Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Being Funny a Good Thing?

I am sure that most of you have heard the good (or is it??) news that Americans are considered the funniest people on the planet according to Badoo, the largest social network with 118 million users worldwide did a poll  that emcompassed 30,000 people across 15 countries to find out who they thought were funny or not. 

Here are the results:

1.   American
2.   Spanish
3.   Italian
4.   Brazillian
5.   French
6.   Mexican
7.   British
8.   Dutch
9.   Russian
10. Belgian

I have some questions, Badoo...(picture me having my hand up..waving..Call on me)

1.  Because this was ranked by enthnicity, how does this work?  If you are Dutch but live in America are you really funny or are you sorta funny but get to hang around some really funny people? I am wondering this and really would like an answer as all my in-laws are Dutch.  AM I FUNNIER THAN THEY ARE?  I need you to respond as I have money riding on this.

2.  Where are the Canadians??? I don't see them on the list and frankly, I think I have some really side- slapping funny Canadian friends. What's that aboot, eh?

3.  How exactly were the questions posed?  Did you phrase it "Who do you consider terribly witty and smart while being funny?  OR did you pose it as "Who are the biggest dumbasses in the entire world? 

4. Still on that subject.  Was this based on clever comedians that make money being funny or are you looking at things on the Internet such as the Walmart People or Dumb Criminals?

5.  So right to the point, Badoo...are we considered funny as in "hhaaaa hhhaaaa" those Americans are comic geniuses OR  did you get a sense from the answers that they were laughing AT us not WITH us?

6.  I realize that Americans won this poll and I don't want to appear ungrateful.  It is not my intention to look a gift horse in the mouth....oops...not that I am comparing you to any part of a horse..but the numbers concern me a bit.

For example:  There are 311,542,058 ...59...60  (a new one is born every second) Americans. The second place winners are the Spaniards and Spain has 45,957,671.  Frankly, if we were all put on a football team, and we were all allowed to play at the same time,  we would win that too.  Doesn't seem like fair odds.  How could we not, we would have 265.5 Million more people on the field.  (I get that would have to be one heck of a field)

5.  The German's came in last.  Now what is that about?  Are the Germans just not funny or do we not "get" their form of humor?  Is it a perception of what is funny? 

I mean really...isn't humor subjective???  Occassionally...ok, very often...I find humor in a situation that may in fact be a serious topic but if I contort it enough I can find some humor in it.  Judgeing from some of the comments, I have gotten, I suspect my form of humor isn't exactly on par with some of you.  Each to his own, I suppose. 

I will admit that I don't always find humor in other people either.  I, for example, don't understand America's Funniest Videos when they do the ball (or whatever flying object) into the man's crotch.  Why is that funny?  Not being a man, I am assuming it hurts.  I wouldn't laugh if a flying object doubled over a woman that was hit in her lady parts either.  Still not funny to me.

I might have to take up the "what is funny" question on another post at some point as it is a complicated topic.  For today, I would appreciate hearing from you. 

What do you consider funny? 

Who are your favorite comedians, or your favorite books, magazines etc?.  (humor based, of course)

How politically correct does something have to be? 

Do you find more humor if it isn't politically correct? 

Do you offend easily?

Time dot com (as in the Time magazine folks) thought these were two of the funniest videos of 2010.  What do you think?


jayne said...

If I were Charlie's big brother, I'd consider not offering my finger to Charlie any longer. Those boys win hands (and fingers) down. Ouch. ;)

The Good Greatsby said...

Some humor just translates better than others. Some humor builds on culture references and doesn't transfer well to another country. Some physical humor doesn't require culture references or language to understand.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Jayne, They are pretty cute, don't you think? Ya, just knew what the end result would be when he offered up that finger to Charlie.

Cheryl P. said...

Welcome, I haven't seen your name before. (clever name!) You are right about how differently humor translates especially from culture to culture. I think humor is risky. A humorist is always walking a very fine line between being funny and being offensive to someone. I try never to be mean spirited but I will say that, that isn't always how it is perceived.

Come back and visit again. I love comments.

Cheryl P. said...

Sorry, Don E. that I am so slow getting back here.
You and I would be laughing at much of the same material I think. I watch Chelsey Lately each day, like other people watch the news. I have a love of the shocking and irreverant.

As a woman in her fifties though, I think I am treading a fine line of not being able to pull it off "funnily". Too old to be edgy and two young to be Betty White. I have to pick my audience. I am moving toward the Betty White period though that I should be able to say about anything and people will think it is cute. Crass just comes out funny when you are old. I am going to share this theory in an upcoming post.

Cheryl P. said...

I,too find situational humor funny. I will say though that when I mess up, I am more embarrassed than humored. I am quite self conscious. If you mess up though I will find humor in it and never would I be judgemental. I am one that laughs "with" and never would laugh "at".

Jewell said...

Well, well, well, aren't you just the funny lady today! *slaps knee* HA! I crack myself up. Whatever.

I have to say though that the amount of funny depends. I loved both of those videos actually. I watch a lot of home movie type shows, but no, the ball to the balls isn't funny anymore.

There are many current comedians out there that I enjoy, and when Last Comic Standing was still available for my viewing pleasure I never missed an episode. I love comedy. I love it when someone finds that one quirk in something that I might have missed, can spin a tale around it and cause me to laugh like a braying donkey.

I don't offend easily. Hmm...maybe I should rephrase. I don't get offended easily. I am pretty sure that I offend others regularly.

I love old comedy...Abbott and Costello, Lucille Ball, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Carol Burnett, The Honeymooners, Andy Griffith, Soupy Sales....the list really could go on.

I hate hatred, and hatred cloaked as comedy isn't funny. I hate PC bull...political correctness itself has no place in comedy. However comedy over the idiocy of political correctness...absolutely!

That's all. I think. I'll come back if I think of something funny to say in order to make sure I do my part to keep Americans in the #1 spot in the funny! =)

Cheryl P. said...

Tell me you don't really laugh like a braying you? heehhhaawww...
I agree with you on the old comics. The old time stuff was just funny without being mean spirited. I dislike comics that describe themselves as humorists just so they can go off on rants that are insulting and hateful.
I love smart comedy. I don't necessarily have to agree with their point of view but people like Jon Stewart or Jimmy Kimmel are very topic oriented.

Jewell said...

"Tell me you don't really laugh like a braying you? "
Ummm.... No? *wicked grin*