Friday, May 25, 2012

Smile for the Camera

Wouldn't you think that people would know better??? That is to say....if you are an idiot and plan on behaving badly, wouldn't you think to look around and make sure there aren't cameras aimed on your idiocy.

This week there seemed to be a trend for the "lesser reported news" items to have been caught on either video and/or audio tape. Geez, really, people  haven't you figured out that cameras and recording devices  are EVERYWHERE. 

Things Not Intended to be Put Into Your Washing Machine

This week in Camden, NJ a man missed the importance of reading the sign about putting humans into the washer.  The fact that there are signs like this posted at laundromats, tells you this isn't an isolated incident.

Depending on which report you read, it is unclear if it is the boy's father or  a companion of the boy's babysitter but whoever it is that decided to put a one year old into a front loader washing machine, had a serious lapse of common sense. (What???, am  I being too kind with my assessment?  The guy is a freakin' idiot!)

In the initial reports it said the father put the little boy in for fun (fun? Who is having fun?) and upon closing the door, the machine locked, started tumbling and filling with water.  For the next minute or so, it is clear that the parents (or whoever they are) are panic stricken. Thankfully, the owner shuts down the power to the machine. As it turns out the little boy had some bruising but was otherwise OK.  (well, except for the life long emotional scars, maybe)

The prosecutor's office says the incident doesn't appear to be criminal.

There is a sign there that says Junior Wash $2.95.  Maybe  dad/man/whoever he is didn't understand the sign. Also, while the prosecutor did say it wasn't criminal, he didn't say it wasn't moronic.

The Mouse Would Not Like This

Katy McCaffrey went on a Disney cruise in April and she "lost" her IPhone.  After her phone went MIA, she started noticing new photos being uploaded to her iCloud account. The images included the person that apparently swiped her phone along with a lot of his pals.  Because Katy was irritated and tech savvy she decided to start a Facebook page Stolen iPhone Adventures and post the pictures.

The alleged thief, Nelson, was identified by his employee badge in some of the pictures. According to, Disney has been in touch with McCaffrey to say that her phone has been recovered and an employee has been placed on administrative leave while the situation is being investigated.

I hope that Kate's iPhone didn't have a better time on her vacation than Kate did.  Disney owes her one.

The Cops Won't Figure It Out
Chris Rochester of La Crosse, Wisconsin had his video camera stolen a few weeks ago from the car of his boss, Rep. State Senate candidate, Bill Feehan.  Police arrested a man in connection with the theft and returned the camera to Rochester. 

It wasn't until Rochester went to use the camera again, that he realized there were about 20 other segments of filming that the suspect had recorded with his camera.  One part of the video was particularly entertaining.

The person that had taken the camera, Houaka Yang,  had filmed himself, while saying "This is my house,...yes and  a stolen camera that I have stolen...but that's OK...the cops won't figure it out."

For his part, Rochester couldn't get over the stupidity of the recordings. Yang was already in custody, but Rochester decided to have fun with the video by sharing it with friends. So he uploaded it to YouTube under the title "Confessions of a stupid criminal: Thief is sure he won't get caught."

It appears that Yang was wrong about the local PD's ability to figure things out.

Where is the Wisdom that is Supposed to Come with Age?

A 74 year old grandmother was cited on Sunday for letting her 10 year old granddaughter drive her car in a McDonald's parking lot.  Turned out the 10 year old isn't a proficient driver.  After hitting a moving vehicle, she careened into two other parked cars.

Initially, Grandma told the police that she was driving the car and had mistaken the gas pedal for the brake.  Then she claimed that the granddaughter was sitting on her lap. Unfortunately, for the lying granny, security cameras and eye-witnesses pointed out the the little girl was the driver.

Joan Joseph was charged with allowing an unlicensed person to operate her vehicle.

Well, isn't Grandma just a "liar liar pants on fire" kinda person.


Bodaciousboomer said...

I am definitive proof that with age does not always come wisdom.

meleahrebeccah said...

Um…. I can't EVEN handle the kid in the washing machine story. WTF is WRONG with people?

The Stolen iPhone adventures = HILARIOUS.

Okay, the grandmother who let the 10 year old drive is cray-cray. I'm scared to let my 16 year old start driving school and he's legally eligible.

Cheryl P. said...

Let's just hope I don't have to write about you in my Friday weird news segment. You haven't done anything that is in the newspaper, have you????

Cheryl P. said...

#1 I believe that there is a certain segment of people that are just nucking futs.

#2. I bet Nelson isn't so cocky now that he is going viral on You tube with a stolen phone.

#3 cray cray for sure. I know what you mean about letting a 16 year old drive. I remember it well but they do grow up and usually make us proud. I am sure your son will do it right.

Cheryl P. said...

While that is totally hysterical....did your older brother grow up NORMAL??? Any problems with claustrophobia, inability to do laundry???

I would guess that no one wants to be related to the guy in the video. Super stupid move.