Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, Yeah, It's Friday

It's Friday!!!! Woo Hoo.....It's our "meet at the water cooler" day.  It's BREAK TIME.  (unscheduled and coincidentally, unlimited)

So....let's get the idle chit chat started.
Our mission on Friday is to waste as much time as we can.

The week started off with a Egyptian Cobra "going missing" at the Bronx Zoo. It's been fun following the efforts of his capture but unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, the snake has been found.
The  snake (who seemingly doesn't have a name as they keep calling him "the snake") had started a Twitter account.  I will say this is one clever snake judging from his tweets.  The last time I checked he had about nearly a 143,000 followers  (of which I am one).  Who doesn't want to communicate with a Cobra, after all.

Here are a few of his most recent tweets.

Getting on the ferry to Ellis Island. Let's hope this goes better than that time on the plane.

Checking Google maps. RT @ The @ is visiting places around NYC. Can anyone tell it how to get to Sesame Street?

Getting my morning coffee at the Mudtruck. Don't even talk to me until I've had my morning coffee. Seriously, don't. I'm venomous.

City may not sleep, but I'm ready to. Ooh a chimney! I bet you bragged to your friends about having a working fireplace in NYC. Hi roomie.

Leaving Wall Street. These guys make my skin crawl.

Gosh, I hope he keeps up his Twitter account now that he is back in his home.  He sounds totally fun.

Another big story of the week. 

A mom, Kerry  (and I use the word "mom" loosely)  is injecting her 8 year old with Botox regularly because she thinks this is a pre-emptive measure in making her kid beautiful.  AND if that wasn't bad enough she is subjecting her child to virgin hair waxing (never heard of it before now) to keep daughter from ever having body hair. (well, that is according to this freako mom).

This is the kind of stuff that the most talented writer of fiction couldn't make up.

According to the article, Kerry gave Brittany (the 8 year old) Botox as one of her birthday presents on her last birthday.  I am sure that is what every little girl wants for their  8th birthday. Brittany is already saying that she wants new boobs and a nose job soon.  How soon?? She is 8.  She doesn't have an old set of boobs yet.

There is just so much wrong with this story that I wouldn't be able to get it in one post.  But let me try to point out a few points. These points, point to CRAZY.
1.  The mom thinks this will help her kid become a super star or a model.  Does she think that Botox can substitute teaching your child about hard work, developing your talent, and  oh, what about being happy with your body.

2.  The article says she is a single mother as her 83 year old husband died 4 years ago.  Which means there isn't another parent available to weigh in on this nonsense. (Wow, that was a May-December kind of thing.)

3.  Mom says she is a highly trained beautician that is qualified to inject Botox. They live in San Francisco. Why isn't San Francisco getting involved? Surely there are some type of rules that apply to injecting poisons into small children.

4. Kerry, also, tells us in the article that this is a very common practice.  That any child on the pageant circuit is getting Botox so they look their best. (how bad can a grade schooler look?) Supposedly, little girls are having injections in their lips to have that pouty look that is so very attractive.  (Funny, when my daughter was little, that pouty look wasn't one of my faves.  I wanted smiles!!)

OK last story to waste away our Friday with. The snowboarder that landed upside down in a tree well. 
James Drummond, an experienced snowboarder was boarding down Mt. Shasta in California when he hit a tree well.  He landed upside down under 6 feet of snow.  After  20 minutes of wrangling his hands around to his cell phone he called his wife to tell her of his situation.  All of this was recorded on a helmet camera.‘was-going-to-die’

The Good for the Day....snowboarder guy got through to his wife that he was SERIOUS

The Bad for the Day....that nutty mom....seriously bad way to instill "no feeling of self worth in a child".

The Weird....a no name Cobra that can think of far more clever tweets than I can.

Happy Homecoming, Bronx Zoo Cobra


Amy said...

That is one witty snake! One very clueless "mother"! I bet the snowboarder was embarrassed cause he was a little cranky with his wife, what do you think? I'm not usually my sweetest when I'm upside down in 6 feet of snow, though so... Very cool rescue story!

Cperz said...

I will admit (because my mind works in mysterious ways) after she said "seriously" a couple of times and he yelled at her, I half expected her to say. "Screw you, call for help yourself" He really got lucky that it all worked out.

Widow_Lady302 said...

That Mom should have her kid yanked away from her and given to the cobra...Serisouly it's venom wouldn't be as bad as botox!

Cperz said...

Hi Widow Lady
I am so with you. Everything about that story is wrong. That wacko is certifiable. I would be curious if by opening her yap is she isn't now being investigated. I bet we hear more about this story.

Anonymous said...

I love @BronxZoosCobra! Very Witty. And as for this Kerry chick . . . coo-coo pie. While she doing things pre-emptively for her kid, she may as well go ahead and start her on Prozac. Thanks for staying on top of things!

Bodacious Boomer said...

You're right kiddo. We definitely seem to be connecting telepathically. Who knew? said...

I love @BronxZoosCobra! Very Witty. And as for this Kerry chick . . . coo-coo pie. While she doing things pre-emptively for her kid, she may as well go ahead and start her on Prozac. Thanks for staying on top of things!