Friday, March 29, 2013

When Pigs Fly

Crabby Pants and Reporter Cheryl P. on the hunt for odd news

In a Pig's Eye 

Yesterday I woke up to hear a strange report on  the local Kansas City news. A gas station attendant found  an insulated  medical cooler containing two eyeballs that had been  left on top of a trash can at a Conoco gas station. Yes, you read that correctly...eyeballs.  Two eyeballs packed in ice in a cooler just sitting there.  Needless to say, this caused a bit of a panic.  Who leaves their eyeballs at the gas station?

It turns out that two men in a blue Toyota with Nebraska plates left them there, according to the security cameras.   Still, the investigators were concerned that perhaps these were supposed to be at an eye bank and that there might be some urgency involved in figuring out where they belonged. However, police called all the area hospitals and transplant centers and none were expecting deliveries of eyes. 

I am sure you all will be relieved to know that he Jackson County Medical Examiner determined later in the day that the eyes weren't from a human.  They were, in fact, pig's eyes. 
surveillance camera footage

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.Can there be any reasonable explanation of why someone would  pack pig eyes in a medical cooler?

Speaking of Pigs

A Library of Congress employee is facing a felony charge after placing  ads on Craigslist. Kenneth Kuban placed an ad under the category "Casual Encounters" directing men seeking sex to the home of a woman that he had previously dated for a short period of time. In his correspondence with respondents, he included her picture and her address.

Kuban, 61, targeted the woman as part of an extensive stalking/harassment campaign after their relationship  ended. The woman, identified as L.M., had secured a restraining order against Kuban but he continued to torment her by placing ads on Craigslist.

The phony Craigslist ad did exactly as Kuban hoped. L.M has been deluged by men answering the ads. Some of the respondents came from other states. Even though she posted signs on her fence and gate that anyone responding to the ads were un-invited and trespassing, she still had a steady flow of people coming by.  Police were having to be called several times a day to get rid of unwelcome visitors.

Federal agents linked Kuban to the ads pursuant to a search warrant of his work computer. Kuban was a film preservationist at the Library of Congress.

Guess some things need to be preserved on a computer but probably not fraudulent ads seeking sex for your ex. Maybe the Craigslist people could use this as proof of how effective their ads work.

And This Little Piggy Went Home....Empty Handed

As long as I have a swine theme going, there is a report out of Redding, California of a failed burglary attempt on Kent's Meats and Groceries. There is a video released of a man in his pajama bottoms trying to break the front window of the market.  The hapless burglar, however runs away after setting off the alarm.

Kent Pfrimmer, the store's owner told KRCR-TV  " I think we are pretty fortunate.  He didn't look too intelligent to me. He said he thought the video was comical.

Sometimes a person just needs to bring home the bacon. 

For Petey's Sake

Best photo bomb a pig.
Queens resident Danielle Forgione is scrambling to sell her second-floor apartment after a neighbor complained about 1-year-old Petey the pig to the co-op board. In November and December she was issued city animal violations and in January was told by both the city and her management office that she needed to get rid of the pig.

“He’s part of our family,” says Forgione, whose short and stocky pet weighs in at nearly 40 pounds, stands 15-inches tall and measures 21-inches long, snout to tail. “This is our pet. He’s not harming anybody. He goes to the vet every six months, he gets his hooves clipped, he gets de-wormed, he gets his shots.”

But the city put its foot down and earlier this month denied her petition to amend the city’s health code to create an exception for “domesticated mini pigs.” She’s exhausted her appeals and has until later this summer to remove Petey or authorities will do it for her.

Exactly how many people own pigs in the city is unclear. But many connect online, creating Facebook pages for their pigs and swapping photos. One Brooklyn pig named Franklin is dressed up in Mets baseball gear and has more than 1,000 likes on his Facebook page.

Pig lovers also hope to overturn the city’s ban.

They point to the case of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina, who adopted a pig from an
animal shelter in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy and brought it to Gracie Mansion on Thanksgiving Day. A spokesman for the mayor says she learned it was illegal and took it back to her home in Florida the next day.

Pig activists’ strongest hope may be with New York State Sen. Tony Avella, who last month held a news conference for Petey and has called the city health commissioner to plead the pig’s case — so far to no avail.

Pork in politics...nothing new. 


Cheryl P. said...

That was my concern when I heard the news report. Because they were in a medical cooler, that is the conclusion most people jumped to. I, also, wonder if it wasn't a hoax.

I have met a couple of people that have those pot belly pigs as pet and they are extremely noisy. Not my choice as far as pets go either.

