Friday, March 8, 2013

You Might Want to Rethink That

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This has been a busy week in the odd news category. A couple of the mainstream news items that I am sure you heard...of course you did...because it was reported over and over again... The TSA is now going to let passengers bring small pocket knives on board and 2 hockey sticks, or two golf clubs or 2 ski poles per person.  The TSA doesn't believe knives to be a threat  but you still have to keep your shampoo down to 3 ounces or less.  Then we all heard the chilling tape of the nurse that refused to administer CPR to a dying patient.  It came out that the woman apparently had a DNR order in place so, I believe that the nurse wasn't in the wrong.  It didn't make it any easier listening to the audio. I, for one, think I am going to recheck my "advanced directive" and make sure that everyone can and should, at least give it a shot, to save my life.  Yes, remember the broccoli  incident? Yes, the next time I aspirate on broccoli and try to die in the middle of a restaurant, I want CPR... the Heimlich Maneuver first, then CPR.  

As far as the lesser reported news there were a few reports that are more in keeping with "odd" Friday news here at TAOBC.

Ask Your Server's Name

An Applebee's server, Brianna Priddy,  had her billfold stolen on February 13th when she was out with friends for the evening.  Since then, someone had written  hundreds of dollars worth of bad checks while using her ID according to the Associated Press.

As luck would have it, on February 25th, Brianna was working when a woman ordered a drink using Brianna's driver's license.  That's right the customer handed over Brianna's stolen ID.  Brianna handed it back saying "I'll be right back with your margarita."  and then went to the back and called the cops.

The 26 year old woman was arrested and is facing identity theft.  The police also, found narcotics in her possession. 

Why a 26 year old was using a fake ID is a mystery in itself.  Still...isn't it a wonderful thing when things work out so well. 

Saves on Gas but Doesn't Move Very Fast

An Arkansas woman, Jamie Jeanette Craft , crashed her 2001 Pontiac into the side of a mobile home at a high rate of speed last Sunday according to KAIT-TV.

That isn't where her driving stopped though.  She got out of her car and hopped onto a Power Wheels battery powered toy truck. Not that that isn't enough to get a person noticed, there was also the fact that she had only a shirt pants.

The father of the boy that the truck belonged to, did manage to get her off the toy, but she took off walking.  She was later arrested at the home of her mother.

Craft was charged with driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, refusal to submit, disorderly conduct, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, and  driving without a valid license.

I guess it isn't against the law to do all that while not wearing any pants.

A Bad Week for Jeanettes

 A 52 year old, Jeanette Ellis,  in South Carolina came across a box of old VHS tapes of porn and decided to peddle them door to door. She figured that the 15 tapes could sell for $5.00 each.

One of the doors she knocked on seemed more disturbed about..well...being disturbed and called the cops to file a complaint about "unwanted solicitation".  When the Gaffney Police came, she told them that she had some porn to sell. Unfortunately, for Jeanette, she didn't have the necessary license to sell porn. That takes a permit.

Policed seized her porn and charged her for not having the permit.

The article said she started with 15 tapes and the cops seized 12 tapes.  Are we to surmise that she managed to sell 3 VHS tapes of porn.  Are there people in South Carolina with VHS machines and the willingness to buy dirty movies from a door to door salesman? 

Did He Mean Virginia or Vagina?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Daddy, hose down that toy rider truck!

Cheryl P. said...

You and I think alike, I actually said (out loud I think) Hope they have a full bottle of Clorox in the house.

Dexter Klemperer said...

I find it more amazing that police actually responded to a call for "unwanted solicitation." There's a town that could use some sequestering!

Cheryl P. said...

I found that point interesting as well. Not only did they respond but it said they came quickly...QUICKLY for a door to door solicitation call. The woman was still in the neighborhood selling...well trying to sell...her porn.

Wendy said...

OOH, my fav is the Applebee story. She must have some pretty powerful 'karma' working for her...well..sort of...kinda...

I am amazed that she thought it was even possible to sell VHS tapes, ANY VHS tapes, especially for the ridiculously high amount of $5. Really?

Is it merely a coincidence that these stories are only on the strange and odd happenings with women this week, or is this just your subtle way of acknowledging it is Women's Day?
Hum, perhaps that is where Crabby Pants has headed off to? A parade? A seminar? A gathering of crabby-like female minds?

Cheryl P. said...

There are several videos of Brianna Priddy being interviewed regarding her recovering her ID. She is very cute and bubbly. I think Karma would really like her.

I am surprised by the fact anyone would consider buying VHS tapes let alone porn but there is a market for anything and everything if you track down your target market. (we have already established there is a certain segment of crazy) There are also video's of Jeanette Ellis being interviewed. She doesn't look like a person that would be selling porn. Perhaps people felt sorry for her...just not enough to NOT call the cops.

