Friday, March 30, 2012

Cats, Bats, and Sex Kittens

Ahhh, my bloggee, friends...I thought this was going to be a light week for the  "lesser reported" news.  For those of you out there doing handstands, not so fast, I found a few....  besides chiropractors take a dim view of handstands. 

As there have been some big stories this week such as the continuing coverage of the Trayvon Martin killing,  I wasn't seeing much in the way of "stupid and less important" news, but, alas, a few things caught my eye. (just one, the other is lazy.)

Strippers Getting Off in Tennessee

Now you just get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking about the fact this week, the Tennessee House decided not to make strippers and other assorted sex "workers" pay a 20 percent sales tax on items sold in any sexually oriented business (what? what?) and require strippers to pay a "privilege" tax (their words, not mine) to work in Tennessee.

Well, as much as I am sure it is a privilege to work as a stripper in Tennessee, I am thinking the reasoning behind this tax is somewhat flawed.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Joe Carr and he had a lot to say. Carr said the projected income from taxing the Tennessee "sexperts" ( just to clarify that is my word, not his) would bring in $8.5 MILLION.  (seems to be a lot of hanky-panky going on in Tennessee).  About $5 Million of that was to go toward removing the state's sales tax on gold, silver, or platinum coins.  (Is it just me or is there some confusion here? Coins and strippers.... that I am missing???)

Tracey O'Neall, a lobbyist for the "adult" industry of Tennessee. (OMG...can you believe there is a job like this?  Where do we send our resumes?) didn't think it was fair that mainstream theatres and bookstores would be exempt from this tax even if they sold explicit material.  (Good point, Tracey!)
Tracey went on to say " You're singling out one sector of entertainment and this will set the state up for unnecessary litigation at the incredible cost to the taxpayer. ...this will be challenged if it is passed."

Indeed, the bill failed as the question of enforcing and handling the disputes seemed to be an issue. Disputes? Are we to believe that the strippers are going to be less than honest with how many ones got shoved in their g-string? 

I just couldn't help but think how fun the tax audit would be.  The poor IRS guy that had to actually ask the hard questions as to how much income was generated and how by the "sex worker".  Really, aren't poll  pole taxes a thing of the past.

Speaking of Sex Workers

Shelley Lynn, a former prostitute and employee of the Las Vegas Chicken Ranch brothel, is suing McDonalds.  She is claiming it is McDonald's fault that she became a ho. She is suing the fast food chain AND her ex-husband AND his company, Ivernia, that owned the McDonald's franchise that she worked at more than 20 years ago. 

According to Shelly, it was the low wages, lack of benefits, and poor health care plans in part that made her turn to being a prostitute.   She goes on to say that her ex (who was her boss if you're following this) emotionally and psychologically coerced her into the sex trade. Her ex-husband, Keith Handley, still owns the franchises.

Lynn states that McDonalds is at fault for failing to protect her, having a person in charge without monitoring the situation and giving her a proper venue for grievances. 

Is this what puts the happy in the Happy Meals? 

Nice Car Dude

Police in Maryland pulled over a motorist last week.  Why is that news, you ask?  Because this particular motorist is none other...wait for it....BATMAN.  Yes, indeedy, our caped crusader was stopped by the popo for not having the proper tags displayed.  His plate did have a Batman logo for his license plate which isn't recognized in Maryland as a state issued and approved plate. (really?)

Our super hero escaped a ticket though as his Batmobile Lamborghini is properly licensed to Lenny B. Robinson who visits sick children at local hospitals.  After showing the police the proper plate and posing for a picture, our Dark Knight was off to do good deeds.  You just have to love a Superhero.

Holy Batman...kapow...that is just too much fun. 

Raining Cats and....NO, just cats

Rescuers are calling Sugar a miracle cat.  Sugar fell out of a 19th floor Boston highrise apartment window...yes, as in  ONE NINE.. and landed relatively unscathed. A little minor bruising on her chest but nothing major.

