Monday, May 23, 2011

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

You might be wondering what this is a picture of.  Actually, that is a very good question.  It would have been a plant had I taken it yesterday.  Today, however, it is a picture of a few little remains of what used to be a plant.  HMMMMM

Yes, this would be another little plant, that has now succumbed to a vicious attack by a nasty little predator.

Looks like someone has some explaining to do.  First I decided to have a talk with a likely culprit.

Who you might ask?

Well, it could be this rabbit, although....I am pretty sure that the deed was done by these two little critters that are usually referred to around here as "that little F***R and his partner is usually referred to as "that little B*****D". 

Every year I go through the "Bunny Wars" around here.  These two charming, cute, yet ever so ravenous bunnies have eaten hundreds of dollars worth of plants. (with the help of their friends)

We have tried trapping them with traps albeit the kind that keep them safe so they can go on a road trip to a park for release. We have resorted to spraying  the most fowl smelling sprays made up of fox urine and other equally unappealing crud.We have used pepper spray,  sprinkled red pepper flakes,  and a number of other nasty anti-bunny concoctions. We have tried  noise making, whirly gig  devices that are supposed to scare them. AND YET they laugh in our faces.   Still, I have the ever present dilemma,  I can't really do them bodily harm.  They are cute after all. 

So as it is, Little F****r  and Little B*****d will be dining at the home of Cheryl P.  for at least as long as the salad bar holds out.

Today's video ties in as I am sure they are being aided by their friends and family. Last year we had baby bunnies all over the place. Hungry little baby bunnies.

The Good for the Day... With all the rain the garden continues to provide enough food for rabbits and enough flowers for me.

The Bad for the Day...That Little B and Little F are taunting me. Also, why isn't Elmer Fudd  around when needed. He could be helping me get those rascally wabbits?

The Weird for the day....Not that this is rabbit related but there is another animal that has my curiosity up.

I have been wondering about this since last Thursday's American Idol episode.  What is the dog doing in the audience and why is no one seemingly taking any notice of a guy in a dog suit?


Nicky said...

But them wascally wabbits are so cute! Apparently, spreading chili powder around the base of the plants can help deter rabbits. Maybe worth a shot?

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, chili powder and ground black pepper have both been tried and failed. I am thinking at this point we are dealing with a strain of SUPERBUNNY. They can run faster than a speeding lawn mower, more powerful than any crap I can throw at them and can leap over tall fences in a single bound.

Actually the product Liquid Fence works but comes off if it rains and thats all it's been doing as of late.

But they are really cute.

Brandon said...

I say just go with the salad bar theme, and have them fill up on pasta salad & croutons before they can get to the plants.

Cheryl P. said...

You might be onto something, Brandon. I would be glad to put out some Chef Boyardee Spagettios if they would eat that instead of my perennials. Spagettios are what? about a buck? One perennial is about $7.00-12.00. Little F*****S

Your comment made me laugh though, so I am feeling cheerful enough right now that I don't feel like kicking some cottontail.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your comments.

meleahrebeccah said...

Oh yes, we have Squirrel Wars and Chipmunk Wars over here. My mom gets sooo mad when they ruin her garden!

Robinlausanne said...

Thanks for the Beatles song. Always inspirational even with Ringo doing the singing. Jo and I have a white rabbit for kid's magic shows we do back in Australia. She doesn't eat our flowers, only our sofa, phone cables, cushions and computer cords and the odd book. But she is just so adorable. Who are you predicting Scotty or Lauren. We just love them both so much. Either way they will be major talents for a long time.

oldereyes said...

Congratulations!! You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by at Older Eyes - Bud's Blog for more details.

Cheryl P. said...

I, too, really like that song. I was conflicted whether to put up the Joe Cocker version or the Beatle version. It is a good thing that your white rabbit is adorable (ahh, and I am betting I would be going gaga over her) because sofa cushion eating usually doesn't make for a good pet.

We are thinking Scotty is the clear winner. He has way more Twitter followers. The people that have been following this race have been able to pick each week by following Twitter. Crazy new techy way to figure odds.

Bodaciousboomer said...

I haven't looked but bunnies must be afraid of something. Google to see who their natural predators are. Maybe you could do something with that info.

If all else fails, put a rabbit muff out there with "Mama" or "This could be you." written on it. Maybe that would help scare of the little buggers.

meleahrebeccah said...

"Every year I go through the "Bunny Wars" around here. These two charming, cute, yet ever so ravenous bunnies have eaten hundreds of dollars worth of plants. (with the help of their friends)"

Yep. My mom goes through the same thing except with Chipmunks and Squirrels!

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Nicky, I think I might have found the wonder product yesterday. I came across a granular repellant that is supposed to be slow to dissolve even with rain. I will keep a close eye out for Little F and Little B.

Cheryl P. said...

hi Bud, got your message and thanks again. I passed it along to some of my favorites.

Cheryl P. said...

Meleah, if I pick up any squirrels and chipmunks, hubby will have to have me committed to a mental health facility.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Bodacious Boomer, I am going to start addressing you as such. My son reads the comments and he was confused as to who Michele is. I don't want anyone not to be looking for your blog.

great idea about the rabbit muff with the sign. Little F and Little B probably can read. They are devious little boogers.

Jayne G said...

Ha! You siwwy wabbit, didn't you see doze dwagon twacks? One of my old roommates used to say that all the time. Well, in your case, you can't miss the tracks, eh? This is why I don't have a garden. That, and my backyard is one big slope. Isn't it amazing how such cute little critters can such ugly BIG damage?!
Funny, Cheryl! (Your post, not the pillaging.) Aw, and what can you do, really? They're just so darn adorable.