Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog and Cat Days of Summer

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

Dogs and Cats

Last week I was reading the issue of the Parade Magazine dealing with Cats vs Dogs.  As a dog
AND a cat lover usually I am left feeling bad for the cats.  Statistically they are far less liked than their canine counterparts.   

"Hey what's with all the heavy breathing?"
"At least I don't cough up hair balls."

According to the article here are some facts.

  • 62% of Americans have pets.
  • 69% have a dog
  • 51% have a cat
  • 90%+ consider their pet a family member
  • 25% have tasted their pets food
  • 66% wouldn't vote for a presidential candidate that didn't like pets
  • $50.84 Billion - estimated amount that pet owners will spend on their pets this year

  So today, I am posting some funny and cute videos featuring dogs and cats.  Hopefully, at least one of these is new to you.

Thought #1  -  I like dogs.

Thought #2... Cat's Are So Cute

***Editor's note:  The cat's get three videos because the Dancing Dog took 3 minutes to do his dance.***

The Good for the Day....That dog that dances has real talent.

The Bad for the Day....The dog dances better than I do.

The Weird for the Day..... Really.... a quarter of you pet owners have eaten your pet's food???

Do you have pets?  Are your pets considered part of your family?  Would you be friends with someone that really disliked pets?  Liked pets generally but not your pet?

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bodaciousboomer said...

Two paws up from me! I always love videos of pets. I'd seen that dancing golden before but he was certainly worth watching again. The dog on that bike in Japan was so odd. I thought at first it'd been photoshopped; but I don't think it was.

As for the talking cats I think they're exactly like that. Cats are sneaky; and who doesn't love a kitten? Good work kiddo.

oldereyes said...

Well, I am a certified cat person. It's not that I don't like dogs but they are always so eager to please ... I don't like that in friends, so why would I like it in pets. I'm always nice to people's dogs though, they just aren't my choice. You can tell I'm not a dog person because I fiind the dancing dog video just a bit creepy.

I have an acquaintance that is a cat hater and that is very hard to overlook. I've always had the sense that cat haters are very insecure. Our two cats are actually my son's and yes, they are part of the family. I talk to them just like every other pet loving crazy. I'm friends with someone who is a card-carrying PETA animal rights person, so if I can manage that I think I could be friends with someone who doesn't like pets.

Fun post. Click.

Tim Riley said...

I can't believe that many people have tried pet food-pretty scary.

I've got an award for you with my new post. Don't feel obligated, just wanted to let you know I dig what you're doing with the blog

Cheryl P. said...

I know that you and I have that in common as to loving pets. If I ever have another pet crisis you will be sorry that I know how to reach out to you. Luckily, for today, both my cats are happy and healthy. I can't bring myself to get another dog after Tootsie's death.

That dog on the bike holding his little legs out away from the wheel just slays me. And his little face...darling.

Your right about the sneaky roll over and purr tactics of cats. Very cunning but it works for me.

Cheryl P. said...

I really like dogs but those days are over for me. Cats fit into our lifestyle so much better these days. My two girls (ok I know they are cats) are definitely part of our family.

I didn't have a problem with the dancing dog. Thought is was cute enough but I do worry about if animals are being trained with care and affection.

I think I could be friends with someone that is indifferent to having pets but I don't think I could be friends with a cat hater. What kind of friend would it be that wouldn't ever be comfortable in my home. The minute my cats came out my guest would be uncomfortable and I would be irritated if they said something mean spirited.

Cheryl P. said...

I thought the same thing, Tim. Yuck!!!

An award...I love awards and I love that you thought of me. I will be over shortly..Thank you.

meleahrebeccah said...

Okay, I watched all the videos but the Surprised Kitten is MY FAVORITE.
ZOMG sooo cute!

Nicky said...

I have Lola, my cat/attempted murderer. I would really love her if she didn't try to kill me all the time. When I met Jepeto I still had my black cat, Syd. I told Jepeto that if he didn't get along with Syd, we were through. Luckily (?), Jepeto also loves cats and he got along fine with Syd.

