Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Around the Water Cooler 9/02/2011

Interesting week in the news.  Most of the news was related to Hurricane Irene and the enormous problem of flooding along the Eastern Seaboard.   There were other events that made national headlines such as the Puerto Rican Representative Tweeting his naked self and surprise, surprise he resigned in disgrace.  Isn't this a re-run.   Honestly, didn't he see how that turned out for the other guys that tried that.

Your Couch My Bed

A young guy from Alabama, Wade Cothran,  placed the most interesting and creative ad on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago saying that he had a job offer in San Francisco  and was needing a place to live.  He created an on-line ad to summarize why he would be the BEST EVER ROOMMATE. The ad, did in fact,  land him not only offers of places stay but offers of free drinks, jobs, and even sex.  He also, has picked up over 13,000 Twitter followers in the last couple of weeks.

His Craiglist post is being described as colorful by some, vulgar by others, definitely unique.  He has taken all the stereotypical "bad roommate" traits and addressed why he is the total opposite of that guy....and would be the most perfect roommate.

 Here is an portion of the ad.

I own almost nothing! I'm driving my car from Alabama to California in which I'll be transporting two duffelbags of clothes, one laptop computer, one guitar, one cell-phone with charger, 8 pairs of shoes, one picture frame, probably some condoms and a sh**load of beef jerky and Pringles for the trip. Though, you can expect the jerky to be gone upon my arrival. Unless you'd like me to pick up some on my way into the city. See?! I'm the most considerate person you've ever met. I'm offering to buy you sh** already!

For the entire ad you can click here. Warning to those that find certain four letter words offensive though.  DON'T CLICK HERE if your aren't totally comfortable with the f word.  BRE seems to like it a lot.
Best Roommate Ever

Aside from the pervasive use of certain words, the ad did what it was designed to is getting Wade a whole lot of attention. The guy knows how to "market".   Looks like the marketing degree he got at Auburn is paying off.

A Massachusetts man whose colorful golf attire was briefly mistaken for a clown outfit has been charged in New York with driving a golf cart while drunk.
The Genesee County sheriff says his department received a report that someone dressed as a clown was operating a stolen golf cart on the streets of the western New York town of Batavia on Sunday night. Deputies eventually found 37-year-old James Straub of Stoneham, Mass., at a home in Batavia, The Batavian newspaper reported.
He wasn't dressed as a clown — just wearing some colorful clothing after an outing at Terry Hills Golf Course, the origin of the cart. But deputies say he was intoxicated.

I wonder which upset him more being hauled in for the DUI or being mistaken for a clown?

Seriously Green Garden

A man in northern Illinois found a valuable surprise in his backyard Tuesday afternoon: A duffel bag filled with stacks of $20 bills.

As Wayne Sabaj, a 49-year-old unemployed carpenter living in Johnsburg, explained to WGN, he had been looking for broccoli in his garden when he saw the duffel bag. After Sabaj showed the bag to his father, with whom he lives, they decided to alert police.

When the McHenry Sheriff's Department arrived, they discovered a second bag. All told, the bags contained $150,000.

Sabaj told the Northwest Herald that he briefly considered keeping the money for himself, but he feared not only where the money had come from, but who might be coming back to retrieve it. "I went and spent my last $10 on cigarettes yesterday, but I turned in $150,000," Sabaj said. "I haven't worked in two years. Yeah, I was like, I could really use this money," the man told ABC7. "With my luck, it would be bank robbery and I'd get caught and say I'd robbed a bank."

The bags are now in the custody of police, who are processing them for fingerprints and any other evidence, according to the Northwest Herald. There are currently no suspects. In the bags' place, investigators left a business card listing a phone number and a "please call" note. If an owner is not identified, police indicated they may assist Sabaj in determining whether he can claim the money.

Last ten dollars on some cigarettes??? Maybe tomorrow he will be regretting turning in the cash.

High End Electronics at McDonalds

In a new variation on the “brick in a box” scam, a South Carolina woman who thought she purchased an iPad from two men in a McDonald’s parking lot discovered yesterday that the purported tablet was actually “a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo.”
Wonder why the scam artists bothered doctoring up the board to have
an Apple logo?  Did they think that would convince someone
that is was a real Apple product?
According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, Ashley McDowell, 22, told deputies that she was approached by two black males who claimed to have purchased iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300 apiece. After McDowell explained that she only had $180, the duo agreed to sell her the device at a cut rate.
But when McDowell drove home and opened the FedEx box containing the iPad, she instead discovered the wood with the Apple logo. The “screen”--which was framed with black tape--included replicas of iPad icons for Safari, mail, photos, and an iPod. It also had what cops described as a “Best Buy sales ticket.”
The phony iPad is pictured above in police evidence photos.
Usually, “brick in a box” scammers don’t concern themselves with creating a replica of the item they are peddling (beyond trying to make sure that it approximates the weight of the authentic object).
Deputies have dusted the phony iPad for fingerprints. McDowell told police that the swindlers were driving “a white Impala with no rims and no tint.” One of the men, she noted, “had a gold tooth.”

What made someone comfortable with buying an IPad off of a parking lot  at McDonalds from a guy with a gold tooth?  Did she think that had the same level of  product reliability as going to the Apple Store?

