Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wayward Weed

not this big
 A few years ago, hubby was out on a consulting job and made an impulse "buy".  Hubby is somewhat famous for shopping when he is out of town working.  Seems that he tracked down a bargain on two rather large topiaries in large pots that he thought would look  nice on our Dallas patio.  Unfortunately, the trucking company that was in charge of shipping these to us, typed our street numbers as 1420 instead of the 1402 it should have been.  Did I mention these topiaries were BIG?

not this big, either

more like this

After a week of the shipment being MIA, Yellow Freight tracked down the misdirected delivery and figured out they had left my carefully sculpted pine trees in pots at house down the street from me.  Off I recover my trees.
As luck would have it the very nervous woman that answered the door said, "Yes, there were two very large crates delivered but I just left them on the porch.  The next day they disappeared." 

I have no way of proving that her back patio did or didn't have two very nice topiaries sitting back there but if darting eyes and stammering are an indicator of guilt, this chick had my flora decorating her patio.

What does this have to do with today's post, I hear you say?  Within the last 3 weeks, I have heard at least three stories about wayward packages.  Not topiary in pots but POT.  What is going on with misguided shipments?  AND I listened to these stories I envision the real owners that were expecting their shipments marching to the door and saying "Excuse me but Fedex (or UPS or whoever) said they left a package here by mistake.  You might of noticed it having an "earthy" rank odor but I assure you that it is just some medicinal herbs that I am needing for medicinal reasons. You see me sweating profusely, right?  It is just some of the symptoms of my medical condition. Could I trouble you to hand over my package, pronto."  By the way, you haven't been talking to any cops lately have you?  Just asking.

According to the real news stories, it sounds like the real owners didn't come and claim their wayward weed but it would have made for a great story.  Here are a few of what turns out to be many "wrong" deliveries of pot gone astray.

A couple of weeks ago an elderly Pennsylvania couple came home to find a package on their front porch. Not recognizing the sender, they let the package sit a few days thinking that maybe someone would come by to retrieve it.  When no one claimed the package, they opened it to find a five pound brick of high grade marijuana.  The couple turned it in to the police that traced it back to a fake address in Tollison, AZ. (Good thing the couple didn't get pulled over for a traffic stop on the way to the police station.  Yikes)

Also, in April, another delivery was made to a dentist's office in New York City.  Orthodontist, Richard Lyons was returning from a conference when he discovered a parcel had been left for him at his Dr. Toothy's Dental Office.  The package was correctly labeled to his address.  The sender was listed as Gwendoline Lyons, whom the doctor said he didn't know.  So the doctor opened the parcel to find a box containing dish soap, wet wipes and 31 pounds of marijuana.   (presumably the dish soap and wipes were to mask the fragrance Eau de Cannabis) 

Dr. Lyons also, turned his unexpected stash over to the police who said the estimated street value is around $45,000.00.  Dr. Lyons, who calls himself, King of Chinatown, said is was one of the weirdest day of his career.  (one of the weirdest?  I wonder what some of the others are?)

Still in another incident, a package containing 70 pounds of marijuana was sent to  a business in Winter Park, Fl.  The weed had a street value of $200,000.  An employee called the police to retrieve the misguided parcel.  (He may or may not be getting "Employee of the Month" depending on who the owners of the company are and if they were expecting a shipment.)

Actually, when I did a search for waylaid weed stories, there are dozens of them.  So to all of you senders of illegal drugs...or anything illegal really should be doing a better job on getting your addresses correct.

But....doesn't it make you wonder how many people are finding these waylaid parcels and thinking it is just their lucky day.

The Good for the Day....Somebody in Texas has two very nice large topiary, thanks to hubby's weakness for shopping.

The Bad for the Day....When packages get lost.

The Weird for the Day....Nothing to do with today's subject but WEIRD none the less.
You may or may not of heard the controversy over the suspension of two  Ohio teens for "passing gas" on the school bus.  The story first appeared in the Columbus Dispatch but  now been picked up by national news agencies.  For those of you that haven't heard the details as of yet.   Two 13 year olds

Child discipline expert Dr. Michele Borba says that an Ohio middle school's decision to suspend 13-year-old Anthony Nichols for farting on the school bus reeks of poor judgement.


Wayne said...

So your hubby buys some things, sounds like a great guy. Your neighbors on the other hand sound like some assholes. Better pick a better neighborhood. UPS is here, not sure I ordered anything but looking forward to my $45,000 pay off. LOL

Cheeseboy said...

That reminds me, I really need to check on that tracking number for the weed I ordered. I'm getting a little nervous about it.

This story was just funny on accounts.

Bodacious Boomer said...

Sadly, no unexpected packages of any kind have made their way to my address as yet.

As far as your missing topiaries go. if you climb high enough within the company at any shipping company, eventually you will get some kind of satisfaction.

Always go straight to the CEO's office. You can get the # from your local library. Ask for the research dept.

Then call the company. Most of them have "executive action" personnel who can fix almost any problem.

meleah rebeccah said...

Yikes. Your neighbors are jerks. Who steals plants/trees? UGH!

Cperz said...

Wayne, better be careful about turing unwanted mail into a 2nd job. At least hold back some of your proceeds to pay your bail.

Cperz said...

Hi Cheeseboy, Nice to see you. Have I told you how funny you are today? I noticed on one of the talk shows, one of the guests said if he got a package with 30 pounds of weed, he'd call the cops and say. Hey, come and get this I got 15 pounds of weed that isn't mine.

Cperz said...

Hi Michele, I just got home and haven't done my blog reading yet today. I will try to catch up with everyone. That neighbor moved shortly thereafter, so I never really spotted if she had them. I am pretty sure though, she did. (she was a strange one) Yellow freight paid us as they were insured.

Cperz said...

Hi Meleah Rebecca, I have had some really kooky neighbors from time to time. I probably need to do another post about some of the stories.

Are you having trouble today posting comments? I am!! 2 have never shown up, one site won't even let me type one and one sent it twice. I am about ready to give up.

Jayne Martin said...

I'd make the delivery company replace those topiaries. It was their error.

Cperz said...

We did put in a claim for them as we had them insured. By the time we were done with it, I was out of the mood to replace them. That neighbor was a bit odd. She seemed to be fairly looped most of the time. I am not sure meds or margaritas but loopy all the same.

meleah rebeccah said...

Yes, I have been having trouble leaving comments on your blog. But apparently, it was a blogger issue and they seem to have corrected the problem!

And you do have some crazy neighbors. Aside from this one whole STOLE your package, you had that other nutjob run out of the house in his underwear just because you were taking a picture of his tree.

What is the DEAL with your neighbors and plant life!


Cperz said...

Yeh, that is how my luck goes. If there is a crackpot anywhere in a given town to which I move, I will buy the house next door.

I think I created some of my own problems. I tried to install Disqus and now when I try to comment on Disqus blogs there is a corrupted file between Disqus and Blogger. The Disqus people probably could straighten it out if they would ever get back with me. In the meantime I guess when I comment on your posts I will just put Cheryl P. at the end.

Jayne Martin said...

I'd make the delivery company replace those topiaries. It was their error.

Cheryl said...

Hi Michele, I just got home and haven't done my blog reading yet today. I will try to catch up with everyone. That neighbor moved shortly thereafter, so I never really spotted if she had them. I am pretty sure though, she did. (she was a strange one) Yellow freight paid us as they were insured.