Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lucky or Unlucky

A couple of days ago, I got a text from a friend that wanted to know if the day that I was embarrassing myself over at the Sweet Tomato Restaurant choking on a chunk of broccoli, if I thought I was going to die.

 For those of you that were reading my blog last February, you might remember that I did a post called  Random Acts of Kindness that told about my stellar move of trying to simultaneously talk, breath and eat some raw broccoli only to discover the breathing part went MIA.  As I literally was turning blue, I faintly recall snippets of the stir that I was causing. I heard a woman's voice on the phone with 911.  A few people commenting on my odd coloring. Several "OH MY GOD's". A lot of commotion and commentary surrounded me.

  Sweet Tomato is a salad bar kind of eatery, so my friend wasn't back to the table when all my "lunch disruption antics" started but she did come running when the crowd started to form. Gal Pal  tried to get around me to try the Heimlich Maneuver but she  is so small she couldn't get enough "oomph" to help.

 Fortunately, some really nice man intervened taking over with considerably more strength, reaching his arms around  me with the appropriate maneuver but nothing was working.  Actually, he tried a couple of times before picking me up over his arm and hitting my back much as a person would do with a small child.  That works on small adult women too, as it turns out.  Finally the offending broccoli made it's reappearance. I am sure much to the chagrin of the nearby diners.

  There are bits and pieces of that day (not referring to the broccoli here) that I was aware of and some that I wasn't aware of.  I remember the 911 calls but I didn't realize until my friend told me that there was one older lady that just kept eating her lunch totally undisturbed.  All, I can say about her is "there is a person that is totally able to focus on the task at hand". I am 100% sure that  I spoiled a perfectly good lunch hour for probably a 100 people and a couple of  EMT's that had to get in their ambulance all  for naught.

Anyway, back to my friend's question.  In that case, no I didn't have clear thoughts in those moments about dying.  I didn't have the experience of "my life flashing before my eyes"  I was trying to think, what might I do  to help dislodge that Fu**** piece of broccoli. Later, I thought, HOW EMBARRASSING!!!  Still later I thought....that would have been the worst obit in history.  Fifty-eight year old Kansas women died in the Sweet Tomato choking on some broccoli, she leaves behind some humiliated family members and a slew of diners that lost their appetites for their lunch.

  In this instance I  was shaken but the fact, I knew the ambulance was on the way, gave me a measure of hope.  There have been at 2 other times in my life that I really, truly thought I was a goner.  I was much surer in the other 2 times that there wasn't anyway to save myself.  Turns out I was wrong, so that is another couple of posts somewhere down the road.

Anyway, Gal Pal had been for whatever reason thinking about the events of that day and had questions.  Her first being  "did you think you were going to die" and the second being "did I notice the lady in the booth right next to me that didn't stray from eating her lunch?"  Gal Pal found the lady thought worthy.

So, to get around to the point for today....seemingly I have a knack for getting myself into messes.  I am klutzy to say the very least and not known for being "lucky".  However, because I have managed to actually survive and walk away from some of my antics, should I consider myself an extremely lucky person?

Do you believe in luck?  Do you believe in fate or destiny?  How about Devine Intervention or Guardian Angels??   Have you had an experience that you knew that some  outside force rescued you or intervened in some way?

I have no idea why the video used a pumpkin but I love the sentiments of the Michelle Featherston song, Good to Be Alive.

The Good for the Day....I have survived broccoli

The Bad for the Day.....People are very nervous around me over at the Sweet Tomato

The Weird for the Day... The lady that sat totally undisturbed my me trying to die next to her booth.


meleahrebeccah said...

Oh my goodness. What a story! And, I cannot get over the 'undisturbed lady' who kept eating while you were choking to death. Holy. Crap.

"Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in fate or destiny? How about Devine Intervention or Guardian Angels?? Have you had an experience that you knew that some outside force rescued you or intervened in some way?"

Hmmm.... well, I have had a few close calls with death. And I like to believe that I was lucky enough to survive. And, I also like to believe my grandparents that have passed on are watching over me, and keeping me safe.

You see, I have severe food allergies, and I have come very close to dying from anaphylaxis shock, on more than one occasion.

However, I also believe that when it's your time to go - it's just your time to go.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Meleah, I think you and I would have a lot in common. (except that I am getting older than dirt) I think there may be someone looking over me, but I think there is a degree of luck in the mix as well. I am a pragmatist though that when it's my day to go...I'll go.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

LOL, you daft git! It is a funny story now, but I bet you were bricking it at the time. I can honestly say that you are the only person who had nearly died from broccoli. Next time someone says it is good for you......!

Nicky said...

A friend of mine dragged me to a psychic once. Out of all the garbage that she came up with (tall dark stranger, big money, blah blah..) the one thing she did say that startled me was that I was lucky with my bad luck, and unlucky with my good luck. My friend thought that was the stupid part of my fortune telling, but I actually thought it was the only believable part!

And now, I don't think I will ever eat raw broccoli again! :-)

Cheryl P. said...

