Friday, February 8, 2013

Perhaps That Was a Bad Idea

Another week of oddly interesting (OK...maybe" interesting" is a bit of a stretch) but odd seems right. As always, there are a few stories that remind us that thinking before doing might be beneficial....but probably less entertaining.

The Face of Love

A tattooist has inked his name across his girlfriend's face less than 24 hours after meeting her.

 Lesya Tourmaniantz from Saransk, Russia let Rouslan Tourmaniantz tattoo 'Ruslan' over her face in giant Gothic letters.

The couple, who met online in a chat room, say they fell "head over heals" in love and quickly decided they should get married.  While the couple have only been engaged since January 20th, Lesya has taken Tourmaniantz's last name and is learning how to become a tattoo artist with the tutorship of her fiance.
The happy couple

A friend of the couple says that Lesya's future plans are getting married, getting her entire body inked and having children.  He went on to say, "I know that there are people who are terrified that Leysa has made a rash decision that she will regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart..."

 Good thing the happy couple didn't decide to tattoo their last name across her face.

How Is It Possible to Get a Speeding Ticket Without a Car?

One of South Africa's top skateboarders is facing arrest after posting a video on You Tube of him skating down a Cape Town street at a professed 110 km (68 MPH) according to city officials.

Skater Decio Lourenco, is seen in the video careening down Kloof Nek, one of Cape Towns steepest streets.  JP Smith, a Cape Town official in charge of safety and security for the city, wants Decio arrested.  He says it's not about the speed.  It's about  being reckless and dangerous.

The close-knit community of skateboarders are calling for "mass action"  on the National Skate Collective Facebook page. The page carries the tag line "Skate or Die".  Perhaps that should read "Skate and Possibly Die"...

Crabby Pants was so impressed with the skateboard video she has decided to go undercover as a skater chick.

Wrong Turn

A driver in Lucerne, Switzerland says she accidentally hit the throttle after her foot slipped while parking her car.  Marianne Meier's car plunged through the wall of a school at a high rate of speed.  After going through a classroom her car came to a rest on a staircase in the Unterlochi School.

I don't see any signs that say  parking is prohibited

The driver had minor injuries and was treated for shock.  There was no mention of charges being filed.

Is that a Smart Car?  The same can not be said of the driver.

Gun Control

Police in Alexandria, Virginia have charged a 10 year old for brandishing a weapon (really there is a "brandishing" charge?) for bringing a toy gun onto a school bus.

Alexandria police said the boy was riding a school bus on Monday from Douglas MacArthur Elementary when he showed a fellow student his toy gun.  The gun, in question, doesn't have the capacity to fire and had an orange tip.

The report indicated that a girl on the bus informed the school and police found the toy in the boy's backpack. The  boy has been charged with a misdemeanor.

In a statement by the police they said the boy never indicated that the gun was a fake.

Note to parents, Concealed toy guns seem to be a problem.  Perhaps some toy gun control is in order. The really odd component to this is that a 10 year old with a toy gun could scare the crud out of people in today's world. 


lisleman said...

"...terrified that Leysa has made a rash decision..." about the tattoo or the guy?
That's really "inking" the deal.
You have not heard of brandishing violations before? I think we have a right to own guns but not waving them around in a threatening way.
I found your post about the MM statue in Chicago (it's now in Palm Springs BTW). I could not comment over there ;( but will tell you here that I thought the statue was a grand idea. Good for tourism and very iconic. Art doesn't need to be serious. Check out my tag/label art on my blog for examples.

Cheryl P. said...

That was my point as well on the Leysa deal. Tattoos aren't easily removed esp. on the delicate skin of a face. After one day of knowing this person, she may have a change of heart and be stuck with a regret that shows up on her face in a very prominent way.

I had to go back and re-read my statue post as well. I couldn't remember if I put my opinion in or just wrote from the perspective of those for and those against. While I didn't take a stand either way...I liked all the statues in the post. Even the man with a shoe in his mouth that half of Kansas City hates. The fact that people discuss what they think it means and challenges them to that bring forth discussion is a good thing.

As for Marilyn's statue...I didn't realize that is wasn't permanent to Chicago. I think whimsical art is very interesting in a city. Springfield, Mass has a sculpture garden of Dr. Seuss characters that is about the neatest sculpture exhibits I have ever seen. It doesn't hurt that I am a Dr. Seuss fan.

