Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Around the Water Cooler 8/19/2011

A lot of the back page news this week dealt with forms of transportation.  Seems every story I read this week had something to do with a vehicle.  Trucks, cars and planes along with clueless or confused owners make for odd news.

The Drive-Through

First on the list today is a story out of Panama City, FL that a husband called his wife at her work.  Wifey said she couldn't talk as she was busy being a waitress at the Waffle House.  Husband guy didn't take that well and thought he would drive on over to the Waffle House and kill her.  His weapon of choice was his pickup truck.

This might not have been the best way to settle the argument.  Charles O'Bryan was charged with attempted murder. 

Talk about bad parking jobs

What is it with Panama City?  PC keeps showing up in "Around the Water Cooler" news. As for this story, I wonder at what point the guy thought "This probably wasn't a good idea".

Drive Through Part II

A NYC garbage truck dangled from the third floor of a building in Queens.  Firefighters removed the injured driver who was taken to an area hospital with back and neck injuries.  No explanation was given as to what the circumstances where that resulted in the accident.

Definitely made a wrong turn.  RECALCULATING!

Drive Through Part III
A woman seeking revenge on her husband in New Zealand smashed her car into the wrong apartment complex, according to The Nelson Mail. The paper said, the woman thought she was plowing into the home of her husband’s mistress, but she actually drove through the wrong building. The woman, 25, whose name has been withheld, pleaded guilty to causing almost $43,000 worth of damage to the property in the town of Nelson. The flames of jealousy were fanned when the wife read text messages sent to her husband from another woman, The Mail said. The wife, with her husband as a passenger, drove to the mistress’s address. The wife allegedly drove through the complex’s gates and into the garage of an apartment that belonged to someone else.

The husband was in the car... could she of not gotten the right house? 

Planes in the News, too

Gerard Depardieu couldn't wait any longer to use the loo. The actor was thrown off a Paris to Dublin CityJet flight on Tuesday after a fellow flyer claimed he stood up and relieved himself while yelling: “I need to p***.”
Cabin crew refused to allow him to go the restroom as the plane was awaiting take-off.

The flight was delayed for more than two hours.

Probably peeing in full view of a plane full of passengers isn't the most brilliant career path ever taken.  I wonder if the delay was covered by any one's flight insurance?  It definitely wasn't weather related.

Planes and Pugs

 Another milestone for a California Pug.  This week Otis made  another jump with his owner. Otis, a ten-year-old pug hailing from Galt, Calif., made his 64th jump (tandem, of course) with his owner, Will DaSilva, on Monday afternoon.  "He's just like a first-time skydiver," DaSilva says "He's all excited about it, gets nervous at the door just like all the rest of the skydivers, and then once he gets out he's just having a ball. He's just like a dog with his head out the car window. 


A Love Story

Roy Fitts was doing 10 years in an Oregon prison for attempted murder. Jessica was doing time for bank robbery.  They met on a prison pen pal site and fell in love, got married in the slammer and upon release from prison wanted a fresh start in Los Vegas. 

Roy, however, was on parole and didn't the hassle of talking to his parole officer about his impending relocation.  So he and his pregnant bride, Jessica, decide to steal a car and head for the Vegas.

The first of many problems with their plan was they decided the best way to get reliable transportation was to steal it.  After shooting the owner of a van and leaving him by a highway, they were on their way.  The police didn't take kindly to their methods of obtaining transportation and started pursuing them.  After a high speed chase, the police placed stop sticks across the roadway.

The couple had to ditch the van and make a run for it.  As luck would have it they found an old man in a pickup truck that was to become their new ride.

The chase became far easier for the cops as the Fitts tried to drive in 1st gear and continually stalled the engine.   Neither knew how to drive a stick shift. 

I guess they will be back to being pen pals in the near future.

The Good for the Day...Skydiving dogs are cute.

The Bad for the Day... A Florida babysitter, was arrested after being spotted on Wednesday driving around with a 8 month old baby in the
back of a pickup.  Keyona Davis was arrested for child neglect.