I like dogs, but I don't like the work involved with having a dog. It's hard enough to haul my cookies to the car when it is -30 degrees outside and there is 40 feet of snow, but to have to walk a dog at least twice a day in that is just too much for me!!

Junebug said...

I have two dogs. They are my family. I would not vote for anyone who did not like pets because I'm pretty sure that means they are insane.

When I was little I convinced my little cousin, Benji, that he had to eat the dog food because he was named after a dog. I got in trouble when my Uncle walked in the barn and caught Benji eating out of the dog food barrel.

Cheryl P. said...

I really liked that one too. And I liked the kittens moving their little heads to the music. Kittens really are too adorable.

Cheryl P. said...

Ditto, here. I used to have a little dog. (she died a few years ago) No more dogs because of the care involved. Cats are so easy. Although, I don't have one that is trying to kill me. I am curious about Lola. Be sure to do a post some time and tell us about her.

Funny about the "get along with Syd or else".

Cheryl P. said...

Weren't you the little dickens! How is Benji doing and does he still speak to you? I have never tasted any pet foods that I am aware of . I am so grossed out at the thought of it.

I am very suspicious of people that don't like animals. I can understand if they don't want house pets but to not like pets is another matter.

meleahrebeccah said...


I wonder what those 10 kittens were all looking at to make their heads bob like that?!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Awww man alive, that video of the dog dancing was absolutely awesome! My dog is a bastard but I still consider him part of the family. As for cats, I just don't get why people would have them for pets.... they just eat and leave cat hair on stuff!

Cheryl P. said...

I am a huge fan of Darling George. I can tell by his sweet face that he is a sweety. I would have agreed with you prior to getting my cats. I was a dog person but I have to say that cats have distinctive personalities. One comes running to greet us when we come home and the other has to tuck us in after the light goes off for the night. She has a whole little ritual about tucking the covers in place and kissing my cheek and then off she goes for the rest of the night. They sleep more than dogs and are by far easier to care for. BUT the hair is an issue for sure.

Trina said...

As a dog lover I think it would be awesome to have a dancing dog! I think that Woofy would be a little de-masculinated by dancing though....

We are pet lovers and I am sometimes confounded by people who don't like pets, but I've never actually had a friend who didn't like my pets or pets in general (unless they pretended to like them to avoid hurting my feelings) so I guess that's something to think about.

I've never tasted my pet's "pet food" - I'd like to keep it that way. In general, the smell is enough to try to avoid.


Cheryl P. said...

I have only had girl dogs but I don't think any of my past dogs would have been up for the marenga. I wouldn't want Woofy to be subjected to the embarrassment of having a tutu on.

I have had some friends that didn't like pets, and I have had friends that esp. didn't like cats. It puts a little friction in the friendship. I try hard to steer clear of the topic.

I am safe from ever tasting Fancy Feast. Nothing fancy about the smell.

Wolfbernz said...

I have to admit I have tasted a dog biscuit! I can't believe I just admitted to that...LOL
Great videos thanks for posting them :)

I have two wolves an Artic Wolf and a Timber Wolf I love them both they are great and are part of the family. I also have a very loud mouthed parrot named Timothy, An African Grey we have had over twenty five years.


Bob S said...

I really love the cat videos -- all of them. Kittens are just born cute and do the neatest things. We don't have any pets currently, but have had numerous birds (exotics) and cats over the years. All were truly enjoyed.

Since you like the bizarre I thought you might enjoy a story that I heard at a marketing association meeting in 1970. A major cat food manufacturer was conducting an advertising effectiveness test in Fresno, CA, in the late '60s. When the results were in, they carefully scrutinized all the data and discovered that the cat food consumption noted clearly exceeded all the cats living the the Fresno area. The implications were obvious. They quickly and quietly changed their processing methods to insure that their products were fit for human consumption. The presenter at this meeting was the marketing director for the company involved. It would not surprise me if that situation continues today. Just bizarre.