Cheryl P. said...

That is really interesting. I haven't heard of that pigs eyeballs being used for dissections. It makes sense. I applaud your scientific talents. I couldn't dissect the frog in high school science so I did a bunch of extra credit to keep my grade up. Saying I am a wimp is a gross understatement. Maybe these two guys had two no-shows at their seminar and didn't want to take the leftovers back to Nebraska.

If NYC doesn't allow pigs (well..pigs of the barnyard variety) in the housing, I doubt that goats would fare any better. I have heard several stories about people investing in goats to save on mowing. Our farm had goats for quite awhile and they don't leave a nicely landscaped turf. I think you are right that they will discover some new problems that they didn't have prior to goat herding.

I was shocked at the "avalanche" of men. Guys driving in from other states??? Really aren't there women just about everywhere that will give it up for free? They said Kuban sent pictures out of his ex...maybe she is spectacular. But back to the whole ICK factor regarding the parade of men...there are a lot of pigs out there.

Cheryl P. said...

Funny thing that every once in a while there will be three or four stories that have some type of a link.

I was really surprised by the report that said that even with signs on her property men were showing up at her door enough that she had to have the cops come out several times a day. REALLY??? What's up with that? I just have to think that there are enough women wanting to have sex to go around. Of course, we have no way of seeing what the Craiglisters looked like. Maybe they looked like the guy trying to break into the meat market. That would explain why they don't already have some lady friends.

You are so right..the cooler story is WEIRD.

momto8blog said...

a cooler of pigs eyes! my gosh..I lead such a dull life.

Cheryl P. said...

There is a lot to be said for lives that don't contain the types of odd news stories that make their way to the Internet. I wouldn't survive all the stress and drama of some peoples lives.

Have a Happy Easter, Annmarie.

Jo-Anne said...

Pigs eyes.................what the hell makes one wonder what they were drinking in order to cut the eyes out of pigs and the poor pig being left Damn you have some strange going ons in your part of the world.........that poor woman having so many waste of spaces turning up looking for sex it is just not funny

Cheryl P. said...

I couldn't get that drunk. I think there are strange things going on everywhere these days. I just don't understand how or why people have gotten this bizarre.

I agree with you about all the men answering the ad. There's something twisted about it. I find it more bizarre than funny. I am naive, I guess, that I wouldn't of guessed the high turnout for men wanting to travel to a stranger for sex.

Wendy said...

Actual Cheryl, I did not want do science in high school and stopped in gr 9 ( I was allowed) . I HATED it ,and refused to do dissections. I went on to university to take my one requisite science course for my BA, and LOVED it. Including dissecting pigs and rats and cats. I ended up teaching science. Isn't life strange....Hum, perhaps the woman was beautiful or perhaps just the picture of her was. One can get away with so much via the internet, even comments like "there are a lot of pigs out there". lol. Great come back!

Cheryl P. said...

That is so interesting that what you didn't want to do in high school, you became so proficient in at the college level. I am squeamish about anything related to do with dissections. I wouldn't of never gotten through a gross anatomy class. My daughter got her degree in nursing brought home some things to dissect from time to time...even the smell made me sick.

I have to think her picture was nice to entice men in large number to come knocking on her door...maybe I should of called them randy pigs.

AletaObrien said...

OMG, you had me laughing with the pig theme. Thanks, this was priceless. Though I have to admit that my dad grew up on a farm and he had two huge hogs as pets, no kidding... until his grandfather killed them for food. Ugh. My Dad never wanted a pet after that!

Have you ever watched the Netflix show "House of Cards" - it would go perfect with the pigs and politics theme you have going on :)

Cheryl P. said...

You dad and I would have some things in common. I lived with my grandparents for a few years on a farm. I named all the animals and decided they were my friends esp. the cows. Who couldn't love those big pretty eyes? I just can't eat any meat that looks like it is part of an animal. I am pretty much limited to skinless boneless chicken breasts.

I haven't ever seen "House of Cards" I get all those premium channels but I don't think I have ever seen any of the series on HBO, Showtime or the rest. I lead such a dull life, Aleta.

Jayne said...

Damn! You found some good ones this week. And now I'm off to enjoy my baked ham Easter dinner. ;)

winopants said...

I love the video of the burglar, felt like something out of a silent movie. What an oaf!

Cheryl P. said...

Hope you had a great Easter and enjoyed the ham.

Cheryl P. said...

What an oaf, is right. I hadn't thought about the silent movie feel but your are right. There needs to be a Keystone Cop in there somewhere.