Friday, May 18, 2012

Who Saw That Coming?

Strip Clubs Can Be Hazardous to Your Health least that was the case of one Texas man that went to the local strip club for an evening of fun.

 El Paso County sheriff's officials said a 67-year-old man died at an El Paso County strip club Friday night. Robert Gene White, after having received several lap, was asked to pay his tab. Robert Gene was unresponsive.  Not unresponsive in  "I'm going to stiff you on the tab" but unresponsive as "I'm a dead stiff".

Employees tried to perform CPR on White and when that didn't work they called emergency responders. He was transported to an area hospital where early indicators show White died from natural causes.

Now there is a stripper that must really know how to do a lap dance.

Hey, Dude, Control Your Kids Car

It is embarrassing when you are the cause of an accident but it has to be far worse when a video of the "stupid move on your part" goes viral on You Tube.

This is the case for William Whitaker as he was filmed as he over-accelerated  his bright yellow Lamborghini through a left turn and crashed into adjacent cars stopped at the light.

As it would happen, immediately behind the Lamborghini, was a car containing some very amused young people discussing "how the guy was going to fly through the intersection".  As they joke and film the event, they get more than they anticipated.

According to the Wheeling, IL police department Whitaker was cited for "failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident". 

I love that the "movie makers" in the car filming the accident, think it is great that the guy was using his turn signal!  I am seriously thinking I need a dash board cam.

She Really, Really, Didn't Like the Gift

Paige Parkerson has been charged with murdering her fiance and father to her two children,  Clifton "JR" Barkin. The Texas woman repeatedly stabbed JR after receiving a card and flowers for Mother's Day.

Flowers weren't the gift she had in
According to Barkin's mother, Evetta Wright, she received a call from Parkerson early Monday morning from Paige who told her that she had killed JR and that he was dead. (redundant, isn't it)
Evetta thinks that the reason for her son's death is that Paige wasn't happy with the gifts he had purchased from Walmart.  She was expecting something more lavish. 

According to Paige's Facebook page her favorite quote is "if looks could kill i would be da murder of all my haters."  (really that is what is says...exactly)

Parkerson is being held in the Jefferson County jail on a $75,000 bond.

Seems she can be a murderer (although she said murder) of her lovers as well. 

Taser in Guntown

This week in Guntown, MS, a woman faces charges after coming to Guntown Middle School and causing a disturbance. Michele Lee Eaton came to to "discuss" a disciplinary action taken against her child. (the action did not involve corporal punishment)

Superintendent Jimmy Weeks said she became upset and began to use profanity in the school office.

Weeks says administrators asked her to calm down, but says Eaton continued to get louder and a school resource officer heard her and entered the office.

He says the SRO who is also a Guntown police officer,  asked her twice to calm down, then pulled out his handcuffs to take her into custody.  At this point Michele became even more irate.  (no mention as to what "more irate" means) In his attempt to subdue her, the SRO tasered her. The first taser, however, had little effect on her, so he tasered her again, then placed her into custody.

Guntown Police Chief Michael Hall says Eaton will be charged with disorderly conduct, public profanity, resisting arrest and failure to comply with a law enforcement officer.

Thank, goodness, Guntown, uses tasers instead of guns or Michelle would have been shot for shooting off her mouth.


L.C. Griffith said...

Cheryl, I watched that Lamborghini video a few times and received an immense amount of satisfaction watching the show off spin out of control. I drive a Corolla. Enough said;)

I also enjoyed your other articles but the one that I'm still chewing on is the woman who killed her husband because his Mother's Day gift was lame. HELLO LADY! I've been married for 34 years and have yet to receive a Mother's Day gift from my husband. He says I'm not his mother. Yeah...he'd of been dead years ago if he were married to Paige. I should email him the article;)

I love your blog!!

Don E. Chute said...

...Never seen a guy a 'dead stiff' in a Strip Club, or TB's as we called em back in the day...never went in...just drove by...

...He should also be charged with Auto Abuse! Treating a Lamborghini like that...shameshame.

...If he would have only shopped at Target, he may still be alive!

...Guntown...REALLY? I need to google that...too good to be true.

PLU from Sunny South Florida

Cheryl P. said...

I watched it several times as well...I am with you there is something about a show-off getting knocked off his pedestal a bit, that is a bit satisfying.

I can take it our leave it if hubby gets me anything for MD. I think your husband has a point. Paige just sounds like a trouble. I looked at her facebook page...scarey!!!

I love that you love my blog....You're the best!!!

Cheryl P. said...

That is a great line about Target. Perhaps Paige would have considered that upscale. It was in the article that the prior day, JR's mother had driven him to the Walmart to get the flowers. I actually was feeling bad at the life JR was leading prior to his death.

Yes,I googled Guntown, before writing the article. They do have a homepage. Didn't mention about tasering being endorsed as one of the town's favorite activities or anything.

Kimberly said...

The idiot driver makes me laugh. Thankfully it doesn't look like there were injuries.

Cheryl P. said...

It nearly looked like he wedged his Lamborghini between the other two cars. While he did some damage, it could have been a lot worse. I bet he will think twice in the future before gunning through an intersection. Idiot move, lesson (hopefully) learned.

meleahrebeccah said...

1. Damn, well, i hope the dude who died, died happily getting his lap dances!

2. SHUT UP!! I am investing in a dashboard camera, like immediately.

3. Um…. I've gotten some pretty awful gifts over the years, but nothing worth KILLING over. Sheesh!

4. I probably shouldn't be laughing about the taser incident. But I am!

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Meleah, I thought I had responded to your very funny (as always) comments but my response has seemingly gone AWOL. I think Disqus and I are having a love/hate relationship as of late. Anyway, I just noticed it and decided to try again.

#1 Bet the guy died with a smile on his face. Perhaps he didn't read the fine print on is ED pill bottle.

#2I am so on board with getting a dashboard cam. I see crap all the time that is just too good but can't get my IPhone out fast enough.

#3 ditto

#4 I bet that chick was saying the F word and the faculty was losing their minds that the kids were going to go home and repeat it to their parents. (like middle schoolers aren't already using it in their regular conversations)

meleahrebeccah said...