Iluvbeingagrandpa said...

Another Weird News......
Note to self: Always put the paint in the trunk!
The people in the blue car had a 25-litre bucket of paint on the back seat - 25 litres is 5 gallons. Guess the didn't see the stop sign or the other car. Whooooopsie!!!!

Just Keepin' It Real Folks said...

The best tattoo girl can hope for is that if she and Ruslan break up her new boyfriend is named Rus. All she has to do is scratch out the last three letters.

Cheryl P. said...

Double embarrassment...bad enough to be in a fender bender but to have to stand there covered in paint would make it worse.

Cheryl P. said...

The odds aren't in her favor I suspect. Maybe having his name tattooed on her face will keep them together. She would be really reluctant to leave him as tattoo removal would be a PITA. Let's just hope this is true love for this two. They certainly look like they belong together.

Riot Kitty said...

I thought it was extreme to become committed 24 hours after meeting someone...geez. This takes commitment to a whole new level.

Chubby Chatterbox said...

What is this world coming to? In my day (This is how old farts talk) we teachers just confiscated toys and played with them in the teacher's lounge. I miss the good ole days.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My cat made me tattoo her name on my face. I know . . . *sob* . . . I'm weak!

Cheryl P. said...

I thought it was extreme as well. Who decides to get married in 24 hours of meeting someone. Even if it was love at first many people would have a name tattooed on their face???? Really a strange story.

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, in the good old days (I can say that also, as you and I are the same age) we played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and such and no one would of thought twice. The fact this is actually in the court system being charged as a misdemeanor is a huge over-reaction. I understand that things have changed but maybe kids are still kids, What is wrong with having a talk about why this is a problem, even a reprimand but bringing in the police..Really????

Cheryl P. said...

Debra, don't feel bad I am sure your cat used those big pleading eyes and you were unable to resist. Hope your cat's name is no more that 6 letters. Feel free to send pictures. hahahahahah

Jo-Anne said...

Ok first up what the hell it was a toy can that didn't even look like a real gun so get over I hope that stupid girl with the tattoo face one days wakes up and realises she is a stupid fool who is now ugly thanks to a tattooed face

Cheryl P. said...

The toy gun thing is an over-reaction. A 10 year old carrying a toy shouldn't be anywhere within the judicial system.

I wonder if the tattooed girl hasn't ALREADY woken up and regretted the tattoo, After knowing a guy one day, I wouldn't of had a tiny tattoo put on my butt, let alone a huge one across my face.

Wendy said...

Gosh you overwhelm us all here with too many weird stories for one week. I don't know where to start...nope, wait...just can't handle it ....gotta go lay down....better not drive in this state (!! ) ,although I already hid my son's toy guns and skateboard. Am I safe now? way I would be OUT OF MY MIND to put any tattoo on my face. Here's hoping THAT story was a joke, for her sake.

Cheryl P. said...

Oh...Wendy...your comments are way more fun than my posts. Your comments will go viral at some point. Thank goodness you hid the toy guns and skateboards but I am not sure you are safe. Face it there are many, many, many more stories like these out there.

I don't think the face tattoo is a put-on. I found dozens of articles about it. The girl is really a cute girl, too bad she has no common sense.

babs (beetle) said...

I can only deal with one story. Three, or is it four, are too many for me to cope with.
The tattoo - What will she look like at 70 years old?
The skateboarder - He would be in serious trouble here, if he even used a skateboard on the road.....or the pavement (sidewalk), come to that.
Toy gun - We don't have toy guns any more, but I remember them well.

Cheryl P. said...

Hi Babs, Yes, I know that some people think the Friday posts are too long but since the purpose is to find odd news stories there are far to many to just do one.
I appreciate you reading my post and really, if you choose to just read one, I am grateful.

I will say in my defense, that if I didn't put tons of pics in my posts, they would be considerably shorter.

I would be curious if she will still be sporting that tattoo at 70. At some point she will not think it is so cool.

Here we have skateboard parks and most roadways are too heavily trafficked to allow for skateboards.

I think maybe toy guns are getting non-PC. Their days are probably numbered.

