Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There is NO NEWS in Kansas

 Yesterday, I was listening to the 5:00 local news as I usually do. It started in the normal manner. First a few headlines about traffic, then a little about weather, then things got weird.  The next FOUR news stories were all out of Florida.  This wouldn't be odd if I lived in Florida, I suppose.  The fact that I live in Kansas made it feel a little surreal. 

Did I accidentally step  into some space and time warp kind of thing and I am now in Florida?

Did Kansas run completely out of news of any kind and had to borrow?

Are Kansas and Florida playing tag and Kansas just yelled, YOUR IT?

I am not sure why we are running just Florida news but here are some news stories if you aren't lucky enough to have your state borrowing from FL. too.  (Sorry, to my Florida readers, as this probably isn't news to you. The next time Kansas acts up and has something to talk about you can borrow from us.  You shouldn't have to wait long.  We have people acting badly here pretty regularly)

The First Story-----Aide Locks Reporter in Closet During Fundraiser

  An aid to Joe Biden locked a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel into a closet  for hours during a fundraiser to keep him from interacting with the guests.  The fund raiser was a $500 a-head  dinner to raise money for the 2012 elections.

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander said the decision to hold the local reporter, Scott Powers, was a mistake.

As the unaware  invitees dined on caprese crostini with oven-dried mozzarella and basil, rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and Gorgonzola cheese, grilled chicken Caesar and garden vegetable wraps, last week, the veteran reporter was locked away. They let him out to listen to Vice President Biden  and Sen. Bill Nelson speak and escorted him back into the closet for the duration of the event.

The event was held at the Winter Park, FL home of Alan Ginsburg, who was shocked when he found out of the reporter's situation. 

Note:  One of the interesting things about this is, while Scott was in the closet he emailed his office with
"It sounds like a nice party out there".  REALLY, how calm is this guy?  Most people would have been losing their minds. 

Read more:

The Second Story---- Teen Pistol Whips Mother to Get New Car

A teenaged girl, Rachel Anne Hachero, threatened to kill her mother after she refused to buy her a car.
Rachel had her eye on a 2004 Nissan 350Z that her mother wasn't willing to purchase, so the girl took a stronger tact.  She confronted her mother with a 9mm gun, pistol whipped her head, and then pointed the gun at her threatening to shoot if she didn't cooperate.   The daughter forced her mother to the Fort Myers, FL Nissan dealership to sign for the car.

The mother has been quoted as not wanting to press charges as her daughter is an Ivy League college, hopeful and this might hurt her future. (my guess is, oh yeah, it will be a deterrent for sure)

Police say that the mother had found the gun, drugs, and drug paraphernalia in her daughter's purse.  (Hey, mom, how many clues do you need to figure out you have a problem child on your hands?)

Third Story--- Bikini Brawl

A bikini clad spring breaker that had placed an order at the Panama City Burger King started a riot when she jumped onto the counter and started swinging at the food prep employees while yelling that her order was taking too long.

(I guess when you want fast food, you want the food FAST)

The restaurant quickly turned into a massive food fight with other spring breakers throwing objects all over the restaurant. 

The events were caught on someone's cell phone.  (cell phone cams are not  the best but you will get the gist of it)

Kemesia Smith, the impatient riot starter, was arrested and charged with battery.

The Forth Story... Woman Falls Into Sink Hole

A Plant City woman,  47-year-old Carla Chapman,  was walking in her backyard Monday when she fell after the ground caved in underneath her feet. The hole was about 24 inches wide.

Champman, luckily was carrying her cell phone and was able to call for help. In the on-camera news report, it was stated that she had some trouble getting a cellular signal which added to the time that  it took to free her.
Responding officers were able to pull her out of the hole and she was transported to an area hospital. She is listed in stable condition.

NOTE:  This is where that commercial "Can you hear me now?" takes on a whole new meaning.

There you have it.  The Kansas City, Kansas news. 

Florida, we owe you some news when you are having a slow news day. 

Thanks for sharing. 

PS   We love your winter weather.  Feel free to share that with us, also.

The Good for the Day....  the reporter accepted everyone's apology.  Doesn't this man sound really nice.

The Bad for the Day....Two very bad girls misbehaving.

The Weird for the day.... woman gets caught under a 300 pound Eagle Ray

Just to keep the Florida theme going here.

Miami (CNN) -- A Florida woman said she went into "survival mode" when a huge eagle ray weighing as much as 300 pounds landed on top of her on a boat in the Florida Keys, throwing her to the deck and pinning her underneath it. With the help of her husband and sons, she was able to slide out from under the massive creature that was about 8 feet across with a 10 foot tail.

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Wow! You're quite the prolific blogger! I can barely do 1 per week. You should have led with the bikini brawl followed by the pistol whipping. Always lead with sex and violence! Thanks for the Florida update via Kansas.