Friday, August 3, 2012

Did You Really Think That Was The Best Idea?

Yes, readers, here we are again.... winding our way towards the end of the week .  The culmination of my reading all the lesser-reported stories that exemplify the art of   "thinking outside the box".  You have to admit.... it takes a certain amount of creativity to get your name in the newspaper even if it gets posted under the banner of WEIRD NEWS.

I wonder if the people that appear in these stories are troubled by being the section of the newspaper (or Internet) that is the equivalent of being the "butt of the joke", OR do they buy extra copies and give them out to friends, while saying "Hey, I made it into the Friday edition of the newspaper" ???

Crushing Blow

First up...we have Roger Pion.  Roger had a beef with the local Montpelier, VT police department after a recent arrest on the charges of resisting arrest, and marijuana possession.

As the Montpelier police worked in their building with the windows closed and air conditioners running, they didn't hear anything out of the ordinary.  That was until a good neighbor called 911 to tell them that there was a tractor rolling over  their vehicles. (Luckily for the department, a few vehicles were off on calls.)

Yeah, angry man on tractor (Pion) was crushing most of the department's vehicles.  By the time they ran outside they had lost 5 marked cruisers, 1 unmarked cruiser and a transport van.  Unfortunately, for them they just had to stand while they watched the tractor go down the road. None of their vehicles were road ready.

Montpelier police enlisted Newport police to catch up with Pion and arrest him. He is being held by the Vermont State Police.

Not only were the cars crushed, but the vehicle equipped  radios and computer equipment within the cars was destroyed and they are unable to retrieve shotguns and rifles out of the trunks prior to having help from the Jaws of Life equipment.  Estimated damage exceeds $300,000.00.

A couple of notable items appeared in the report.  Some of the vehicles had just gotten washed. Is this the equivalent of "it will rain if you wash your car'.  The article mentioned that the Montpelier police were unsure if Pion had secured a lawyer.  Do you think they really care?  I bet not. I wonder if Roger Pion's good friend "mary jane" was involved during the time he was thinking "why don't I just take my tractor down to the police station."

Book Lovers and Losers

Christopher Meusburger of St. Paul, MN, allegedly threatened his 62 year old neighbor with a sword on Monday night after she complained about how he had mistreated a book she had loaned him.

The woman saw the book laying on the floor in the hallway, outside of her door according to the criminal complaint filed on July 31st.  She questioned Christopher as to why he had left the book on the floor.  Evidently Christopher took offense.

Christopher seems to be taking his
arrest well.
He allegedly got right in her face and said "If you weren't so weak, I would seriously hurt you!" Then...according to the report...Meusburger "chest bumped her".  The woman claims that she sensed that he was intoxicated (are we surprised???) and told him that if he continued to push her she would call the police.
At this point, Christopher ran back into his apartment and came out with a sword. He supposedly, posed in a "fighting stance" and proceeded to swing the sword. 

According to the complaintant, she feared for her life. She called the cops who arrested Meusburger.

While in custody, Christopher admitted that he had consumed 12 cans of beer but denied he had threatened his neighbor.  When asked if he knew why he was in jail, he said "Yes, because, I am an idiot."

I think we can all agree with the "idiot" part, but I am questioning the woman's version of the story as well. I can't believe if she got chest bumped by the drunk neighbor she calmly said "Please, don't push me" or something equally calm and polite.

Speaking of Books

 Terry Davis of Prospect, KY is accused of stealing a textbook from the  Barnes and Noble college bookstore near the University of Louisville's Health Sciences Center according to WDRB-TV.

Davis then went to Gray's College Bookstore to try to sell the book. However, by the time he reached the second book store, the book had been reported stolen and the fast thinking employees alerted authorities.

The arrest report said surveillance video cameras captured both the theft and the attempt to sell the book, according to Louisville Courier-Journal.

He may not have the strongest grasp of morals but he sure can provide a strong example of irony. The book he stole was  Resolving Ethical Issues.


MOV said...