Johnny Johnson said...


Linda R. said...

Maybe the "happy couple" know what they're doing and all will be great. It all does seem a bit rushed, and the ink is hard to undo.

Cheryl P. said...

There is that chance, I suspect but they will have a rougher road than most with all the ink. If it works, they are lucky to have found each other. Wouldn't it be a romantic notion that out of the entire world they found just the right person.

abeerfortheshower said...

I tattooed my wife's name across my upper lip in a Hitler mustache, and it's done nothing but improve our relationship.

Divorce currently pending.

Cheryl P. said...

Depending on your wife's name, I can totally see that as an awesome thing to do. Plus, she should thank you for the fact there is a "no whisker burn" factor with a tattoo. Thoughtful really. You might want to point out all your acts of a considerate nature to her attorney.

babs (beetle) said...

Oh, No! I didn't mean they were too long to read! I would never be so rude, even if I thought that, which I certainly don't. I meant that I read one and think of my comment. Then I read another and think of my comment for that one. By the time I get to the last one I've forgotten what I was going to say on the first couple. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. It's my addled brain, not you posts :)

Cheryl P. said...

Oh, Babs, I didn't take it in the slightest that you were being rude. I can totally see what you are saying about thinking of comments as you go through the different stories. I often have trouble paring down my Friday posts.. I am absolutely positive that your brain is awesome and in NO WAY addled. I love your comments so again, I never thought you said anything out of the way.

Winopants said...

There is absolutely nothing sexy about face tattoos, wow.
On a closed road that skateboarding feat would be cool. But seeing as a driver could have panicked and wrecked, not so much. The guy was pretty adept at stopping quickly though

oldereyes said...

Ugh. Tattoos. Anywhere. I'm betting against the happy couple based on evidence of poor judgement. I don't much like skaters either, though my son tells me it;s a real sport. We are seriously over reacting when we charge ten year olds for packing toy guns What ever happened to confiscation and being sent to the office for childish mistakes?

Cheryl P. said...

Yes, had that been a closed road...that was pretty cool. I understand why the police are upset. I was surprised that there wasn't all that much traffic on skateboarder guy's side of the road. That could of been a disaster.

While I was kidding with abeerfortheshower...face tattoos are NEVER a good idea. If that girl ever changes her mind about the guy, the tattoo, or both she is screwed.

Cheryl P. said...

Over the years I have come to a certain acceptance of tattoos. I don't cringe when I see them on celebs or rock stars but what looks good on Beckam's arm doesn't look good across a young girl's face. I am shocked that she made a decision so rashly in lite of the permanent nature of a tattoo.

Not a big fan of skateboarding but I appreciate how difficult it is. My son went through the phase when he was around 15 and got pretty good. I tried once..I made it about a half of a city block when I ran into a mail box. Splat!! Thankfully my son got out of skateboarding on onto snow boarding. At least that is seasonal.

That was my point, as well, about the kid with the toy gun. Why is this in the REAL judicial system. His parents no-doubt have had to hire a lawyer because this is a actual misdemeanor. Yes,taking away the toy and an appropriate kid-type of punishment...and mostly telling the kid why this mattered. Serious overreaction in my mind.

meleahrebeccah said...

Um… I am HORRIFIED over the facial tattoos.
Love, shmuve.
Ain't NOBODY doing that to MY face!


Damn, I can't imagine being able to skateboard at speeds like that. I don't even DRIVE that fast.


Thank goodness no one was injured at the school when that lady came crashing through. Sheesh!


Gun control = NO COMMENT.

Cheryl P. said...

As always, you and I totally agree. Any way it goes is going to suck. Falls out of love...or ages...either way she is screwed.

I thought that looked horrifying. I can't imagine going faster than cars down the highway while balancing on a small board. CRAY CRAY

The article did say the kids had left for the day..thank goodness.

Again, you and I agree. Gun control...I am not taking a side in that dog fight.,,,at least on the Internet.

Cheryl P. said...

I agree, never have I met someone that is so spot on how I think. We must have some kindred connection in some way.

meleahrebeccah said...


And, Meleah + Internet Conflict/Arguing = Instant Diarrhea!

Also, I think we should be tested to see if we have matching DNA. I swear we are SISTERS!

meleahrebeccah said...