Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Around the Water Cooler

This week the news loop went from WTF
 (Weiner, Trial, Floods) to CRAP.

Isn't this the Judge Judy set?

Normally, I go right into the stories you might have missed.  BUT the Caley Anthony trial has progressed into BIZARRE this week. As I am pretty sure you can't be escaping this story because it is on non-stop in the news but is anyone actually following the facts related to this case?  If the case itself isn't  convoluted enough, the crowds of spectators is the final push into the "Twilight Zone".

Lines of  people who are being referred to as "fans" of the trial are fighting for spots to sit in the proceedings.  What really puts this over the top is the cheerful faces and people saying things like "I  can't miss an episode of this.    OK, is any one else finding this creepy.


Just to get a sense of how weird this is getting this is one of the many clips of the lines. I can't actually post the videos at they are not available for reposting but they do allow us to link them.  So you can  CLICK HERE

The Immaculate Intoxication
Lindsay Lohan is back in the news today.  You thought you had a 120 days of a reprieve while she was serving "time" in the Malibu Beach, didn't you??? Well, not so fast. She has been a busy,busy girl.  She had a roof top party, that she was quick to point out wasn't really a party.  No, was a Barbecue.   Then she shot a commercial for Beezid Auction for reportedly somewhere north of $25,000 dollars plus another $10,000  in ecommerce credit.  Not bad money while serving time in the joint, huh? 

But, then the news breaks....there is an IMMACULATE INTOXICATION. That's right.   She is saying that none of her party friends brought in any booze, she has had no alcohol in the house and one of her mandated tox screens shows poor maligned Lindsay has alcohol in her system.  It must be a miracle. 

This morning (as I am writing this on Thursday) our little convict is back before the same judge that sentenced her to her beachy abode to serve out her 120 days.   AND this is what the judge had to say....Lindsay can't have more than one friend at a time to her house but that does not apply to family members. This means no more parties. She is to have no more tox screens, so she is free to drink but can't drive. this really even a punishment???  None of us is supposed to drink and drive and we aren't even under house arrest.  (I'm not at least...hopefully, you aren't)

Does an age difference in Hollywood make a difference?

Last week we had the big breakup news of Crystal Harris  from Hugh Hefner.  How unexpected that a 25 year old would back out of a wedding with an 85 year old.  Such a heartbreak ending of a relationship that fairy tales are made of, but never fear my romantic-minded cyber friends, we have another "true love" story.

Doug Hutchinson, age 51,  best known for his roles as a guard in the movie Green Mile, as well as roles on  Lost and the X-Files, has taken a new bride.
Doug's new wife is sixteen year old Courtney Alexis Stodden. Courtney is a former beauty pageant queen that ran in Miss Teen Washington USA last year and has been trying to break into a career as a pop star. 

Courtney's parents say they are pleased with this union.  Her dad says he is so happy that his daughter has a man like this behind his daughter.  OK, Dad, time to shut up....really...don't talk.

I guess that Courtney didn't realize Hugh is available again.

Flying First Crass

The San Francisco Chronicle reports a story and picture this week of a traveler on  a June 9th flight. This traveler was boarded on a flight leaving San Francisco six days prior to the arrest of DeShon Marman.  DeShon was arrested on a US Airways flight for refusing to pull up his pants.  Seems the pants...well technically his pajama bottoms were "inappropriately" low on his body. 

A spokesman for US Airways, told the Chronicle that they have a dress policy.  The policy states that clothing has to cover your private parts.  In DeShon's case they believe that  his pants were leaving "parts of his parts" in plain view.  DeShon did not take this critique of his wardrobe well and made quite a ruckus.  He supposedly, injured an officer while being taken into custody. 

Now word comes out compete with pictorial backup that 6 days prior to DeShon's fashion woes we have a gentleman (and I use that word loosely) who was boarded, seated and flew out on a US Airways flight.  This picture was taken by a fellow passenger, Jill Tarow.  (I wonder if she has a blog?)

NOTE:  This is the kind of person, that I would get seated next to had I been on that flight.  I'm lucky like that.

One more for the day...

My Home is Away from Home

Last week, police in Dundalk, Ontario, a community located north of Toronto, had a man from Brampton, file a report that someone stole his home.  He claimed that he came home to his $30,000, 1000 sq. ft. home and it was missing. 

It didn't take police long to find the missing house.  It was resting comfortably  10 kilometers north on a plot of land in Proton Station, Ontario. 

A 43 year old  Southgate man has been charged with the theft.  He tried proving the home was his with documents that were proven to be fraudulent.

The Good for the Day.... I wasn't on the US Airways flight and didn't have to sit next to underwear man.

The Bad for the Day....One I was seated on a plane next to a homeless man.  The man had been given a ticket to get home to his family.  (that part is nice, actually)  The bad part was that I had paid for a First Class ticket and the guy had, had an to put this delicately... a stinky poo accident and I was so nauseated by the smell.  I didn't want to say anything though because really...poor guy was in bad shape.  So I stuck it out for a 3 hour flight.  Oh shit...literally..oh shit.

