Friday, May 11, 2012

A Week of Wheels and Whackjobs

This week while looking around for my weekly wrap up of weird news, I noticed that many of the stories had some type of wheeled vehicle involved...oh  and like every other week.... they all contain some version of a whackjob. 

Now for those of you that have already lost focus, because your thinking that I have misspelled "whackjob".  Pay attention...I looked up not only the correct spelling but the definition as well. According to Wiktionary:


A crazy person, possibly a crazy dangerous person.
Alternative forms  - wackjob, whack job

Plural form - whackjobs, wackjobs, whack jobs

Synonyms - basket case, loony, nutjob, nutter, screwball, wacko, wingnut

 Look Both Ways

A Wisconsin man was hospitalized Tuesday after he leaped in front of his estranged wife’s Dodge Durango in an attempt to prevent her from voting for a candidate other than Gov. Scott Walker.

As you might of already guessed, this isn't the real Jeffery. I don't
think he was up for photos after being driven over by
the Durango driven by his deranged...errr...estranged wife.

Around noon on Tuesday, Amanda Radle and her husband, Jeffrey Radle, were arguing outside a home in Chippewa Falls, Wisc., about her vote, according to a statement released by police. When she tried to leave, Jeffrey Radle stood in front of her Durango, which was parked in a dead-end alley.
She nudged (huh?) him with her SUV several times, but each time, he bounced (again, huh?)  back to block her, according to the report.  When she tried to drive around him, finally getting an opening, he reportedly lunged in front of the vehicle and was hit, the police statement said. Amanda Radle then reported the incident to police.

Jeffrey Radle was transported to Mayo Clinic Health Systems.  Mike Radle, Jeffrey Radle’s brother, told the Journal-Sentinel Tuesday that his bother sustained serious injuries.

According to the report, Jeff and Mike are both very politically conservative. During an interview, Mike was quoted as saying "These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap," He went on to say that his sister-in-law wanted to vote for "one of the women candidates," according to the Journal-Sentinel.

Both Amanda and Jeffrey Radle are being referred to the District Attorney’s office for domestic-violence related charges. It is unclear if Jeffery had cast his vote before being taken to the hospital.

I think I see the reason the story said "Estranged wife".  It would have made a better story if she would have used a Dodge Ram  instead of the Durango.

As far as Mike's assertion that crazy liberal nuts are ALWAYS pulling crap like this, ...I think that is unfair... I personally don't know of any other crazy liberal nuts that have run over their spouses with a Dodge Durango.

Rule #1- Children Get to Ride Inside the Car

Monday night was an unpleasant one for Aaron Stafanski and Jessica Clark of
Fort Wayne, Indiana. The two were stopped by a U.S. Marshall who happened to notice that four children were strapped to the hood of their car.

Minutes before the arrest, a witness had called local police to report the couple. The witness had watched them strap the kids to the car while they were parked in a liquor store parking lot. (could they have been drinking???)

Stefanski had only managed to drive three blocks before the U.S. Marshal caught up. The  four children -- ages 4, 5, 6 and 7  who had been  attached to the car with tow straps were unharmed. Upon being stopped Stefanski was quoted as saying "I thought they would like it."

The Journal Gazette said that according to a probable cause affidavit, Stefanski's blood alcohol level was 0.17 percent, more than twice the legal limit. He was charged with three felony counts of neglect of a dependent, felony operating a vehicle while intoxicated and four misdemeanor counts of criminal recklessness. Clark was arrested on a charge of felony neglect of a dependent.

I think it would have been interesting if the U.S. Marshall would of strapped the two "really bad parents" onto the hood of his car to take them into the station.  Maybe they would have  liked it.

The Cost of Smoking

Police say a New York man who refused to pay his cab fare was arrested and charged with theft of services.

The Post-Standard of Syracuse reported that a 68 year old  man, Carl Kulmas,  hired a taxi to take him to three stores on Monday in search of cheap cigarettes. Each time he came out empty-handed saying that the price of the smokes were too high.
When the driver asked Carl to pay his cab fare after returning from the  third store which was $12.40, Kulmas refused.  The cabbie, Hisham Elian called the police.

