Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Good News and the Bad News

The Good News ..... The Rapture didn't happen...well at least I don't think it happened.  I know some really good people and they seem to still be here.  I guess, I can't quantify "the Rapture didn't happen" by my still being around.  It could be said I would still be here either way it went. 

The Bad News....This mornings paper had this rather large article about all the people that firmly believed it would happen and made some financial and/or life decisions accordingly.  You might remember from my post of couple of days ago, that Realtors were getting blamed on the View for starting this rumor so people would sell their homes.   Well, that just pisses me off on so many levels.
Anyway, for those that sold their home and now are at a loss as to where they might live, today might hold some challenges. Who would have thought that the world NOT ending could be bittersweet?

The Good News....My house is still intact.

The Bad News...For anyone that watched the Today Show this morning, you already know that 20 tornadoes went through Oklahoma and Kansas last night.  I will tell you that hubby and I are both hardly able to function this morning as this is what our evening looked like:

10:15 PM  Sirens start sounding.....At this point I am on the 3rd living level up in our house, hubby has gone to bed which is also up on the top floor.  I am figuring that this might not be the best place to be so I go tell him to get out of bed and haul his tired self to the lowest level.  This isn't exactly a hardship or anything as there is a very nice family room down there so he can lay down and watch the weather on the TV. By this time the wind has picked up, small hail is coming down and the TV guy is telling us that Olathe is in the direct path for the tornado, torrential rain, and micro bursts.  (Really, Mother Nature, you need to give us both micro bursts and tornado.  Shame on you.  Make a decision and stick with it.)

10:45 PM   ....The rain has let up a bit but the sirens are re-sounding.  A second storm is about to roll through.  No tornado warning this time, just the torrential rain and micro burst winds.

11:07 PM .... Again...another wave of thunderstorm is rolling through. Lots of lightening and thunder but less rain.

12:15 AM.... Seems the worst is over so we make our way off the sofa in the family room and go up to our Master Bedroom on the top floor.

12:30 AM....  Having washed our faces and brushed our teeth, laying in our bed discussing our blessings:  our home is intact, our new roof is yet to be installed, (had I already had the new roof, that hail would have really irritated me), and generally we are glad that all is quite for the moment.

1:20 AM....  House alarm sirens go off. HOLY SH**, What the hell???  We jump out of bed to try to figure out what is happening.   The sirens reset and it is quiet.  We are thinking maybe a power surge triggered them.

3:10  AM.... HOUSE ALARM SIRENS AGAIN...This just isn't our night to get any sleep at all.  Again, we can't figure out what is triggering these freakin' alarms.  They reset themselves.

7:00 AM  We are two tired, crabby people that are not moving very quickly this morning.

The Good...As stated earlier, I turned on the Tivo version of the Weekend Today Show and the top story is the weather in the Midwest. 

The Bad...I am so glad that they find this all so exciting and fun. Additionally, I am so happy (do you see the sarcasm dripping from my verbiage, here?) that Mr. Bettes is enjoying hanging around KC, for the fun of watching the next wave of storms due through here this evening. Good Times!!!

As for my Good and Bad for the day, I am sure you have enough already.

As for the Weird....I don't know if this really is what I typically think of as weird, BUT this song was written in 1968 by someone in a storm celler just north of Elma, Iowa.  What is interesting about this (at least to me) that a person would feel creative and inclined to write music during a tornado.


Mrs. Pickle said...

This is my first time to your blog. Thanks for the laughs :)

Cheryl P. said...

Why thank you Mrs. Pickle for stopping by and especially for laughing. I will be stopping by and visiting at your blog as well. What an interesting title you have. Can't wait.

Sandra said...

I just caught some tornado footage on the news, I can't even speak about it, it's so devastating. Glad you are safe Cheryl!

Cheryl P. said...

Thank you, Sandra. I too, have been watching the news this morning. Isn't it so heart wrenching to see the destruction. This has been a horrible weather year for so many people. Gosh, I am feeling blessed and sad at the same time.

meleahrebeccah said...

Holy. Crap. That must have been terrifying. I have never been in a weather crisis like that, and I can't even imagine. I am VERY happy to hear that you are safe and okay.

Cheryl P. said...

I am thinking most Midwesterners are so used to hearing the warning sirens, it's kind of like Peter and the Wolfe's fable. The odds are so rare that the tornadoes actually touch down. I have been pretty diligent about getting into the lower level this year because these storms are more severe and more frequent.

I guess every region as something that is the "thing" to be aware of.. forest fires, earthquakes, etc.

I am feeling really blessed though when I see the results of those poor people in Joplin. God, my heart breaks for them.

Jewell said...

Glad you guys are ok. I was thinking of you when all this was going on. We had one of those exact sort of nights the night before we had to leave for our business trip to San Antonio last month. I can soooo relate to this (with the exception of the house alarm - we ain't gots one of dem). xo (( Cheryl )) Glad you guys are good!

Cheryl P. said...

How funny are we? I was thinking about you the other night during the storms. You live in the southern part of MO, don't you? I figured you might have had it worse than KC. So ((Jewell)) back at you. I am glad to see you aren't blown away and all is well.

That damn alarm kept going off sporadically for 2 days until we could get it fixed. Not a big fan of alarms with sirens these days.

Jewell said...

LOL...we are quite the pair, huh? =) I'm thinking of you tonight as the storms are rolling your way right about now if they aren't already there! Yeah...we are south central. We are about an hour north of Mountain Home, AR and about an hour and 1/2 east of Springfield.

Glad you got the alarm fixed. I'm feeling about the same way about my weather radio these days! =) (( Cheryl ))