Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big Dig

The Blizzard of 2011 is now behind us leaving 15 inches of snow in our part of Kansas City.  I, for one, did not leave the house yesterday as the near whiteout conditions were enough to keep me occupying myself indoors.   As I mentioned yesterday, I had already come to terms with the fact that I would read and get caught up with programs on my DVR. 

I also spent some time reading things off the Internet.  There are so many blogs out there in cyberspace on every subject conceivable that a person could read forever and there would still be new material.    I got caught up on some of the blogs concerning the humor or lack thereof of the "People of Walmart" website.   Personally, I find it fascinating that these are real people out shopping.  I would also say that I don't always find it funny as in "ha ha" but more like "Oh, dear God, What were they thinking???".    (of course, some of them I find hysterically funny "ha ha".)  I think some of the site creator's commentary is quite clever.

On the blogs there seem to be a lot of people that are offended by the pictures and commentary. They take the stance that  the site is picking on the poor and unfortunate.  I don't really see the correlation to level of wealth or lack there of.   Who is to say that the guy that with the live goat is struggling financially?  He owns a goat.  The picture of the guy in the Captain America suit leads to some speculation.  If he didn't want to get some attention, he could try NOT wearing his Captain America outfit. 

The two brothers and their friend that created the website are quite funny with their comments, to me anyway. They claim that they never purposely make fun of anyone with a handicap or that appear to be unable to help themselves.  I take them at their word.  One of the brothers said their inspiration was a women they saw while doing their shopping.  She had a Go F*** Yourself tee shirt on with hooker heals and had her child on a dog leash.  Now tell me that that person was not trying to draw attention to herself. 

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I have moved 21 times as an adult.  That led me to a number of interesting jobs in various cities.  One of those jobs was managing a private employment agency.  Such an interesting job.  Everyone has a story.
There are a lot of really sad stories with people being down on their luck.  BUT some people just want create some drama. 

The good for today

We can express our thoughts freely.  We can read/hear other peoples thoughts and ideas readily (books, computers, ereaders, smartphones, television) and if we find any of it objectionable we can turn off or close the book, computer, ereader, smartphone, television.

The Bad for the day
The temp. is dropping to the negative numbers and a lot of people aren't enjoying being stuck in the house nearly as much as I am.

The Freakin' Weird for the day. 

Some of the pictures of people shopping are just WEIRD.

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