Annie, I love your expressions. Oh, yeah, by the time the EMT's got there a was shaking like a leaf. And I hadn't prepared by having my fancy underwear on as you had planned. The next time we went there my family wouldn't let me eat any broccoli.

Cheryl P. said...

Actually, that is a pretty profound statement. (does it really apply?) I think I am lucky in my bad luck, a lot...Something tells me you won't be a klutz like me when you are eating broccoli.

Cheryl P. said...

I was thinking about your allergies today...Do you carry one of those types of medications for emergency reactions. I forget the name of that type of medicine. That sounds really scary.

Jewell said...

See...I only eat my broccoli steamed or stir fried...all the nubby little bits on the florets (when they are raw} creep me out! =)

"Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in fate or destiny? How about Devine Intervention or Guardian Angels?? Have you had an experience that you knew that some outside force rescued you or intervened in some way?"

Are you trying to kill me...I have family in town (and no tongue left to bite) and you are wanting me to THINK?! *insert fake irritated huff here*

Ok...soo..lemme think. Do I believe in luck? Nah...not so much. I don't so much believe in coincidence either in case you were wondering.

I definitely believe in fate. I believe our destiny is what we make of what successes and challenges are presented to us.

I believe in a higher source, though nothing that is recognized by a church. I believe in spirits (as in ghosts/dead people walking among us), and I believe in guides. I believe both are around us at all times.

Have I had an experience...yes. I was young and dumb and thinking I was invincible (shocker, yeah?). I worked late shift at a local factory when I was home from college. We all decided to go out to the bar in town and grab a beer. I got plastered. With all of the wisdom of the brain cells swishing around like ice in a scotch, I was sober enough to drive. In reality, the thought of what my breathalyzer might have been kinda freaks me out. I get in the car, drive home on black as pitch country farm roads, and pass....out.....cold. Someone, something was watching over me that night because he/she/it/they shook me awake (this was before rumble strips were put on the shoulders of the road) and kept saying "Wake up! Wake up!" and I woke up just in time to keep the car from running off the road into a deep ditch, and up head-on into a phone pole.

Another time, long drive and really sleepy (though, this time stone cold sober). I was driving home from school for the weekend (mom had to do my laundry after all), but I was so tired. Very little traffic on the highways and nothing to keep my attention on the road. I stared dozing off. I started drifting severely, and he/she/it/they slugged me in the arm and yanked the wheel of the car back to center. I'm not sure if the sudden swerve, the "assault" or both woke me up, but I woke up and made it all the way home.

Robinlausanne said...

With fifteen years of being drunk every day, without divine intervention I would have been gone over thirty years ago. And since then? I could find another dozen times where no human power could have taken care of the situation I had put myself into. When I studied philosophy at university the early Greek philosophers said that there were two things that men and women needed to do to have a happy and fulfilled life. The first was to overcome their fear of death. Death has no pain. The second was to reconcile the ego with a creator, to form a true relationship and understanding with that creator which most religions refer to as God. They said that nothing is from us, it all comes through us. It certainly helped my understand why my drinking/drugging life has been different to my sober one.
I'm sure there is more good work for you to do on the planet Cheryl. And the lady in the booth next door to you? She was probably praying and I'm just thankful her prayers worked.

(p.s. I prefer my broccoli cooked.)

Cheryl P. said...

First, let me say, whatever higher power was keeping track of your boozy and/or sleepy self, I am glad they were on the ball.
I do believe in a higher power and that there are also angels or guides that help us out. Some things don't seem to have any other explanation.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh... and about luck. I do think there is something about some people that always have things go well. You know the lottery winner that has won 3 major lotteries and such. Conversly, other people that can't catch a break. I'm not clear why the distinction. Karma? Random? I do know a couple of people that I can plan on the fact, if something can go wrong, it will and it will happen to them.

Cheryl P. said...

Isn't it interesting how our lives evolve? oh...and at different speeds. I have a good friend that is 85 and she is feeling that she is just now gaining some clarity into what her life is about. While I hope I gain some focus before my 80's I still struggle to find out what my purpose is.

Cheryl P. said...

Also, the fact that you thought the lady was praying is a testament to your positive thinking. Gal Pal and I know this lady. This particular lady just seems to have ice water running through her veins and Gal Pal thought maybe in a crisis, we would see some form of compassion. NOPE

meleahrebeccah said...

It's an Epi-Pen. And I don't leave the house without it!

Nicky said...

It does apply. And don't be so sure - I'm a terrible klutz and once choked on a piece of gum during a funeral. I managed to dislodge it myself, but not without making the most horrific, embarrassing gagging sound!

Cheryl P. said...

I would say that is really funny, but I suppose that is rude of me to laugh about you almost choking. It so sounds like something that I would have done.

junebug1990 said...

Is it bad that my take away on this is "OMG! There is a Sweet Tomatoes in Kansas now?" We always get restaurants I like after I move away. I'm glad you are ok though. :-)

Cheryl P. said...

There are two of them here. One in Overland Park and one in Kansas City, MO . Overland Park has gone crazy with new restaurants. More choices to do stupid things in for me.