The Weird for the Day.... A Detroit area man decided to drive his truck despite knowing that the brakes did not work.  He thought he would be able to stick his foot out of the door and stop it "manually". 

After coming to a stop light, he, indeed, did put out his foot but was unable to stop the truck.  After hitting two cars, continuing through the the intersection and hitting two more cars the truck came to a stop.


bodaciousboomer said...

Two thumbs up for Otis! You go dog!

As for the big French fart, I wrote about him today too.

Madge said...

Did you see Anderson Cooper crack himself up over Gerard Depardtwo?
Why does that dog look like he's going to puke, with his little tongue sticking out? Can you imagine how his little face would flap in the wind.
Dude broke up a perfectly good Waffle House!! What was he thinking. He was mad at his woman for working. See what happens when they let us wear shoes!!!

Cheryl P. said...

I will have to get over to your place and see what your take is. Will I ever get caught up reading my favorite blogs? I hope so.

Cheryl P. said...

I missed that. I will try to pick it up on line. Chelsea Handler was talking about it last night, as well.

The owner of the dog was saying Otis really enjoys skydiving. I am curious how he knows this.

That is about the umpteenth story I have done about Panama City, FL. What is wrong down there? The article said the wife was the only one hit. Her misguided husband can sure hit his mark when he is trying to kill his wife.

Madge said...

Weird that he could just hit her, but then again Waffle House is no IHOP, there probably weren't many people there.

Kimberly Wyatt said...

This makes me want to take my dogs sky diving. Except the Basset Hound. While his facial expressions would no doubt be hilarious, I cannot stand the amount of slobber he produces with four feet on the ground. I can't imagine how bad it'd be having him strapped to me.

I would really love to hear the explanation for the garbage truck... That seems like it promises to be a good story.

Cheryl P. said...

Bassetts are so cute with that hang dog face but I am with you about the slobber. Gosh, if you went tandem with him, you might just drown on the way down to earth. Not worth taking a chance.

I would, also, be interested in what happened to have a garbage truck hanging out of a 3rd floor wall. I am sure someone is in trouble.

Nicky said...

Ok, the truck hanging out of the window just boggles the mind! Great finds this week, Cheryl! The love story absolutely brought a tear to my eye. How sweet. How romantic. How many years did they get? And, of course, they would have to breed, wouldn't they?!

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Nicky, The picture of the truck is pretty awesome.

AWWW ...I am so glad you liked the love story. Not quite the same as Romeo and Juliet. These two don't die but spend the rest of their lives in the slammer. Just so romantic.

That old saying that it take a village to raise a child, looks like the STATE of Oregon gets to raise this one with both mommy and daddy being criminals and all.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have you and Mike in my post today. I had a challenge sent my way and I included WWFC. You don't have to participate if you would rather not. Truly, I just wanted to put out some of the blogs I enjoy so no pressure to pass it on.

Junebug said...

A couple of months ago a 80 year old woman accidentally drove thru our Piggly Wiggly by hitting the wrong pedal. So after a man drove into my dr.s office by hitting the wrong pedal. I said if I go to another place that has been driven into I'm going to start being paranoid.

My cousin is trying to convince me to go skydiving with her next year to celebrate our 40th b-days. I'm not too convinced and my hubby is dead against the idea. If a dog can do it than maybe I can. :-)

Cheryl P. said...

Every so often I see in the local news people plowing into buildings. Some people need to give up driving before that happens. I am sure that people are very reluctant to give up the freedom that goes with having a license.

As for the skydiving. I am conflicted. It seems like it would be fun. However, my brother was in a skydiving club for awhile and has seen some accidents. He no longer will go up.

Oh, by the way did the camera arrive in one piece? Hope it works for you until you get your new one.

AletaObrien said...

OMG.. people using vehicles to do damage, serious road rage issues!

The penpal jailbirds showed that the stripes don't change even when they aren't wearing them.

And the baby carriage in a pick up truck? What are these people thinking?! Oh wait.. they aren't. Ugh!