Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OH NO, I am one of those!

Normally, I would say, I try not to be too "grandparenty".  (I realize that isn't actually a word.....but it should be.)  That is to say, I try not to be that person that gives you a blow by blow accounting of what my children and grandchildren are doing this minute.   I am sure you couldn't care less but still,  this is a personal blog.  With the confines of writing what is upper-most on my mind for the week, this is what you are stuck with...a couple of thoughts about my children and grandchildren.

The main reason, I am particularly focused on my daughter and her two sons is that all three are celebrating birthdays this week.  The only thing that would have made this better is if my son-in-law would have had an August birthday as well.  Surely he feels left out.  (I am certain that his parents would have timed this better had they known.)

Thought Number One...How Quickly Time Goes By

my baby's picture at 3 months old.

This little cutey grew up to be the sweetest daughter on the planet.  Oh, I know some of you are saying "WHOA.... that can't be, because my daughter is" ...let's just agree to disagree.

This week my wonderful daughter and her precious babies are celebrating birthdays.

G-Boy #1 is turning 5 and G-Boy #2 is turning 2

Number 11 isn't ours...But the Royal fan and the kid with his binky are definitely ours.

I see you!
Seems G-"Boy #1 likes getting wet

Thought #2--- Now I know, I was just saying about how I don't go on and on with "grandma" stories....but I still have to have a 2nd thought. That thought may be that I lied in the beginning of this post.

Little brother holds big brother's hand while he takes his nap.

Last week we had a couple of funny things happen in the car.  (one of them is the hand holding incident)

The other incident that had us laughing was a conversation that happened on the way to supper last week. Grandpa and I were taking the boys out for a burger when the little G-boy #2 started jabbering about something.  We, however, were not understanding what he was saying.  So we asked his brother to translate for us.

 ME:  What is your little brother saying?

G-Boy 1:  I don't know.  He is speaking Chinese.

ME:  Really??? Why would he be speaking in Chinese?

 G-Boy #1:  Because he was made in China.

ME:  No sweety, I don't think your little brother was made in China.  Why would you say that?

G-Boy#1:  Because just about everything is made in China.

Where do kids get this stuff????

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L.C. Griffith said...

Those boys are precious! I love the shot of them holding hands during their nap. Kids add a special dimension to life, still having that honest curiosity that opens everything up. A rock, a cloud, a grasshopper, everything is to be explored.
I love that you devoted a page to the kids. It's an honor to meet them Cheryl. Thank you!

Linda R. said...

G-Boy #1 has a point. And to me, most 2-year-olds speak Chinese. ;)

Bodaciousboomer said...

That photo in the car was so sweet. Keep it handy to show it to them when they're fighting in a few years.

Aleta said...

OMG, I'm laughing so hard. Everything made in China! Well, please don't tell me that, because we're expecting (huge surprise for us) and we've never been to China. hehe. http://www.fleurdealeta.blogspot.com

Liggybee said...

Wow! Kids certainly say the most surprising things! And those are such cute pictures!!!! I enjoyed this post a lot. As I started reading, you reminded me of my youngest sister. She celebrated a birthday this month, along with her son earlier in the month. Her hubby celebrates his later this month...and tomorrow happens to be their anniversary. They've got all their celebrations this month. :)

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you, Leah. You are right about kids adding a special dimension to life. I
am sure people can live a "well lived life" without kids but, for me, it has
added a joy I can't imagine doing without.

Cheryl P. said...

Agreed, that G-Boy has a point...a great many things are made in China. I think maybe G-Boy 2 is the exception.

Cheryl P. said...

I,too thought that was sweet that he wanted to hold his brothers hand. I hope these two remain good friends but there are bound to be some times that won't be apparent.

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you, Liggy. BTW Congrats, on the anniversary. What anniversary is it? Do you have special plans?

Birthdays all falling in the same month makes it a litter more difficult to make their celebrations special but I guess, you just have to work it out and do the best you can.

Wendy said...

Absolutely LOVE that photo of those two holding hands. Yes yes, keep it for when they get older. It is wonderful to be a grandma, isn't it.

meleahrebeccah said...

OH!!!!! AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love LOVE love this post!

And I love when you get all "grandparenty"!!


Kimberly Wyatt said...

