Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things You Might Not Know

Did you know that August is "Admit You're Happy Month"?  No?  Neither did I and more importantly, I am not sure that I am all THAT happy at this exact moment. I guess I need to establish my level of happiness or lack thereof. Actually, while I was still pondering the "should I or shouldn't I" profess my happiness  to the world I made the mistake of reading the Kansas City Star. 

For my regular blog readers (yes, you... my dear blogee friends) by now I am sure you  sense that I am just a big ole barrel of sunshine. My natural tendency to be over the moon in my optimism is unfortunately curtailed due to the fact I have to analyze every detail of every facet of my life and thereby  finding an alternate point of view to pretty much squash any moment of joy.   In other words, any happy event can be countered by the equal or opposite negative aspect of said event.

This should be called Cheryl's Conundrum

 Happy + Research = Cynicism² 

So part of the solution to this conundrum would be that I should stay away from newspapers, Internet and the TV news programs.  However, as I am seemingly a glutton for punishment, I read anything I can get my greedy little hands on. 

But, I digress.  I picked up the newspaper and this is one of the articles that was my unfortunate fate to see.

Oatmeal and the word "gloomier" is perhaps not the ideal start to any given day.
So, of course, I had to keep reading by going to continued on page 10.

Really, did anyone need a survey to prove the fact that pessimism is growing?  They could of just called me and I would have clarified the matter without a survey.  You know how I ADORE (dripping with sarcasm)surveys.  Remember the Who's Lazy? survey that I wrote about.  The Center for Disease Control did a survey to find out who the lazy people are and where they live.  Turns out there is a Lazy Belt that runs through the country.  I happened to luck out on that survey by the grace of living in Johnson County, Kansas.  There surely is a margin of error though as my career is in the dumper therefore leaving me less than BUSY.    So technically, I have escaped being considered lazy but I absolutely deserve to be counted as one of the growing pessimists. 

***Please, note that I haven't had anyone actually ask me to weigh in on either of these studies so I am one of the silent majority, evidently.

A statue of one of the Greek philosophers
known as the Cynics. 
 ***To further clarify, At this point I would consider myself a cynic not a pessimist.  I might be growing in my pessimism but it is still a work in progress.

So after realizing that I am one of the growing pessimist in the world, I went to my ever helpful calendar to see what I might have going on of interest in my life that would renew and give me joy and VOILA...discovered the fact about August being "Admit Your Happy" month and it further shows the month is broken down into weekly categories.  Unfortunately we are now three weeks into the month  (plus 3 days) not only have I not admitted my happiness but I seemed to have missed a couple of other categories.

  • Week 1    National Simplify your Life Week
  • Week 2    National Smile Week
  • Week 3    Friendship Week
  • Week 4    Be Kind to Humankind Week
Now I find I have also pretty much screwed up my weekly obligations such as  simplifying my life, smiling for a week, and probably I could have been a better friend.

I have one last chance to make good for the month of August.  I need to be kind to HUMANKIND.  Tall order for me considering my cynicism and all. 

The Good for the Day... The 27th is Just Because Day.  I think I could work with that. I Need a new [fill in the blank]?  Just because...

The Bad for the Day....Today was Vesuvius Day.  Isn't this a bad month to place Vesuvius Day.  How happy could the Greeks have been during that particular event.

The Weird for the Day.....The 28th of August is "Race Your Mouse Day".  Truly, that is what the calendar says.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Happy song!!


Sandra said...

I think Race Your Mouth Day is a ploy to help people find something for National Smile for a Week.
And yeah, I'm with you "Admit your Happy Month" sounds far too exhausting. Even the thought makes me want to nap. I'm much more comfortable in my cynicism.

Cheryl P. said...

Sandra you are so funny. Just to clarify the calendar says it is Race your Mouse Day on the 28th and as far as the Racing your Mouse day, I won't we smiling, I will be screaming like a little girl. I hate mice. What sicko came up with that day? Walt Disney maybe?

I agree that the Admit your Happy day does sound like work. A nap would be better. I will sleep well under my blanket of cynicism.

I have been bad about leaving comments but I will get back to it, I promise. The humidity is wreaking havoc with my hair as well. But I don't look good like you do.

Madge said...

Does that mean I have to lure the mouse out of the walls to get it to race? Too much work, I'd rather drink some shots and smile.

Cheryl P. said...

I think that says a lot about you that the mice are hidden. I suspect that isn't the case in some houses. If I would ever happen to see another mouse in my house he'd better race his little ass outa here as he wouldn't be long for this world. (last year I saw one and it freaked me out)

I am heading over to your site to leave a message about how beautiful it is.
Did you design that?? AWESOME

Madge said...

I just did the banner, I found the background at cutest blog on the block. Glad you like it, I thinknit was time for a change ;)

bodaciousboomer said...

I thought PETA had finally gotten mouse racing, like cockfighting, outlawed.

Cheryl P. said...

Give them time and you will see some PETA people picketing somewhere against racing mice.