Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've Been Tagged

Time is a peculiar thing.  There are moments in which some random memory will come to mind that nearly feels like it happened yesterday but in actuality was ...well...maybe 40 years ago.  Other times, something that happened 10 years ago seems so faint in my recollection that I am not even sure that the memory is accurate.

I was just over at  Really?! Wait! What? reading Jewell's post for the day.  She starts her blog post today about the game of tag and how fast she could run as a little girl. (Well, maybe she can still run that fast..not sure, I guess)  Being the "quick kid" is a great thing for winning at the game of tag but maybe not for being "the kid who is invited to play".   Being great at something can set you apart from those that wouldn't want to compete with you.  But, I digress...

I can't remember actually playing tag.  I am sure I  must have played the game at some point when I was little.  I know we played dodge ball, kick-the-can, Red Rover, hide and seek,  and a number of other child oriented games that I remember quite clearly. I don't think I excelled at any games that required speed or agility. What usually got me chosen is that everyone recognized that I would give it my best effort and I tend to get along with everyone.  In other words, I have a great positive attitude while I suck at any given sport or game. 

So, today, I find that I am in a game of "tag".  Jewell has tapped me (or my blog) and yelled "You're It!"
I didn't really see her coming.  She is gazelle-like in her approach.  FAST...right up till the moment of slamming into me, slapping the hell out of me, tagging me.

I have been given a few directions (if I  choose to accept this mission...oops wrong game)  as a result of this game of tag.

Rule #1    No tag backs.  (Frankly, I think that is a lot to ask of me)

Rule #2   Jewell, took it upon herself to change the number of people to be tagged to 6.  I can count to 6 so that should work.

Rule #3 Answer some questions.  She, being the generous person she is, has given me a set of two different questions.  Actually, Jewell has been tagged 3 times this week so she has had to figure out what set of questions to go with.  Three...really??? Who knew that she would be the equivalent of "Miss Congeniality"
of the blogger set.  

To simplify, I will tag 6 of my favorite blogs and you can answer these questions.  (again, only if you want to play)

If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
I would have bought a lot of Walmart stock in 1970 instead of any of the under preforming crap that I really did buy.

What movie/TV personality do you most resemble in personality?
maybe not quite
like this.
I am told I remind people of Carol Burnette.  I am not sure if they mean when she is being herself or if she is being the lady with the mop and bucket. I would rather people say I look like Sofia Vergara but they never do.

If you could push one person over the cliff and get by with it, who would it be?
 HMMM ...so many to choose from....and keeping in mind I am a pacifist...but if I HAD to push someone over....There really are a lot on the list... There's the group of people that have committed horrible atrocities on other people, the group of narcissistic personalities that rake in cash for acting badly and  all the politicians that vote according to  their own self-serving interests and don't consider what is in the best interest of their constituents.  OK, there are probably a lot of people that never ever ever ever should stand near a cliff in my vicinity.

Name one habit you would like to change in yourself?
Not worry as much as I do.

Describe yourself in one word.

Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.
Smart  or should I say Funny...no Smart....no Funny....let's go with smart......I got it...
Interesting...that's it ....she is interesting.

In one sentence, why do you blog?
After regularly reading a couple of interesting blogs, I thought it would be fun to learn the process of setting one up, sharing ideas and networking with interesting people that I normally wouldn't ever have an opportunity to meet in the face-to-face world.

OK now for the six that I am sneaking up on...tippy toes...tap tap on the shoulder..


Meleah Rebecca at Momma Mia Mea Culpa
Nicky at  We Work For Cheese
Madge at I-Madge-ine The Twaddle
Junebug at Junebug's Musings
Kelly at Writing in the Margins Bursting at the Seams
Nancy at Normalarkey

By the way, If I could reach out and tag those of you that don't have blogs but are my ever faithful readers such as Barb S. in AZ, (more than one Barb) Dale, Wayne, Tom and Larry. and all of you that have hit the FOLLOW button..I would reach out and invite you to play too.  I appreciate all of you that let me vent, rant, tease, whine, and spew nonsense to you. 

The Good for the Day...Making connections via the computer

The Bad for the Day...When there are misinterpretations or misunderstandings in this form of communication.  It is hard to know how to "take" things without hearing verbal inflections or seeing people's faces. 

The Weird for the Day...1 in 8 marriages now are people that have met on the Internet.  Weird huh?

Ahhh...when we were young and could run like a gazelle...


junebug1990 said...

Good thing it is not freeze tag! :-)

I'm with you on who to push over the cliff. Although I would add anyone who cut me off without a turn signal. Somehow the no signal part pushes over the really rude line.

Thanks for tagging me.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, that is so true about the "no turn signal". Actually, I might have to do a whole post on the assorted bad driver moves that drive me crazy. (crazy being a relative term for me). Thanks for playing.

Don E. Chute said...

Cheryl P-
For being a newbie on my must reading lost, I enjoy your writing very much.
Did you ever wonder how we are still alive after playing the likes of tag, and God forbid the third rail of school-yard games....the dreaded Dodge-ball!

Nicky said...

Oh my! This is going to be a lot of fun...thanks for tagging me (and just so you know, I really sucked at childhood games too. Adult ones too, for that matter! I just have no coordination!)

Cheryl P. said...

Well, thank you Don, I appreciate that.
I hear the Dodge Ball is now forbidden in most schools. Makes sense that it isn't great to promote kids trying to lamblast other kids. Times have certainly changed.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, how true of me. No one would have ever accused me of being athletic.
Luckily in this game of tag it doesn't really require running. I am
winded just at the thought of it. (wheeeezee wheeezzzeee)

Bodaciousboomer said...

You know, I'm always tickled to be tagged. I find it bizarre that someone else would ever really do so to me. But as you know, it's a lot of work.

It seems to take me forever; but then I have the attention span of a gnat on meth, so that may have something to do with it.

Madge said...

YAY! I love being it, people better watch out.
I'll get to posting this probably tomorrow, thanks for the tag :)

meleahrebeccah said...

Oh fun! Here are my answers:

* If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

Hmmm… that's tough. I would have bought a crapton of Apple Stock when it was referenced in the movie Forrest Gump.

* What movie/TV personality do you most resemble in personality?

Leah Remini [from the TV show King of Queens]

* If you could push one person over the cliff and get by with it, who would it be?

My ex-boyfriend!

* Name one habit you would like to change in yourself?

To be able to FINALLY quit smoking, once and for all.

* Describe yourself in one word.


* Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.


* In one sentence, why do you blog?

Because it's fun and I've met some amazing people.