AHHH...I hadn't even noticed the all female coincidence. Darn...these aren't exactly shining examples of womanhood are they? I think all the police that were associated with each story was a man, though. Even the one that can't spell Virginia.

I should of Photoshopped a policeman hauling Crabby away outside the Today Show window to get the police component into that as well.

Robyn Engel said...

Too funny. I wouldn't put it past a trucker to bear a vagina tag, but a sedan driver? Well, I guess it depends. These are great, Cheryl. The world gets more twisted by the second.

Cheryl P. said...

That would be the same truckers as those that put Truck Nutz on their trucks.

Yes, every second a there is a person that ascends to the level of idiot.

lisleman said...

working backwards - I'm not touching the vagina tag
VHS ? really maybe an older community with little internet?
power ranger drunk - what you wanted to slap her with no pants too? I'm not touching that one either.
ID - love those type of stories not long ago (you probably posted it) a similar story happened with a bar bouncer.
Why do people pick on broccoli? I can get hung up at times on sliced almonds - must remember to chew.

Susan Alton said...

Today's blog is great. Where do these people come from.

Really something about Brianna. I don't know how she composed herself enough to go get that drink. I'd have probably clocked the bimbo on the spot. But then poor Brianna would most likely have lost her job. She's very classy.

Cheryl P. said...

I am sure a lot of people would prefer not to touch vagina tags.

Looking at the video of the woman that was trying to sell such goodies as "Shaving Ryan's Privates" she looked like a there might be a market for her tapes.

I wrote a post about my unfortunate eating while breathing broccoli at the Sweet Tomato restaurant. I thought I was a goner. The poor guy that tried multiple times to do the Heimlich Maneuver before dislodging the offending broccoli saved me from a very unfortunate obituary. I have had a couple of near misses but that was the first one with a full restaurant watching.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree, Susan! I watched her interview and she seems really easy going. I would of been doing a rant on camera about "what kind of person steals another persons ID and writes bad checks.??" I tend to be fun and easy going until I'm not's just ugly.

Riot Kitty said...

OMG, what kind of tag?! I have to say, that must have felt like sweet revenge for the waitress. Closure, at least. I love your cartoon about the advance directive - I hadn't heard about the broccoli incident, but I always suspected that broccoli was evil, and now I have proof.

Cheryl P. said...

I love how the waitress handled it. Not only is it great that the thievin' chick got caught but Brianna got to see her arrested. Yay!!!

You are so right about broccoli. It's evil. I wrote a post about my unfortunate battle for survival at the hands of broccoli.

I aspirated a hunk of raw broccoli and made a complete fool of myself in the middle of a lunch crowd over at Sweet Tomato restaurant. Some kind man tried and succeeded in performing he Heimlich Maneuver before the EMTs showed up.
As a result...I have created a bucket list..,there is only ONE item on it thus far. I am going to try to not have an embarrassing obit. Really, there would be no greater shame than for my family to have to see "she died in a booth at the Sweet Tomato choking on broccoli."

oldereyes said...

To be serious for a moment, the TSA ruling makes me nervous. I was flying a lot right after 9-11 and even people with a sharp pencil made me nervous. The Applebee's story reminds me of a really dumb movie we saw, Identity Thief. I won't speculate what it means when a car has a vagina tag ... there's got to be a great line there somewhere but I can't find it.

Cheryl P. said...

I absolutely agree with you on the TSA ruling. I have always thought that any small sharp object, even a pen, could puncture a carotid artery so I am less than enthused about pocket knives being allowed. I watched an interview Thursday with a Sara Nelson, vice president of the Association of Flight Attendants and she made some key points about the safety of the crew as well as passengers.

I find that the list of allowed items vs. the not allowed items makes no sense. I venture to guess that 4 oz. of Suave Hair Conditioner is as dangerous as a pocket knife.

I think it is safe to speculate that there is a cop out there that can't spell Virginia but there most certainly has to be some great lines that would fit his spelling error.

Brenda said...

Things going on in this country constantly remind me of the song "Mad World"! Knives, being allowed on flights, but no tiny bottle of shampoo, still taking our shoes off before being allowed to board, etc. What crazy fate for the waitress to get handed her own stolen I.D. and then the lady selling Porno tapes door to door "Mad World"! BTW..that is a very fashionable outfit you are wearing Crabby Pants!

Cheryl P. said...

Totally agree with you...the world continues to seem spiral more into the crazy zone. So often, we see new rules, guidelines or laws that seem stupid and then they get revised again...and again. It's as if no one thinks about the consequences on the front side.

And what are the odds, out of all the restaurants and all the waitresses, that the ID thief would pick the person she stole from?

The fun part of dressing Cheryl P. and Crabby Pants, is I can put them in any kind of outfit and it doesn't cost me a dime. If only it were that easy in real life.