The Good for the Day- On the Tuesday evening NBC news, the program ended saying that there was some good news for a change.  After all the bad weather, all the bad politicians, all the bad economy last there is some good news.    Beyonce is going to have a baby.  Is this the good news????    OR

The Bad for the Day....Really, Beyonce having a baby is supposed to be my good news????

The Weird for the Day....Where's Waldo?  

On music producer John Mosley's back, apparently.
Tattoo artist Rytch Soddy decided to create the intricate scene free of charge if he could raise a minimum of about $820 for the charity, according to Norwich Evening News 24.


Madge said...

I f@&$!?" love that ad, I'm glad he got a s?;$)0@d of responses.
We know a guy who dresses like that to golf
Seriously? You can't tell me he didn't take a bundle of 20's for himself dude can't go without smokes
I read that story about the iPad, truth that you can't change stupid

Kimberly Wyatt said...

The BRE ad made me laugh. I love creative people. And it's always nice to hear about people turning in things that don't belong to them. If it doesn't get claimed, I hope he gets to keep some.

That girl who bought a wooden iPad deserves to have lost her money. Simple as that.

Nicky said...

When I first saw the BRE ad, I actually considered moving to CA just so I could be this guy's roommate! I'm thinking he's not going to have any problems working in marketing. Brilliant!

I'm such a cynic. I read the story about the poor honest man who turns in the found money and the first thing I think is "Uh huh. I bet there was $200K in there, not $150!"

Sandra said...

Cheryl, if it wasn't for your Friday Around the Water Cooler, I'd be so out of the loop! I always find myself riveted to your posts! My thoughts: Wade, the BRE, is showing up with 8 pairs of shoes? Nobody who owns more footwear than I do is staying with me! As for the chick who GAVE $180 to a couple of thugs who intimidated her into "buying" an iPad may be coocoo, but then again, who knows what would have happened to her if she hadn't given up her cash. As for Beyonce, I had no idea she was preggers! And yeah, is that good or bad? Isn't that marriage nearing it's expiry date anyway?

bodaciousboomer said...

Seriously? Someone actually thought they were buying an IPAD for $180 in the parking lot of a McDonald's?

Guess she'd never her the old adage "Buyer beware".

Cheryl P. said...

I swear to god that you and I have the same brain. I found clever marketing guy pretty *%#&ing funny.

Husband and I both said that before calling in the cops he pocketed a tad of bills to insure some smokes for awhile.

Ya, anyone that stupid needs to be parted from their cash.

Cheryl P. said...

Part of me wonders if he turned it ALL in. Gosh, if he did, he really is a good guy. Since he spent his last 10 bucks on smokes, I hope he gets a big reward or gets it back.

Yeah, isn't there a saying "a fool and his/her money are soon parted"? Turns out to be true.

Cheryl P. said...

I am seriously thinking about tweeting him and tell him I have a spare bedroom if he wants to stay a few days in KC on his way to California. I am not clear if he already made the trip.

You are not alone in your cynicism. Out of work 2 years, spent last tenner on smokes...that seems to require a little "finders keepers" mentality.

Cheryl P. said...

Sandra, you made my day. Knowing that anyone is riveted to AOBC has me doing cartwheels. (and it isn't pretty)

That is a lot of shoes for a guy. I thought 2 pairs of athletic shoes, some flip flops and something close to dressy is as many as any guy would need.

I don't get the lady at McDonalds. She didn't mentioned feeling unsafe or threatened. I kind of got the idea she thought she was getting the deal of a century which leads me to think she thought she was buying stolen merchandise. AND when she got taken she freaked out. Stupid move any way it happened. Too bad she can't google the nearest Apple store on her wooden IPad.

Normally, I wouldn't have known about the impending little millionaire until Beyonce was as big as a barn (a very expensive barn) but the fact they put it on the NBC nightly news as if we were all going to be thrilled about it left me scratching my head. Why in the hell does it matter to me? I have been pregnant a couple of times and it didn't make the news. How bout you? Were you on the news with any of the 4 of your children-to-be before they were your children-that-are.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh and the other adage a fool and their money are soon parted. She is a dumb ass that thought she was getting a deal by buying a hot IPad, I would think.

If she is seriously just stupid and didn't know better then I guess I feel sorry for her that she is sooooo stupid.

Aleta said...

I read the full ad from that guy - it is funny, vulgar, but funny. And buying an iPad in the McDonald's parking lot - yep, that's a bright one!

Jayne G said...

What? Who's Beyonce? Should I know her?

Seriously, the clown story is lmao funny. I kinda know some other clowns who've done the same thing w/a golf cart. ;)

Cheryl P. said...

I agree. I think that his language is strictly for the tolerant but I too found it funny.

The lady buying the Ipad off the parking lot should have known better.

Cheryl P. said...

Golf cart guy needs a stylist or at least a bossy woman/girlfriend/wife to give him some direction with his wardrobe.

I think that golf cart sales are growing at the same rate as the baby boomers are ageing. We will be hearing more stories concerning them. I am in that generation as well, I guess but I don't think I am in the market for one yet.

meleahrebeccah said...

I LOVE *love* the BEST EVER ROOMMATE dude. His Facebook updates are also hilarious and Ashton Kutcher tweeted about his Craigslist post too.