Britanny Kirk, the 32 year old nurse,  that owns Sugar, said she cracked the window open a bit so her kitty wouldn't get hot. Somehow, Sugar managed to fall.  Several things aided her in surviving such a dangerous fall.  She landed on a small pile of mulch instead of concrete.  Also, she stayed close to the building instead of running into the street.  All considered she is a very lucky cat.

As I really like cats, I am thinking this was a planned, well thought out, stunt...nothing to do with a cat being stupid.  Perhaps, Sugar is going to perfect the sport of kitty-diving with the rest of her 8 lives.


Mayor Gia said...

Doesn't the first one seem a bit sexist? I mean, the tax has gotta affect women a ton more than men...

Cheryl P. said...

Absolutely, the whole thing is just wrong. How do you possibly ask men or women (but most assuredly predominately women as I am assuming their are more strippers and such than there are pimps and such) that are in some type of sex trade to calculate their earnings and report them, and pay huge taxes on that income. I just thought this was the most ill conceived bill that has ever been thought of. CRAZY

dan said...

They wouldn't report it anyway. There used to be a porn shop across the street from where I once worked. The owners came in and bought thousands of dollars of money orders so their purchases could not be tracked or taxed. I'm sure congressmen would start writing it off their expenses. (riiight)

Thank you for the kind comment. That's kinda my back up blog for when blogger messes up my main one so I don't lose anything, but I still don't get too many comments. I don't usually try. I can't figure these blogs out and I'm not exactly an English major. Super Earthling. clued me in to your blog and I found it delightful.

Cheryl P. said...

I totally agree. The people that are working that industry are not going to just "lay down" (ya know what I mean?) and fork over a chunk of their "hard" earned money.
Heck no...I think the guy that thought of this bill is a clown. (creepy kind, not funny kind)

As far as your blogs go. I liked them both. I thought that supermarket one was so spot on. I added them to my Google reader so I am sure not to miss them.

AND thank you for the kind comment, I can see you and I are going to be pals.

Nicky said...

Hmmmm... does Sugar need a stunt double? I'm thinking Lola would (probably) stop trying to kill me if she was busy jumping out of highrises. :-)

Cheryl P. said...

How many lives is Lola working with at this point? You might be minus one Lola after a 19 floor free fall.

meleahrebeccah said...

Um….The suing McDonalds story made me laugh. A lot. But I will be pissed if she actually wins.

Oh I saw that Batman incident on TV. And I freaked out. That might be the coolest thing ever. Lenny rules.

I'm happy Sugar is okay after falling 19 floors!

Jayne said...

I think Sugar was making an attempt at attaining her 15 minutes of fame and her own reality show. Forget the poor, lowly strippers. Legalize prostitution and make men pay sales tax on all their "purchases."

Cheryl P. said...

There is NOOO way that dumb chick could win a lawsuit. She married her pimp and waits 20 some years to claim it was McDonald's fault she is a ho. No way anyone is buying that load of crap.

About Lenny...agreed, kudos to him.

Amazing that Sugar only got a few bruises. Alive to jump another day.

Cheryl P. said...

Jayne, I thought the introduction of that bill was just bat-shit crazy. In a state that has pretty much anything related to sex as illegal, who is really going to declare any earnings related to ...well anything related to sex.

jacqui said...

I really hope Sugar doesn't jump 8 more times. That really is one lucky cat!

And I'm quite interested to see what happens with the Prostitute v. McDonalds lawsuit.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Batman must be rich indeed to afford a Lamborghini.

Cheryl P. said...

I would think that Sugar would be hesitant to repeat that little stunt. Surely half way down he was meowing the equivalent of "oh crap".

There is no way (is there???) that any judge would take this idiot seriously? A prostitute that marries the boss that is her pimp..and he owns the McDonald's...they should of been rolling in the dough.

Cheryl P. said...

Yeah, it turns out the guy is a successful business man that visits sick kids. But loaded for sure. Who can put this kind of cash toward a fun hobby, besides a rich guy?