Nicky said...

Wait, was the vagina tag report for the woman who crashed her car without pants? Because then it makes perfect sense. Sort of. :-)

Katherine Murray said...

I heard about the identity theft thing... that is AWESOME!!!!!! I bet everyone has had an experience with identity theft... I had money taken out of my bank account... I would have LOVED to find the person who did it!

I didn't hear the tape about the advanced directive. Didn't know the whole story. I think if a person says don't save me, then don't save them. It is their wish! But I don't know the whole thing on that particular incident.

If I am surviving only by tubes... KILL ME FOR HEAVENS SAKE! But yea, choking? Helllooooo.... save me people!

Cheryl P. said...

Nicky, you are a sick woman....funny but twisted. Nothing makes sense when a drunk woman with no pants gots on a Power Wheels toy. Let's not even think about her vagina...,EEEEWWWWW

Cheryl P. said...

OMG...someone tapped into your bank account??? That's awful! Yes, everyone has probably had an issue with stolen ID and if they haven't yet probably will in the future. I, too had someone using my credit card buying stuff. She bought my number from someone that skimmed it out of KC. The girl using it was in South Carolina of all places. I filed a police report but who knows if anything happened. I think the general concesus is that if the victim gets reimbursed, no harm no foul.
i wish there was harsher penalties for ID theft.
As for the 911 call. audio was a discussion between the nurse and the 911 operator discussing a woman that was not breathing. At no time does the nurse say there is a DNR but she says several times her company doesn't want staff to intervene...corporate policy says she can't perform CPR. So no one really knows the story....maybe the woman didn't want recesitated but the nurse sounded apathetic. It was disturbing.
I am like you. My real Advanced Directive gives my husand or daughter (she is an RN) the right to decide if I could recover and have a quality of life...if not it is time for me to go. I, of course, would rather not have them ever have to make such an emotional decision,

abeerfortheshower said...

That identify theft story actually happened around here. I couldn't believe it. What a stupid, stupid story. What I want to know, and yet I can't find anywhere, is what the 26 year old girl looked like. Did she even resemble Brianna, or was she (for example) a short, fat Mexican girl with black hair? Because that could have only added to the comedy.

Cheryl P. said...

I wondered the same thing. Unless these two really favored, why was she stupid enough to be using the ID? And is the thief-girl so unobservant that she didn't recognize the server as being the girl on her stolen driver's license??
You are right..if thief girl would have been the polar opposite of Brianna, that woulod of made it even funnier and it was pretty funny anyway.

Jo-Anne said...

What gets me is didn't the drivers licence have the woman's photo on it and didn't the theif notice that the photo on the licence and was that of her server...........some people are just so bloody stupid.............also you can now take a pocket knife on a plane but not a bottle of shampoo.............what the hell is the world coming to........................ok not the world just big companies where in order to for them you have to check your common sense because we all know big business don't like common sense...........As for the woman selling porn door to door well what can I say other then who owns a vcr now days............

Cheryl P. said...

I thought the same thing, Jo-Anne. Had the thief never bothered to look at the picture on the license. The article showed the driver's license and it looked just like Brianna. Stupid indeed.

I am always amazed at how ill thought out the "rules" that get passed sometimes are. That makes no sense. Of course, I still don't think it makes sense to charge for bags in the cargo hold but not charge for the overhead space. Now everyone is trying to shove everything they own on board the plane.

momto8blog said...

I cannot even imagine a drunk woman without pants riding my kids toy truck! I am glad I cannot imagine it.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, that is better off not imagined. I can't say for sure because I possess a fair amount of "cheapskateness" but I might be tempted to get rid of the toy. If I couldn't bring myself to do that, it would have to be sterilized.

meleahrebeccah said...

I totally get the DNR and why the nurse did nothing. However I do NOT understand the TSA logic AT ALL.

Go, Brianna! It's totally amazing the person who stole her ID tried using it, ON HER! Wow.

Craft is one crazy bitch. I am all for NO PANTS but even *I* put on pajama bottoms whenever I leave the house, for any reason, even if I am drunk and just getting the mail!

I am shocked people still own VHS machines! Seriously.

LOLZ @ Vagina Tag!

Cheryl P. said...

I am with you..I totally get why a nurse wouldn't act if there was a DNR in place but that was a creepy tape. The nurse said it was a corporate policy not to help. I don't get how the audio was ever released in the first place. Shouldn't 911 audios not be blasted all over the news.
Brianna has some really good luck. What are the odds that you would have an ID thief hand you your own ID? I love that.
Maybe Jeanettes neighbors will track an old VHS machine down to watch $5.00 porn.
I wonder if the cop will proofread the next time he tries to write Virginia.

meleahrebeccah said...

I have no idea why a tape like that would ever be released for the whole world to hear. UNCOOL!