Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's An Award For That

Crabby Pants and I were talking about all the odd things that make up the news each week.  Some of it is just hardly worth the effort it took for the reporter to send the story in.  Still there are some  bizarre enough you have to wonder the "who, why, and whats" of it the story.   So this week we have decided to put on our "red carpet" duds and have an awards show for the BEST of the WORST behavior of the week.

I have a feeling, it is just a matter of time, before crazy people everywhere will be vying for this prestigious award.

Drum Roll, Please.... Our First Award of the evening is for the category of

 Worst Girlfriend Ever

There were a lot of contenders in this category.  WWWAAAAYYYY to many to list.  I know a few of you readers out there THINK your  son/daughter/brother/husband  has the worst girlfriend on the planet but if you aren't currently dead or in the hospital, your son/daughter/brother/husband's girlfriend isn't even in the running. (my apologies if you are dead or in the hospital at the hands of your son/daughter/brother/husband's crazy girlfriend.)

The winner of this category is Elizabeth McClain of Austin, TX.  According to the Austin-American Statesman newspaper, Ryan Boyd, Ms. McClain's former boyfriend, broke up with her in September after a 3 year relationship.  She didn't take it well. (understatement of the century)

Boyd filed his first complaint with the police in September, when McClain called him between 20-100 times a day, threatening him.

In October, Boyd filed another police report.  After trying to block the incoming calls from his ex, she found other numbers to circumvent his attempts at blocking her and was calling up to 750 times a day. She, also, started texting him.

In  November,  Boyd filed another report with the police complaining that McClain had texted him 176 times in a row saying something bad was going to happen to him and his family. She, also said that she would be driving through his living room so he would be sure to notice her. ( she's thinking clearly...he would definitely notice her.)

Three days after that report, she texted him to tell him that he might want to check his car. (wonder how long it took him to get out to his car?)   His gas tank was full of sugar.

On November 26th, McClain texted Boyd to tell him that she had seen that his car was up on jacks in front of his mother's house and she was going over there to knock it off the jack.  Boyd made the mistake of calling his mother, who went outside to confront the crazy ex-girlfriend.  Boyd's mother, Lori, stepped behind McClain's car to get the license plate number  (I would point out this was a less than brilliant move) and McClain gunned her car in reverse running over Lori and dragging her down the street. McClain did manage to send a text to Boyd, asking "How's life LOL?

Lori didn't die but did sustain some broken bones and bruises. Ms. McCain is being held on a $65,000 bond for aggravated assault and stalking.

If there was ever a case for an insanity plea, this is it.  But, you must admit she is the clear winner in this category for being the worst girlfriend EVER. 

Worst Service from a Company

I know, I have done a few posts in the past about being exasperated with some of my dealings with big companies.  Billing issues..sure...I have had a few.  Bad customer service...absolutely.  I, however, have never had quite the experience as this one.

Residents of a little French village in Bordeaux were left dumbfounded to find that a local 18th century chateau had been mistakenly bulldozed down by mistake.

The mayor's office in Yurac said Wednesday that workers were hired to renovate, the grand 13,000 square meter manor and raze a small builing on the same estate but inadvertently mixed them up.

after...looks like the little outbuilding is going to get renovated.
"The Chateau Bellvue was Yrac's pride and joy." said former owner Juliette Marmie.  It's current owner, a Russian business man, Dmitry Stroskin, was away when the mix-up occurred.  Local media quoted him as saying "I am in shock"

He plans to build an exact replica of the original on the site.

"I am in shock" ...that's it???  I need to give a special award for "understatement". He must not know any four letter words that would be suitable for your 13,000 square meter house being plowed down.

Most Innocent Sounding Names for Criminals

Police in Arizona are seeking a pair of drug dealers know as Applez and Sauce following  an alleged attempt on their part to kill a "coworker" with a machete.

Flagstaff police said Applez and Sauce pulled up to a man around 9 AM Saturday. Applez held down the man while Sauce struck him numerous times with a machete causing deep cuts and nearly severing an ear.
The victim told police that he was helping the two dealers with "pushing their product and called them out on their sh**."   He was tired of them thinking everything had to be done their way.

Police have discovered Applez real identity and are still working on identifying Sauce. Both men are still at large.

Do we think that Applez just doesn't know how to spell Apples or is he trying to be cute.  Sauce must not be the creative one of the two.

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