Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Scoops with Nuts

Oh, no...I hear you scream...the witch is back.  True..she is here and she is ticked.. But in my defense yesterday was just a triple whammy of idiocy out of middle of the country. After picking my jaw up off the floor over Rep. Todd Akin's remarks, I hear that my own Representative....the very man that was elected out of the  district in which I reside in Kansas, is being called out for some antics in the Sea of Galilee.  Then to put the cherry on top, we have Rep. Kerry Gauthier out of Minnesota allegedly having sex at a rest stop with a teenager. 

Typically, I try to keep out of the political fray, at least as far as my blog goes. BUT frankly, there are a few points that just set my broom on fire yesterday.  So here is my first thought for today....

Thought Number One...I am so F%#&#@*  tired of being disappointed in the men/women that were placed in leadership roles, only to have them continually let us down.

Yes, I am angry and appalled at the comment on Sunday from Todd Akin and I think we can all agree that his remarks were beyond offensive and insensitive and hovering in the area of "OMG, did he actually say that?"  As far, as Rep. Yoder goes, I am disappointed in him as well.  I can't even comment on the Representative out of Minnesota as I know nothing of what is going on there.

My post today, though,  is more about, how many times do we have to put up with our government leaders...people that are paid to represent us...acting badly.  I am so sad that we can't be proud of our leaders.  It doesn't seem to matter what party you are affiliated with because, there have been and continue to be members of both parties that have diminished ethics and questionable morals...and let's not forget the ever popular...inability to think before speaking.

Additionally, in a lot of cases these bad behaviors are rewarded with re-elections.

So Witchy Cheryl is both SAD and MAD.

Thought Number Two...The nutty topping on the figurative sundae that really caused me to lose my mind.

You know it was already a weak start to my day when I turned on the news and both the big headlines are concerning men that govern the states that my city resides in.

While Kansas City covers two states we have seperate
governments at all levels....  city, county, and state

 After I pulled myself off the floor (with the help of my broom), I went to the Internet to catch up on my blog reading.  Usually this is a fun form of escapism from the irritants of the world.  Not so much yesterday.

There is a blog I was reading had an opening line that set my head spinning.

"I live in the fucking armpit of America where I am surrounded by people who continually vote ignoramuses into political office."        

(Note: you do understand this is not my writing...I am quoting the first line of the post I was reading.)

Well this is news,  as the author lives near me.... by default, I must live in the armpit of America.

Now, now...I think I am offended!  No, I know, I am offended.

The author of this particular blog of which (Which witch...get it!) , is very successful and has a huge following.  Yay for her.  But here are a few additional facts.  She lives near me in KANSAS.  She lives in an affluent area and is also, a Realtor, as I am.    WE AREN'T SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR MISSOURI politicians because we don't live in Missouri.  She made some very good points about the idiocy of Aken's statement but the implication that people want to vote in bad leaders can't be accurate.  Aren't the majority of people trying to believe that the politicians they are voting for, are going to work for a common goal?  (No, I don't mean a common goal of carousing and acting like frat boys and bar tramps...I mean working for a better country that provides us the rights we hold dearly.)

Here's the thing.  I think there is a stereotype associated with people of the Plains States.  Dare I say, we are not all a bunch of right-wing hicks.   As with all states we have a lot of good people, a lot of bad people and a few really, rotten people.

I do take exception to being lumped into a generalized assumption that I am a voter that regularly votes in the likes of  Todd Akin.

While, I didn't vote over in Missouri, I have dear friends and family (hi! to my only brother...you're not a hick are you?) that live in Missouri, and I am relatively sure that they aren't proud of Rep.Akin either. And as far as the armpit that I apparently live in goes, this one is a pretty good one.

Johnson County is a county located in northeast Kansas, in the central United States. The county is largely suburban, being part of the Kansas City metropolitan area, and containing many of its affluent southwestern suburbs. As of the 2010 census, the county population was 544,179. Its county seat is Olathe, and its most populous city is Overland Park. The county has the highest median household income and highest per-capita income in Kansas and is among the most affluent in the United States, boasting the 19th highest median household income in 2000 and the 46th highest per-capita income in 2005.
In 2010, Money magazine, in its list of the 100 Best Cities in the United States in which to live, ranked Overland Park 7th (ranked 6th in 2006 and 9th in 2008) and Shawnee 17th (ranked 39th in 2008). In 2008 the same magazine also ranked Olathe 11th.

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Chubby Chatterbox said...

Why are people surprised about what Todd Aiken said? He simply spoke what he believes. Of course what he believes is idiotic. No medical studies support what he says, and it's frightening that this man sits on several Congressional science boards. But Aiken and his buddy Paul Ryan have been trying for years to pass legislation that qualifies "rape" and reduces healthcare choices for women. People wringing their hands in despair over this comment should take some responsibility for listening to what these fanatics are saying, and more importantly what types of legislation they're attempting to pass when no one is looking.

Cheryl P. said...

I am hopeful that Rep. Aiken steps down today, but of course, he is saying there isn't a chance he will. I don't see how he thinks he hasn't tanked his likelihood of getting elected.

I guess my real aggravation today is that I am tired of turning on the news every day to find some news story about some unprofessional behavior or another "foot-in-mouth" audio byte from a politician. If they want to be a leader, they need to lead, they should at least try to be articulate, informed, and keeping their pants on would be extra nice.

I am so sick of politicians being unprofessional and well...slimely.

Wolfbernz said...

I have to agree with you on being tiered of our leaders that promise the world and then nothing. It's maddening to eve think about it!