According to the police report the passenger was extremely uncooperative and they handcuffed him.  Upon searching his pockets, they found $5,063.94 in cash.  He refused to say why he was unwilling to pay his fare.

OK...I see you wondering why I picked this one.  Rather mundane as my weird news stories go.  The shocker to this one is that the guy had been taken to three different stores and his cab fare was $12.40.  That is SHOCKING.  I don't think I have ever been to a place where backing out of your driveway in a cab wouldn't of cost more than that.

Everyone has a hobby

That just can not be comfortable.

A Texas man was arrested yesterday for indecent exposure after cops and scores of witnesses spotted him riding a unicycle naked over a bridge.
Joseph Farley, 45, can be seen atop his unicycle in the above photo, which was snapped by a motorist crossing the Highway 146 bridge in Kemah, a city 30 miles southeast of Houston.
Farley, who was not intoxicated, apparently stripped off his clothes at the base of the bride before beginning his one-wheel sojourn sans attire. He explained to cops that he enjoyed the experience of naked unicycling.
Booked into the Galveston County jail, Farley is being held on lieu of $1500 on the misdemeanor charge.

The police report noted that the man was not armed.

So did you hear any stories this week that had whackjobs acting weird? Or have you been busy riding a unicycle?


Annmarie Pipa said...

oh my life is so boring!

Cheryl P. said...

Mine too, Annmarie...I think maybe that is a good thing. Boring might be better than being involved with some of this idiocy.

Kimberly said...

I don't get why the dad only got three neglect counts, instead of four. And cabs here in KY are actually pretty cheap, so the cost doesn't seem that outrageous (the fact that it happened in NY does seem impressive, though). What seems odd to me is that a pack of cigarettes in NY costs as much as that cab fare- wouldn't he have saved money by just buying at the first store and not wasting gas? Speaking of, I'm not a smoker, but I can't imagine spending that much money every day on cigarettes! A pack of Marlboros in KY is between 3 and 4 dollars and people complain that that's ridiculous.

00dozo said...

I wonder if the Stefanskis are related to the Romneys. ;-)

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Kimberly, The dad only got 3 counts as 3 of the kids were his and one was the woman's child. Not that that makes sense because he is the nut that strapped all four onto the hood. I read several articles and they all made that sound like a pertinent fact. I don't get how the actual biology of it matters.

I don't smoke either so I am a little clueless how that could of worked out financially. Here in Kansas City, cigarettes usually cost between 5.50 and 6.00 a pack according to a friend I just called. People in KY would really be upset with that, I guess.

Cheryl P. said...

I think that Romney's kids probably ride in style. Luxurious style...

Gina said...

Some of these are so funny! I really enjoyed the last one.

Cheryl P. said...

Gina, Hi...I am so glad you found some humor in these and left a comment. That last one made me squirm. I can't quite imagine the pain but there has to be some.

Nicky said...

Why isn't Amanda Radle pregnant?! And barefoot?! And in the kitchen?! Who does she think she is trying to vote for someone not approved of by her husband?! And for another woman who isn't barefoot and pregnant, no less!! Crazy liberal wingnut!! Next thing you know, she'll be wanting to learn to READ and be treated like a PERSON. Sigh.

Stefanski! What an amateur! Everybody knows you pile your kids in the TRUNK on the way home from the liquor store. Sheesh.

But what I really want to know is: did the cops give Farley a ticket for cycling without a helmet?

Cheryl P. said...

Maybe Amanda is pregnant...she might not be bright enough to know what causes it with her having married this joker...doesn't say much for her level of intelligence. I love how the article said she "nudged" him several times with her Dodge Durango. Heh heh, nothing like a little nudge with a vehicle that weighs right around 5000 pounds.

That is brilliant about putting the kids in the trunk. The idiot parents wouldn't be in trouble and who is to say that the kids wouldn't of liked it.

It was Texas...I think they probably only would require cowboy hats.