Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Gloved One

I now think I know why the late Michael Jackson wore a glove on just one hand.  Before I get to the part about my newest "theory" let me tell you first, how I arrived at this epiphany of mine.

My Kiddo #1 and I run/walk a 5K every year on Thanksgiving morning.  This is in part because it is for a good cause, in part because it's a nice start to our Thanksgiving Day, and also, we can rationalize eating more as we have negated some calories by doing the run/walk.  NOTE:  We actually can rationalize any behavior as we are creative that way.

So last Thanksgiving we started off fairly strong only to poop out and walk a bit, then finish the race running.  We stayed mostly in the middle of the pack.  The winners of that race came in at with times between 12 to 18  minutes. That was not Kiddo #1 or me.  Not even close. Ouch!  So we have decided to get with it and train to run the whole race.  I mean hard can this be??? We are only talking 3.1 miles.  I walk 5 miles every day so why shouldn't I be able to run under 5 miles???

Therefore, Kiddo #1 and I are on it! This Thanksgiving, no little old ladies will be lapping us.   No, 10 year olds will be leaving us in their dust.  No costumed mascots will be giggling behind their masks.  We are the Rocky Balboas of Overland Park next Turkey Day.

Yep, this is exactly what we will look like.  Both of us...even though Kiddo #1 is 21 years my junior, we will look like identical twins. 

This might even look like how we dress...although last year is was 2 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). 

So...back to the story...Last Friday, I leave the house at 6 AM just like every other morning but now I walk, run, walk run for my 5 miles as my goal is to be running the whole thing by November.  I finish in a fair amount of time, come home and start breakfast.  Routine stuff, just like every other engagement ring is NOT on my finger.  SH***. I had to have lost it during the running.   F***

This is a BIG problem.  I start looking through the rooms I have been in since getting up that morning.  Please, please have come off before I left the house.  It just has to be here.  After sheer panic has all but flattened me, I am crying.

Now this is bad for sure but it isn't the first time I lost an engagement ring.  No, this is time  #2. I am going to have to have a repeat the pathetic apology to hubby just as I did 41 years ago.  If it is any consolation, I guess, I only lose diamond engagement rings once every 41 years.  In the case of the first ring, we were just engaged and I had been cleaning up the house after making supper.  Some time before going to bed that night, I realized the missing ring  wasn't on my finger as it was supposed to be.  After tearing the house apart,  I called my future husband crying and woefully confessed. He came over to help but at some point we gave up the search. 

**A little side note, here...I am the world's worst crier.  Sobbing complete with eye swelling, snot flying is really bad. AND YET he went through with the wedding.

The following day, however, it occurred to me that maybe because I had been cleaning the kitchen prior to the ring going missing, maybe, just maybe the ring had been swept up and put into the burn barrel.  For you younger people, back in the old days of 1970 trash was burned.  Sure enough, after sifting through the ashes, there was my ring.  Good as new. Fire is no match for  gold or diamonds.  (or stupid teenagers, as I was back then)

Back to this Friday's ring loss...this ring isn't my original ring.  Hubby bought me a new ring when we got to a point to afford a ring nicer than the original. To be clear that was his idea.  I was fine with the original. This 2nd ring  I have had it since our 10th anniversary.  Our 40th anniversary is coming up in about 5 weeks. 

So after looking around the house, I decide I might as well retrace my running/walking route on the outside chance, I would see the sparkle of the ring.  The odds of that were so remote but if I didn't at least try, I would always wonder.  So off I go and repeat the 5 miles.  NO RING in sight. 

I call hubby who is in Washington DC to fess up that I am a moron.  (like he doesn't pretty much know this)
He says, don't worry about it, we will get me a new ring for our anniversary. 

Here is the thing...I am so relieved he isn't upset with me but I want my ring.  I want the ring that has been on my finger for 30 years.  I love my ring and not because of the size or cut or clarity but it is MY RING.

Anyway, I retrace every movement of my morning routine and get out my Dyson thinking surely if it is in the house I will find it. 

I found it, I did...It was in a fluffy rug in the hall bathroom.  I had washed my face and hands when I had come in from my walk/run and it must have slid off.


