Joe's so much. The first few times I went in I felt there was little to like and wondered why on earth I was in there. Now I would really miss them if they were gone. They started in Pasadena, CA and have been in the So. Cal. area for many years now. I live in the area so have spent some time in their stores.

Nicky said...

What a GORGEOUS baby boy and I'm so sorry to hear he's sick. Chicken pox is a miserable disease and I stopped believing anything "they" say when "they" told me kids couldn't get the damn disease twice. Guess who's kid got it twice?

What a week you've had! Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation!!

I hate to be a total Canadian, but what does Trader Joe's sell?

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Nicky, poor thing and your poor kids having to put up with that twice.

I haven't a clue either about what Trader Joes sells. Everyone is so excited about this store and saying how I will love it but I think it is pretty much a grocery store. I guess I will find out at some point.

bodaciousboomer said...

Sorry your trip home was such a hassle; but you made it home safe and that's all that really matters. Besides look at the cutie you came home to. I really enjoyed our chat BTW. Thanks for your input.

Kimberly Wyatt said...

Wow! What a crazy trip home. Glad you made it safely. So sorry to hear about your grandson; I hope he feels better soon! On a brighter note, he's adorable! I woke up with chicken pox on my sixth birthday. They lasted until after Christmas. I was pretty miserable, and mine was only a mild case.

Take advantage of Trader Joe's! It's a cool place to check out!

Cheryl P. said...

I agree getting home is the end game and that was accomplished. I, too, enjoyed the chat. I will look forward to seeing your projects come to fruition.

Cheryl P. said...

Grandson, is heading to the pediatrician as we speak just to see how things are progressing. I think he is feeling better today. What a way to ruin a Christmas having chickenpox.

I think I will go visit the Trader Joes on Tuesday next week. This first weekend will be a zoo and Mondays are always a busy day for me.