Cheryl P. said...

As far as tasting the dog biscuit, it seems you are far from alone. Here there are dog bakeries (called barkeries) all over town that have gourmet treats for dogs. Those probably taste as good as any of my home baked human treats.

The wolves sound beautiful! Does the parrot talk? I guess that is mimicing isn't it? Whatever it is, does it do that?

I have an uncle that is a parrot breeder. Big demand for parrots in US.

AletaObrien said...

Hehe, the surprised kitten was on TV not long ago. I'm a cat person. But I like dogs too. Greg is more of a dog person. We have one of each. I feel sorry for the cat, because the dog demands attention.... more so than the cat, so I feel that the cat gets left out..

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Aleta,
We had a cat and a dog in TX and the cat got left out big time as our little dog was having health issues and we doted on her. The cat is still around, though, and now she is the little princess. (wll one of 2 little princesses as we got her a little cat companion after Tootsie died)

Generally, I think cats don't need the companionship that a dog does. I sure like both as pets equally.

Bageldonia said...

for me as a military chick...pets make our lives SO much better. whether they be feline, or even canine(even scaly or feathered)....coming home to your significant other AND the fuzzy buddy that knows you so, so, sooooo, well melts your heart...again whether cat or dog, THEY know YOU. as does your partner...it helps ease stress and makes life bearable...honestly when i come home i can tell you, i think mostly about cuddling with my two cats that i raised from day 1 to their current year 3. they know me since i held them in my palm, and i know them since they had their eyes open (i helped foster and adopt out the rest of their litter, including their mum, sweet little lady, was bald but had the greatest temperament. she was scheduled to be put down due to shelter space shortage. if you donate to local shelters, they can afford to hang on to and harbor strays longer btw. i kept this mum and her babies in my garage with a heating blanket and fed her kiddos with extra formula and then reared them with solid food. handled them to be use to human contact and turned them from feral to domestic. gave them shots- the whole nine yards. cats hold a place in my heart lol) I also have a dog! (i know, a cat lover with a dog?! hearsay!) i took care of her from her third week of life to when i left for bmt a year ago(she's five now- a heinz 57 of terriers and basset hounds, beagals, you name it) ( hardest thing for me, not leaving my parents, it was leaving a dog and two cats i had raised from shortly after birth- due to unfit or not alive parents...it happens unfortunately with suburban animals :( ) my mother works for pwc VA animal shelter, where i helped share her sympathy for animals and foster them. I do miss this a lot from my home, but while stationed at Dyess AFB i try to let everyone know how wonderful it is to adopt a cat OR dog, or heck even a ferret or sugar glider. when you win over another being's acceptance AND love it's, very rewarding. i again can't express how much i love this post and how much i understand the love each photo and description feels. it's a task (like a child) but there's a love there that doesn't give a darn about whether you wear ABU's or work in a restaurant.( or whether you love law and order, or american idol) they love you regardless when you come home and give them that same love back. <3 the fuzzies a1c begley usaf- this post just made me happy and reminded me of what i have at home. THANK YOU!

Cheryl P. said...

What a lovely comment to receive. I, too, am a lover of both dogs and cats. I have had both at the same time in past but after losing my Shiz Tsu (I had her 16.5 years) I haven't decided if I am going to get another dog or not. Not for lack of want...partly my age and partly my travel schedule. I do have my two cats that I adore. My Carmen ( a Blue Russian mix) came from Abilene, TX where she was picked up in the street and turned into a shelter. She has the worlds sweetest temperment. Even notorious cat haters, love her.

I admire the work and devotion you and your family give to animals. You are so right about the love and acceptance that pets bring into our lives. And frankly, I find that I tend to like people that like animals more than the non-pet people. There is something about a person's ability to love and care for a creature that is a testament of their loving nature as a human. I don't understand how people can be cruel to animals.

Thank you so much for the nice comment. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Also, wishing you the best in your personal life. I appreciate your service in the military.