Hi Cheryl,
Those are funny! Reminds me of the burglar trying to break into a bank from the roof, then fell thru the ceiling panels and hurt himself. He ended up suing the bank for having "unsecure"/ faulty ceiling panels! (uhhhhhh, maybe they are not intended to be crawled on?).
Great post!
ps--you might have me beat on the Moving portion of the Mere Mortal Olympics. I thought I had the gold medal in the bag, but I might have to be happy with silver now. *sigh*

Cheryl P. said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the burglar guy won. People sure hate banks these days.
No, I am not entirely sure who would win the Moveathon. I might win in the catagory of number of moves but I suck at the catagory of marking boxes. I might also take the catagory of worst "weather" on moving day but to be fair, I haven't heard your stories yet. You may be the winner.

Linda R. said...

At least the guy with the sword was somewhat honest - he was an idiot, as was the car crushing guy. The world is full of them.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, sword swinger guy seems to be very self-aware.
I sure would of liked to see a picture of crusher dude. Do you suppose he looks like an idiot? With good new tractors costing more than a hundred thousand dollars, I would lose my mind if any one involved with our farm started using them for car crushing.

Chubby Catterbox said...

That guy should have read that book he stole before trying to sell it.

Don E. Chute said...

Oh Lord where to start..Gotsta smoke the's gonna take a long length of hemp rope to pull this idiot outta the s***!...Christopher what a least he knows he's a idiot also....Stealing books 'To Read' in this current society should be a victimless crime...There shold be some sort of endowment to erase these crimes and bring restitution...I mean who the F*** reads anymore...let alone BOOKS!

Jo-Anne said...

Ok I read about the guy running over the cop cars really talk about stupid but so funny at the same time, now the guy with the sword well that is just plain stupid not funny just stupid and if some guy chest bumped me I wouldn't be saying anyting I would be going into my home and shutting the door but then I am a big

Annie (Lady M) x said...

That was well funny - especially the guy who got pissed with the police and squashed their cars. So it's not just in the UK that people get pissed off with the police then I see!

Cheryl P. said...

Hey Chatterbox, why is this showing that it came from Chubby CATTERBOX???
Have you decided to love all cats, all the time??
Yes,...he definitely needs to reed about ethics. Out of all the books to steal, he had to pick that one.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh yeah, that charge of possession of weed is going to be the least of his problems now that he has pissed off the entire police force. When he comes down off that high he is going to be feeling mighty dumb.
That book had to have been the most expensive book in the bookstore or why would he have stolen it and tried to resell it?? I am sure both bookstores would have let him keep the book, it if he would promise to read about good ethics.

Cheryl P. said...

Agreed...that is one of those "funny but not" stories. I bet the Montpieler police didn't find any of it amuzing.
I still believe that victim is not telling the entire truth. Sure the guy was drunk and pushy but I doubt that she just was standing there being all sweet. She was probably showering him with 4 letter words. I don't usually get very confrontational but if someone chest bumped me....oh man there would be a scene.

Cheryl P. said...

Here it is a mixed bag. Those that have been helped by the police...admire and respect them. Anyone that has had a problem with the police are all pissy and hateful. As an former 911 dispatcher, I can tell you there are really great cops and there are some MAJOR douches as well.

Aleta said...

OK, I had to laugh about the tractor. Actually, many times people just cuss and yell at the police, this person went for a response that was extremely costly to the police and they most likely won't collect that money from the man.

Bodaciousboomer said...

You have to have a license to drive a car but any nitwit with $29.95 can buy a sword and brandish it about.

Cheryl P. said...

I am sure he probably isn't going to be paying $300,000.00 to right his wrongs but I bet there is some jail time coming his way. If you are going to vandalize someone it probably doesn't make sense to pick on the police.

Cheryl P. said...

Nitwit indeed...I have got to think the book lady chewing his ass out over that book has diminished her part in all of this. OR am I just the suspicious type?

L.C. Griffith said...

Hi Cheryl! Today's read was fun. I have to say, the guy who ran over all those cops cars probably has a lot of people secretly grinning. After all, who hasn't felt the intimidating helplessness of seeing one of those cars flashing in the rearview mirror. I'm not saying it was right, I'm just saying...

Cheryl P. said...

I am sure you are right. There are probably people that were mentally giving the guy high fives. There will be an extreme shortage of red lights in Montpelier for the time being, I would guess.