Arm Pit Of America huh?


Trina said...

"a few points that just set my broom on fire yesterday" I'm totally going to use that... Too funny.

Politics... oh boy... um I stand... umm they ahhhh.... well.... your frustration is completely understanding..... but I .... uhh... politics.... so that weather's been nice....

LOL I wonder.. if you are in the armpit where would that put me?


Cheryl P. said...

The arm pit comment just made me nuts. We are so blessed to live in a community with nice safe streets, nice homes, plenty of food and water. I am always amazed at how people take all this for granted, It takes a really narcissistic personality not to notice all the people living in horrible conditions... And still she called this the arm pit of America...I wanted to scream.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree, Trina. I nearly always keep all political conversations out of my blog. I was more about making a point that people need to do their jobs professionally and quit being the poster children for bad behavior.

I have to think you live in a lovely area. I love your posts that talk about your farm and your travels.

I want a politician that works as hard as you and Wolf do. Someone I could count on to do the job right. Please, don't tell me that I would see you on the morning news with a story of you doing something shameful. Haha

My beef about calling this area the arm pit of America is that we are so fortunate here. I have seen some places I would be afraid to walk down the street in broad daylight and I think there are plenty of people that would be grateful to live in a safe city with good schools.

oldereyes said...

What is it they say? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? I think most time they are not idiots when we elect them ... of they haven't reached a position with enough power where they feel they can reveal it. As far as being the armpit America, look at it this way ... there is a Facebook Armpit Lovers page with 4,447 Likes.


Cheryl P. said...

I hadn't heard that saying but I LOVE it. And seemingly it is true. So you think idiocy might be a result of getting into office? Interesting theory, Bud. I have to think about this. I always thought that once they were drunk on power they just acted....well drunk...unable to make unimpaired decisions. Anyway, I hate that I have become this cynical skeptic but I have. AND weekly I get handed new material to fuel my cynicism.

I went over to Facebook and there are all kinds of crazy groups dealing with armpits. OK...it is proof positive there is a high "crazy" presence on FB.

Last night I was seriously thinking about deleting this post as I am not sure that everyone understands that I am not taking a stand of some idiot politicians ill-though-out comments but generally the propensity for politicians to act like dumb***** then pull the "sorry, I regret my actions".

As far as the blogger that I consider a spoiled brat, if she doesn't love living in this beautiful community and be thankful for her blessings...I hope she moves to "the butt crack" of America. The armpit doesn't need her.

Linda R. said...

I try to stay out of politics and such discussions. I do, however, agree with your thought #1. It is mightily disappointing, indeed.

Cheryl P. said...

Typically, I try not to bring up politics. But I am tired of people with leadership jobs in the public sector or private sector acting unprofessionally.
Enough is enough on the antics of elected officials.

Jayne said...

Did you read the interview of people -- even women -- who said they were still voting for him because he's a "respecter of life." How any woman can vote for a Republican these days is a mystery to me. I voted for Gerald Ford, but that was mostly because Betty as so awesome. I'm hugely disappointed in the voters who've elected these misogynist pigs, but even more so in the women who voted for them.

Cheryl P. said...

If there is such a thing as being a political agnostic...that is what I am going to become. I am so tired of politicians from both parties acting like they are not under any obligation to work for the best interest of their constituents. I don't understand why people would vote for a person that is ignorant, uniformed, or for that matter has no morals or ethics. Yet it continues to happen.

I am extremely happy Aken's name isn't on my ballet. I would be temped to scribble "you suck" Would that get a ballet disqualified?

Wendy said...

Oh Cheryl, never be tempted to delete a heartfelt post like this. This post is one we all relate to ,on two points. One, being lumped in with a group just because we are in a certain area or space. And two. FED UP with Politics and politicians. Clearly, you are simply stating facts,not trying to persuade how to vote, explicitly. Why must we all be so concerned to stay away from this topic, when it is so vital in how the society is lived? I have a political science minor and spent quite a bit of time interviewing now retired politicians. You really would NOT want to know what politics is really like. It is not so much that they are all power hungry at first, but once in, they become part of the aura of it all, and want to stay, and so, they begin the first of many concessions to their character and conscience. Eventually, they destroy within themselves what made them worthwhile. That is why you will see many retire after a term. Of course , some are just plain BAD to begin with! I think this frustration with politicians is fairly world wide, and something that needs to be addressed ,everywhere. Citizens need to demand it, and honestly, I have been politically apathetic and withdrawn for while even though I know, it doesn't help. I live in Canada and here there have been a few rare politicians that worked for their constituency and stayed true to who they said they were before they got into office, and when they do, they sure stand out. They also have been done in intentionally by their own party, and being privy to the more back boy details on that than I can tell, it would make you so so sad to hear about how they do that. :( Gosh, I don't want to end on that sad note, but surely, this is whole political game is such an upsetting situation. We need more of us there!

Cheryl P. said...

You are a breath of fresh air, Wendy. I try not to ever get too political on my blog but the fact is this is a personal blog and there are some days that government brouhaha plays into my personal feelings. Thanks for recognizing that I am trying not to tout or editorialize my personal leanings on policies. Frankly, I go over the line from left to right, right to left so often that the line is no longer visible. Conservative liberal or liberal conservative....it all depends on the subject.

I agree with your assessment of politicians. Several of my extended family members have worked for the government. One in particular also was privy to rather high ranking officials and their back room antics. I have heard some stories of the behind the scenes "politicking" that enforces the whole sad/mad conflict I feel.

I appreciate your comment.