So my original premise is...this is why someone would wear one glove. The glove would keep their rings in place.  I can either buy Michael Jackson's glove (fake) off of Ebay or I can use a ove glove and be ever ready to take things out of the oven. 

The Good for the day...I have found my rings both times

The Bad for the Day....I lost them in the first place

The Weird for the day...Mascots can out run me in a 5K


Rachele said...

5k is nothing to sneeze about. I'm pretty sure I'd die. I use to love to run but...

Amazing that you found the rings. I don't have that kind of luck. Good thing I don't lose rings. I used to lose every bracelet I ever wore... so I stopped wearing them... to keep them safe.

bodaciousboomer said...

Congratulations on finding your ring. I know how relieved you must've been. I on the other hand, never have to worry. I've been married since God was a child but am still ring free at this juncture.

Cheryl P. said...

God might have been a child when I got married as well. I don't know why hubby wanted to give me an engagement ring. I truly wouldn't have mattered to me in the slightest. He was in the army the first time around and it was during the Viet Nam War. I think he just wanted me to have a ring on while he was gone. I have no idea why he thought I needed a different ring later. I am not into jewelry but I would miss having my rings on because for 40 years I have gotten used to them. It is the only jewelry I ever wear.

Jewell said...

Well firstly let me say you are officially an idol of mine. I always admire those who are able to set fitness goals for themselves and work hard enough that they might actually meet them. My fitness goals are bogged down in the cobwebs of my brain. I'd make a complete ass out of myself if I tried to run in public. 4 steps (and that's being generous) and my knees would crumble like a rusty slinky. It would be ugly and probably result in blood. No running for me.

I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find your ring! =) My mom was the same as you. Not a huge jewelry wearer and would have been happy with the original wedding set she had. On their 25th wedding anniversary dad reset her rings and bought her a bigger diamond to replace the one that had been in her engagement ring. However, she was never without her rings.

I on the other hand am a jewelry whore. Love making it, shopping for it, buying it, love ogling it..... A few years ago (when our other now dying business was going gangbusters) hubby bought me one of those 3 stone eternity bands. At some point in the last year I've managed to lose the large center stone. It's never been found, and no money to replace it so it's currently sitting on the dresser. I was devastated though when I realized it was gone....

Cheryl P. said...

That is devastating when it is a piece that you treasure. One of the few other rings I have is also the 3 stone eternity band that I got for our 25th anniversary. I think most women love jewelry, I don't know why it never appealed to me except for several sentimental pieces that hubby has given me. Good for you to love it, that will give you something to spend your money on when you become a famous photographer.

Jewell said...

lmao - "famous photographer"? I dunno so much about that. I'd be happy to make some money on something that I love doing. I'll likely remain fairly obscure next to someone like Annie Leibovitz.... =)

As for having something to spend my money on when/if I have some. You don't know my luck. I always find stuff that I want when I don't have any money, and can't find a thing that I like when I do have some. *shakes head*

jayne said...

Cheryl- So glad you found it! I know that sinking feeling about losing a precious (and sentimental) piece of jewelry. Done it myself plenty of times--only not an engagement ring! I like the glove idea. Now, whenever I see someone wearing only one glove in the warmer months and wonder... I'll know why, "You haven't lost a ring recently, have you?" !
Enjoy your weekend! We're off to Maine for the 4th. :D

Cheryl P. said...

Have a great weekend in Maine. Lovely place to be.

As for the sinking certainly is. I hope your experiences of losing things also resulting in finding them.

Have a safe trip and I will catch up with you next week. I am headed for Wash. DC for a few days so I might be out of the loop a bit.

Junebug said...

So glad you found it!!! I left mine in pants my MIL put in the washer. The opal broke in half and my hubby still won't replace it. I've worn a metal sculpture ring for eight years now in protest. Maybe if I lose it? I'll try that next. :-)

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you Junebug. Perhaps your MIL needs to contribute toward a new opal to put in there. If you need pointers how to lose a ring, I am the girl you need to talk to. I seem to have a talent for it.