The Weird for the Day....On Fridays the news round up is weird. 

Here is a little diversion for Friday...


Tim Riley said...

I'm with you on the Anthony trial. It's become entertainment for people, and that is really disturbing. I blame the media. It serves their incessant need to fill a 24 hour news cycle.

Cheryl P. said...

You are absolutely right, Tim. When news programing became "entertainment news" programs the line between the two disappeared. Now everything is for "our viewing pleaure". The more sensationalized the better. The people fighting each other for a place in line is just disturbing in the case of this particular trial.

Iluvbeingagrandpa said...

Thank goodness the Underwear stealing Gnome from Simon's video didn't get on that US Airways flight and do his stealing on that passenger described on today's blog......good grief, that picture makes me throw up a little.....

Cheryl P. said...

I hadn't even noticed the underwear stealing gnome in the video. But you are right. If anything else started showing up in plain view on that guy, I would be throwing up a LOT. EEEEKKKKKK

Cheeseboy said...

Lindsay probably just got the alcohol in her system from the mouthwash or hand sanitizer. She really shouldn't drink that stuff.

Funny stuff all the way through.

Cheryl P. said...

That Lindsay is a mess so I guess I wouldn't put it past her to have Nyquil with a Listerine chaser in a pinch when the good stuff isn't available. It's a shame she is so continually making bad choices.

L.C. Griffith said...

I'm sickened by the attention the Casey Anthony Trial is getting. I live in Florida and I have to say that it is a Mecca for maniacs and a magnate for the macabre California is right up there with Florida.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Great minds think alike. I wrote about the Casey Anthony trial today too.

The guy from the Green Mile was uber creepy in that role. And now it seems he's that way in real life too.

Jewell said...

I read this on the way to the chiropractor appointment yesterday. I laughed my a** off at "Flying First Crass"...which I actually first read as "Frying First Crass" which would not only mean something completely different but would also indicate that you might have switched nationalities on me suddenly. =)

However, I am absolutely embarrassed to be human the way those idiots are acting outside of the courthouse for the tickets to the trial. It's a disgrace for that sh** to not only be publicized so that the rest of the world can yet again have confirmed that the so many Americans are a bunch of mindless, uneducated idiots, but it's also an enormous disgrace to the memory of the beautiful little girl that lost her life at the hands of a monster (whether it's her mother, her grandfather, or her grandmother). Face facts...that family is f****d up to the n-th degree and all of them are well versed in the art of lying. It's amazing to me that none of them are politicians since their lying muscles are so well exercised.

*huff* Ok...end rant here... =)

Cheryl P. said...

I will have to get over to your place and get caught up. I haven't read anyones stuff today as I got busy doing some week end chores. I will be talking to you over at your place.

I do think that is creepier than most. In every picture she is looking like a posed model. It screams gold digger but at 16 she is already making such bad decisions. It sounds like her family is equally moronic.

Cheryl P. said...

I thought the same thing when I typed CRASS but coming out of San Fran it is highly probable that would be the way it was pronounced any way.

I totally agree that we are collectively seeing the dumbing down of America and it is becoming a media sensation. Why do people not get that they are embarrassing themselves and dragging the perception of the rest of us
with them?

Then, you are so right on about the case itself. What a f***** up mess. Every day a new set of lies and the fact they are all covering each other up with lies, I don't know how the jury will sort it out. I consider the whole bunch of them pure evil.

Jewell, I think I am losing my sunny disposition. Could it be????

Cheryl P. said...

I hadn't thought about how you have that going on in your state. You have my sympathy that you have all these voyeurs swarming into Florida to act like idiots. I do love your phrasing Mecca for Maniacs and magnate for the macabre. I swear you win the prize for the best choice of words in all of the blogosphere.

Jewell said...

Losing your sunny disposition? NEVER! Impossible!! You are blinding with your sunniness. You could never run out of it! =)

Cheryl P. said...

I like your optimism, my friend. There is a slight possibility, however, that my sunnyness is going into a partial eclipse. I need not to watch any more about the reprobates in Orlando.

Jewell said...

Yeah...but if you do that then how will I find a way to laugh over all those morons with nothing better to do? If you stop watching and I will have lost my ability to laugh. And you don't want to shut up the braying donkey laugh I sport do you? *snicker*

Cheryl P. said...

Hell no...we can't have you losing the braying donkey laugh **heeehhaawww** I'll keep watching for now. Maybe something funny will happen. Actually that one guy that has been sprinting for the head of the line that has the neck brace on. (quite visable in most of the clips of the line) He is collecting disability insurance for a workmans comp claim. I am keeping an eye on him to see if anyone figures out his claim is fraudulent. If he goes missing, he's in jail.