Your grandbabies are adorable!! And the made in China quote made me laugh out loud. Happy birthday to everyone! My sister and her birthparents are the opposite. Their birthdays are all in February within three days of each other. Their younger son, who they had when they were older and were able to raise, has his birthday in August. I always wondered if he felt left out.

Cheryl P. said...

It is wonderful. Now I am old enough to appreciate all the cuteness without all the responsibility and worry.

Cheryl P. said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your comments. You are the best blogger friend EVER.

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you Kimberly! Tiffany is the little princess of cute comments so I got lucky to have one come from one of my little guys. I guess the person that has the odd birthday might be the lucky one as their day has no competition.

Cheryl P. said...

Now that I am reading your comment off of my computer and not my cell phone I can actually see...such a handy things to have have eyesight. It is your sister's anniversary. Here I thought YOU had a big celebration this month.

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Cheryl

Yes time goes by so fast, it seems like yesterday my boys were little and my daughter was just a baby. I really like the photos the holding hands is precious, one to keep for when they get older for sure.

That is so funny, little ones say some of the cutest things sometimes!

Have a great Week! Clicks!

meleahrebeccah said...



oldereyes said...

There was a time (pre-grandkids) that I would have skipped your post ,,, but as an official member of the Grandfather Club, I really enjoyed it. Five and two are such enjoyable ages and "your boys" are adorable.

Clicks, Bud

Cheryl P. said...

You are so right about "it seems like yesterday". I wish picture taking was as easy then as it is now.

These little ones today are very smart. They hear and retain a lot...some of which probably isn't a good thing.

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you, Bud. It's really a crap shoot what people like to read blogs about. I am sure a lot of younger people don't care to read posts about gushing grandparents.

Cheryl P. said...

I bet you thought I was ignoring you. For whatever reason your comment went into a spam folder. I retrieved it and hope that never happens to your comments again.

I always read your blog even though, I have cut down on some of my commentary. I was super excited about the upcoming addition to your family. I think that is wonderful. I might have a much easier time understanding baby talk from a baby in Louisiana. I am very good with southern accents as I grew up with one.

adapt, adopt, and improve said...

At such a young age, I can't believe that we have had to add the prefix 'grand' to our titles. Still, 'grand' is much better than 'almost pretty good'.

Thank you for sharing your pictures. And for bringing a tear to my eye while I sit in the solitude of my room. It used to be that our children would command the forefront of our attention. Now they have moved on with their lives, and the other demands of our lives have jumped to the forefront. Your wonderful pictures reminded me of which is the more important.

Thank you, Cheryl.

Jo-Anne said...

Ok am I too "grandparenty".as I do like to talk about my darling grandchildren..........if I am then so be it I love my grandkids..............soooooooooo much..................lol
Loved thes photos but yeah were do kids get these things "Because he was made in China".......

Jo-Anne said...

Bloody hell were did my comment go...............off into cyperspace some where bugga, ok I was asking if I am too "grandparenty" because I love to talk about my grandkids and love them so much............also wanted to say it cracks me up some of the things kids say like he was made in China..............I love kids and loved seeing photos of your grandkids haveing such a great time and the one where the boys are holding hands so bloody cute.........

Grandpa too said...

We soooooo luv us some "G" boys....and the parents that gave them to us....Neat or Keen-o

Cheryl P. said...

"almost pretty good" ....that is really funny...let's hope our kids think we are grand and not almost pretty good.

Yes, I think this age is a tad bittersweet. Still feel "youngish" but certainly have moved past the point of children being totally dependent on us. There are days I celebrate this time of my life and there are days I mourn my youth a bit.

Thank you for such a lovely comment.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi, Jo-Anne...I don't know what is going on with the comments lately. Some of mine have also been delayed showing up. I have my settings set for any and all comments to show up immediately as I am a glutton for hearing from people.

I can tell by your blog you are a real family oriented person. Our family is relatively small and am envious of large extended families especially those that are close at hand. Still, I consider it a real blessing that my husband and I were in a position to move to Kansas City to be near our grandchildren.

I thought that picture was cute as well. Our little G-boy #2 really seems to adore big brother.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes we do love us some G-Boys and their parents. keeno??? really?? where did that come from?